Monday, October 23, 2017

Emission Spectrum

Emission Spectroscopy The purpose of this lab was to see that when elements are heated, they may enter and excited state. We proved this by doing a flame test. During Part A, we used a spectroscope where all of the colors are arranged for you; whereas in Part B, we could see and make the colors ourselves and get a more accurate reading of the flames. We had specific elements we were told to put on the wire loop, and when we did that we saw different color flames come out of the Bunsen burner.

That enabled out group to see the element in an excited state. The unknown element was lithium. This is known because if the color of the flame produced. The group I was in got mainly all the correct colored flames, but the few that were incorrect happened because the wire loop wasn''t completely clean and there was still residue from the other elements. Overall, our group learned what it meant for an element to enter an excited state. Emission Spectroscopy excited state.

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