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Slang: Complex And Ever Changing Part Of The Language

Linspeak Lexicon 10/02/2013 Slang Slang is a complex and ever changing part of the language we speak. It''s a distorted form of language, which incorporates old words to take on new meanings. It''s almost like a source of verbal rebellion, which becomes so overused it turns into the norm. It''s a way for younger generations to feel separate from the older ones, and is required to fit into your generation. Slang is a vital part of every living language, and provides a way for people to fit in with their social groups. Here are some compiled examples of words and how their slang meanings differ from their actually meanings.

This will explore the origin of the word, and represent a small chunk of the unique speech of the young adult generation of 2013. Twerk ''Dancing in a sexually suggestive manner'' this refers to when a women shakes her hips as to make contact with other dancers using her buttocks. This Just recently became very widely used, when the famous pop singer and actor Miley Cyrus performed on stage and was said to be "twerking. " The word was thought to have originate from the similarity to the word "work," thus the phrase "twerk it girl. " It first emerged in the early 90s in a song by D. J.

Jubilee, and has been used in clubs and parties ever since (Connor). Just recently though with the MTV performance by Ms. Cyrus, it gained enough usage to be added to the official Oxford dictionary of the English language (Datoo). Hammered ''drunk is one among the countless words for drunk. Not very much info exists on its origin in becoming a slang word to mean intoxicated, probably due to the fact that there are so many, like "wasted" and "plastered" and many more. It has evidently been popularized by the turn of the century, its use can be found in the popular TV show Family Guy in the year 2000 (onlineslangdictiobary. m). Down ''agree'' is term that doesn''t have a lot of history, but it can be found being used as early as the 1970s (alphadictionary. com). It means to agree or support a decision or proposal, as in: "Do you want to go grab a burger? " "Sure, I''m down. " It can also mean to enjoy or be happy with something or someone. This meaning to have a positive relationship with another person. As in: "Do you talk to Sarah anymore? " mieah, I''m down with her. " Swag ''style'' is a recently popularized term that is short for "swagger. " It is a reference to a person''s sense of style, their attitude, and overall demeanor.

In general it means someone that thinks highly of themselves, is generally over confident in their level of "cool. " If someone has "swagger in their step" it means they walk in a certain way as to say "look at me, and how cool I am. " Due to this cockiness and self- confident behavior associated with the word, it quickly went from a positive thing to assumption is now made that anyone who considers themselves to have swag is a douchebag and gets put down for it. The official definition for swagger is to conduct oneself in an arrogant way, or to strut as to brag/boast (thefreedictionary. m). How this word came to mean this is a mystery. Its original meaning, dating all the way back to the 17th century, is referring to stolen items in possessed by a thief. It also means a decorative basket of flowers, so how this current meaning came to be is truly impossible to know for sure (theonlineslangdictionary. com). Yolo You Only Live Once'' is a term that has absolutely blown up in young culture in the recent years. Where to even begin? It is an abbreviation that has become widely hated, and overused. It states that you should live for the day and enjoy life however you want.

It is really Just an excuse for young people to do stupid things, known as "carpe diem for idiots. " It''s a way people reinforce their careless, risky, and stupid actions. "Why did you dye your hair orange? " "Because YOLO. " The concept of living for the day and enjoying life is old as time itself, one can''t really put a start date on it. But it was popularized in teen pop culture in 2011 when the famous rapper Drake idolized it in his song "The Motto" (Wikipedia. com). Ratchet ''nasty, ghetto, ugly is a term that can be applied to a wide range of scenarios. It is basically another way of saying "ho.

It refers to someone''s lifestyle, whether it be their behavior, their clothing, or their daily activities. "That bitch is so ratchet. " "Look at her clothes, damn, that girl is ratchet as hell. " It can also mean crazy, or ridiculous, based on the context. "This movie is so ratchet. " "Look at me in that picture! I look so ratchet. " There are many things that can be attributed to the origin of the word. The sound of handcuffs being tightened onto someone''s wrists is described as ratchet which is thought to be the reason the word represents someone who is Juvenile or a degenerate.

It''s also a deformation of a well-used Australian term for something that is not good "rat shit," which are almost identical when said out loud. The final theory for its origin is a spin-off of the word "wretched" (alphadictionary. com). Derp ''duh'' is a word used in place of an ignorant comment of action, therefore it''s kind of undefined. However, is can be a replacement word for ''duh. '' As in: "Oh, I was holding the book upside down" "Derp! " If someone is doing something stupid they can be said to be derping, they can also call themselves out on doing or saying something silly by exclaiming "derp!

Popularized by the TV show South Park when Mr. Derp makes a guest appearance as the head chef of the school, and exclaims "derp" after hitting himself in the head with a hammer (knowyourmeme. com). Tight ''excellent, drunk, angry is a common adjective that originally refers to something that is fixed, fastened, or closed firmly. But around the 1950s, it took on a new meaning. Ever since then, the informal meaning has been changing and evolving among preceding generations. Still in use among young generations today, it is most commonly known to mean ''good'' or ''great''. As in "Wow! Your car is tight" (alphadictionary. m). Chill ''cool, relax'' has had the same figurative meaning since the late 1400s. First recorded meaning (in context) ''hang out'' in 1985 (alphadictionary. com). It still holds that same meaning for the young generation of today. Now still (and before it got its something cold as in: "The weather is chilling the house. " Wasted ''drunk has a variety of meanings and uses across time. The word was originally derived from an old French word waster which means to ''spoil'' or ''ruin'' (etymonline. com). This is where it gets its modern day meaning: to use or expend something carelessly, or with no purpose.

Now it refers to someone who is drunk beyond the point of reason (onlineslangdictionary. com). These are some of the most prominent examples of common slang words used in the younger generations of today. They represent the unique spin this generation has had on the English language, even gaining enough attention to change the way we speak permanently. Some of these words found themselves getting enough use to make it into the official Oxford English dictionary (Datoo). As individuals, everyone leaves a mark on their language, united, we''ve made enough of an impact to change it forever.

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