Monday, October 23, 2017


terrorism BY Charite8690 -Poundmaker was born in 1842 near Battleford Saskatchewan. - His native name was Pitikwahanapiwiyin but he was better known as Poundmaker. - His father''s name was SikÜkwayän (Skunk Skin), a Stony Indian and his mother was mixed blood. - His uncle was Chief Mistawäsis (Big Child). - He was adopted by Chief Crowfoot of the Blackfoot tribe when he was 30 years old because he lost his son in a raid of a Cree camp. -Crowfoot gave Poundmaker a Blackfoot name Makoyi-koh-kin (Wolf Thin Legs). Poundmaker had three wives and fathered several children. His second wife Grass Women left him when he was imprisoned in P. A. because of the Riel rebellion. - When he was released he married Stony Woman though she was much younger then him. - Stony Woman traveled 250 miles with him to his adopted father and friend Crowfoot. - Poundmaker died 4 months after his release in Crowfoots camp on July 4th 1986. - He first became noticed as a potential chief and leader in the 1870s . When the Saskatchewan Cree people gathered at Fort Carlton to negotiate a treaty with the Canadian Government, he was considered as to be a councillor or minor chief. Poundmaker was named for his ability of making pounds to trap buffalo. - Unlike his uncle Big Child Poundmaker questioned the intent of treaty 6. Two years later when some other chiefs agreed to settle on reserves Poundmaker made his own band and hunted the slowly disappearing Buffalo. He was the Peace Chief of his band and Fine Day was the War Chief. - Poundmaker signed Treaty 6 on August 23, 1876 then in 1879 Poundmaker also agreed to settle on a reserve 40 miles west of Battleford at the Joining of the Battle River and Cut Knife Creek. - After Fine Day fought off the Canadian Army after they surprised attacked hem he and the rest of the band wanted to go to help the Riel rebellion, but Poundmaker delayed the band''s travel till the Metis were defeated. Poundmaker then surrendered to the Canadian Government and was sentence to 3 years of detention in the Manitoba''s Stoney Mountain Penitentiary. - He was accused of treason and felony; He was then released after serving less than a year of his sentence because of ill health. "This is our land, it isn''t a piece of pemmican to be cut off and given in little pieces back to us. It is ours and we will take what we want. " This was said by Poundmaker when he was only a warrior at the treaty 6 signing.

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