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Oslo: the blue, the green, the city in between Lucie gafratovä Carolina Sanchez Charlotte Parré Graziella Maria Ottarda Buskerud University College TABLE OF CONTENTS: TABLE OF CONTENTS: 2 I-BACKGROUND INFORMATION ABOUT THE EVENT: 3 Ill-ANALYSIS OF THE MARKETING ENVIRONEMENT WITH TOURISM TO JUSTIFY OUR TARGET MARKET: 5 1) competitors: 6 IV-DISCUSSION OF SEGMENTATION AND POSITIONING: 6 V-DETAILED ANALYSIS OF OUR TARGET MARKET: 7 VI-THE 4 ps (PRODUCT, PLACE, PROMOTION, PRICE): 7 1) prices: 7 2) Place: 9 3) Promotion: 10 4) Product: 11 VII-CONCLUSION: 12 References: 13 I-BACKGROUND INFORMATION ABOUT THE EVENT:

Oslo is the richest growing city in Europe. It is now evaluating the possibility of organizing the winter Olympic games 2022. In fact, the city council decided to establish the city Agency Os102022 which main task is to develop a plan for the winter games. Oslo is possibly the only city in the world to be able to organize the winter Olympic games in an urban setting. Indeed, it has a special location between fjords and forests, and for this reason the theme of the Olympic games will be: "Games in Oslo has become a multicultural city, which attracts people from all over the world.

One of the main points of the plan is how this Olympic games can help the city to improve its structures, and how will it be the "after-use" of the facilities that will be built for the games? Lots of sports facilities will be built; planning, development and staging in the 2022 event will increase competence in many areas. Olympic games values promote equal rights, friendship and solidarity; Norway has solid traditions that mirror these values. Olympics are a combination of sport, education and culture, so games could be a positive impact in society.

The games are a unique opportunity o present Norway like an exciting country for winter sports. Lots of facilities will be built there such as the Athletes Village, the Media Village, the Main Press centre, a new train station; the cycling and walking paths will also be extended. Furthermore, after the games villages will be sold, converted in student housing or in nursing homes. Most of the competitions will be staged in Oslo, but some of them will be organised in Lillehammer.

The city council calculate that public expenditures related to 2022 Olympic Winter Games will total between 20 and 23 billion Norwegian Crowns. Public sector costs are related to planning and staging of the Olympics, as well as investments in permanent facilities. Finally, Olympic games are the most important goal in an athlete career. Athletes are important in inspiring people to take part in sport, sport is a universal language, and it is a good opportunity to establish relation with other people. l- INTRODUCTION: Since the dawn of time Norway intends was always about protecting its natural heritage by linking together the notion of ecology and education. Indeed Norway has a unique relationship with nature. Ecological habits are integrated into everyday life, in education as well as in the common rules of "living together"; recycling is taught from childhood, cycling is extremely widespread, and children learn about plants and animals from a very young age. "Cities in nature, and not nature in the city" is the motto of city planners in Norway.

Being Green, saving our environment and eco- tourism was for us a duty and evidence when we created our tour in Norway. In accordance with the environment rules and Norway belief: Water Conservation Energy Efficiency/Conservation Eco-Friendly Landscape Eco-Friendly Purchasing Practices Waste Reduction/Recycling Our choice went for dog-sledding, which with its minimal carbon print and low impact on the environment was for us the best way to discover Norway in all its glory. Dog sledding is your chance to see nature up close and personal.

With no noise or smell from a gas powered engine you will feel connected to the wildlife of our country. Dog sledding is eco-friendly! Help us in protecting planet Earth. Therefore we decided to use the strategic placing of many Olympic venues at the dge of the city to create a great transportation alternative of getting around the city. Dog mushing offers an experience from northern Norway Just in the capital of the country. It fits completely to the whole Olympic concept and its desire to attract plenty of different kind of visitors.

Thus, one of the most important advantages is our transportation, which doesn''t harm the nature and provides a close contact with it. Still it is relatively quick because it does not need the urban infrastructures and goes by the most direct way from place A to place B. We choose four venues at the edge of Oslo and three venues, including the city centre, in Lillehammer, which were the most suitable. We eliminated some of the venues like KvitfJell since it was too far for our mean of transport and some halls and stadiums in the urban area of Oslo for their inaccessibility.

A dog mushing tour from one venue to another is attractive for so many types of the Olympic visitors of Norway. We are focusing mainly on families with children, couples of all ages and simply anyone who is fond of the Norwegian Olympic concept, the environment and belonging mostly into the middle-income roup at least. Ill-ANALYSIS OF THE MARKETING ENVIRONEMENT WITH TOURISM TO JUSTIFY OUR TARGET MARKET: Olympic games could have a powerful impact in promoting a city, and many factors that determine the long-term impact of games are beyond the host city control.

Last winter Olympic games were hosted in Vancouver in February and March 2010, a report done by PriceWhterhouseCoopers show that 650. 000 visitors arrived in Canada for the games, 242. 000 visitors were from Canada, 324. 000 from United States and 83. 000 visitors from other countries. Lots of Canadian support the Olympic games nd 9 out of 10 indicates that Olympic games had a positive impact on tourism.

About 2/3 of tourists for the Olympic game in London were from Europe, we think that this trend will be confirmed also for the Olympic game in Oslo, tourist attraction increase after the Olympic game thanks to the new infrastructures built and the advertisement done for the games in fact also data from euromonitor shows that in Norway the majority of tourist come from Europe or from the region. Lots of tourists visiting the city. We think that for these people who will come here during the games, ur offer could be a great opportunity to know some traditions of Oslo.

There are a lot of different kind of tourists who come for the Olympic game: families and their babies (in Norway birth rate is very high and there are lot of policy in favour of families), young people, couples and singles of all ages, people interested in sports, reporters, athletes, local people or volunteers. 1) Competitors: In the South of Norway we can find operator in Telemark region, and in Sirdal there is the Sirdal Husky farm. In Bykle near Hovden we can find Hundespann operator. We hink that competitors would not influence our offer because they aren''t that close to Lillehammer or Oslo.

IV-DISCUSSION OF SEGMENTATION AND POSITIONING: The marketing segmentation is a strategy that involves dividing a board target market into subset of consumers, who have common needs, and then designing and implementing strategies to target their needs. Segmentation is useful to maximise financial resources, there is not a correct unique way to segment a market but there are four methods to segment consumer market: geographic, demographic, psychographic and behavioural. We thought that we could do a psychographic and behavioural segmentation.

There are lots of different kinds of tourists that are attracted in Oslo for the games: People who have middle - high income (high budget traveller) Couple and single people interested in sport People who don''t need a fast way to transfer from one attraction to an other (tourists and not athletes) People interested to protect environment and dogs (eco-friendly) and who want use green means of transport Families Young people Reporters Local people Volunteers We think that there are great possibilities for our project to reach different kind of ourist in particular high budget traveller because our offer is quite expensive, but also families with children who are very attracted by this kind of experience. Moreover this offer could attract people interested in nature, green means of transport and to discover Norwegian traditions in a pleasant way. We think that these groups of people are the most important for us. We also believe that athletes, media, volunteer are not interested in our program because they don''t have enough time during the competitions. Our positioning is high, because to do this program tourists have to pay a lot. Targeting a market means selecting the most attractive segments and developing a marketing strategy ad hoc for this target.

For a segment to be targeted it needs to fulfil certain criteria: accessibility, values, needs and wants of segmentation must be compatible with the offer; the target must be large enough to support the business and for these reason it must be measurable. It also must be relevant, homogeneous and durable. Our target market is represented by: People interested in dogs and nature People who want to find a "greens" means of transport Family with babies, they usually be fascinated by dog People who visited Norway for the fist time and want to discover traditions People with high income We think that this group of people is large enough and could guarantee the success of our offers. Family with babies will be very important for us because we will offer great opportunity for them to have fun.

VI-THE 4 ps (PRODUCT, PLACE, PROMOTION, PRICE): 1) Prices: Our company propose you two destination to go by dog sledding in Norway, which host some parts of the Olympic Games. Oslo: The first trip offered will make you experience the capital, Oslo, suburbs. Indeed, our eeting point is at Wyller a Vinterpark in Oslo west and will finish in the east at Huken. Our Journey will make you discover two other cities Holmenkollen and Grefsenkollen and the mountains between them. General information: -Duration: 2h30min -Difficulty: Easy -Accessibility: From 2 years old -Weight limit: 240 pounds (140kg) -Price per person: NOK 900 Adult (from 10 years to older) NOK 450 Children (from 2 to 9 years) Lillehammer: The second trip proposes a taste of a Norway more rustic and less populate.

From Lillehammer to HafJell with a stop in on of the most beautiful city Hunderfossen, this our will be a true breath of fresh air. General information: -Duration: 2h -Price per person: NOK 800 Adult (from 10 years to older) NOK 400 Children (from 2 to 9 years) Furthermore, we understand that a daytrip might be too long for certain person. To answer the need of our entire customer we decided to create a tour where you have the opportunity of visiting only one or two cities. The price will depend on your destination. Further information: In accordance with the price, our company put to your disposal accommodations along the trip, to make it as confortable as possible. What''s included? Dog-sledding tour (as rider/ passenger) -Experienced musher guidance -Halfway break with picture and petting timeo -Warm suit and pelt (for the passenger) -Visit of the kennel with introduction to each dog -Learn the musher required skills and basics Dog commands -Lots of participation and Fun -Certainly your best day in Norway! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us! 2) Place: Our facility is meant to be located both in Oslo and Lillehammer. In Oslo we plan to connect Vinterpark Wyller (boardercross, skicross, halfpipe, slopestyle and slalom isciplines), Holmenkollen (ski Jumping, cross country skiing and Nordic combination), Grefsenkollen (aerials, moguls) and Huken (biathlon). These venues are situated at the edge of the city, so the tracks wouldn''t be led through the built up area and the clients would have a nice view of the city from the hills.

It represents a smart way of getting around the city - faster than walking, more convenient and greener than the public transport or even going by car. We are not planning to add more of the venues in Oslo now, because our offer might lose its attractively and uniqueness. nd the city would be Joined. The last place, KvitfJell, is out of the game now, as it''s very remote for our type of transportation. The choice of our placing is representing our idea of providing an exclusive moment in an Olympic day to get the feeling of other type of experience. We don''t tend to have half-day or even longer trips, which gives us the ability to be flexible and fast to be ready in our supply of the service.

The main way of selling our product is the direct one - on the Internet and personally at our track stops near the venues: Holmenkollen, Wyller, Grefsenkollen, Huken, HafJell, Hunderfossen ans Lillehammer city. However, it''s good to have reseller as just separately, or we can cooperate with tourist information offices as well. 3) Promotion: Promotion is one of the most important parts of marketing strategy because influence intermediaries'' opinions and increase awareness of service. Promotion includes elements such as: advertisement, sales promotion, personal selling, public relations and direct marketing. Our most important way to promote ourselves will be the creation of our website where we will put all the information about us.

We use ifferent way to promote our offer: On line marketing: banner in the Olympic webpages, banner in sport web site and site that will show games on line Brochures in tourist information offices, and tourist agencies, and some brochures will be distributed by promoters during every event Posters in public transport, in the main street of Oslo and Lillehammer (such as Karl Johan''s gate), at the venues (such as stadium, halls), in ticket sellers'' place, Commercials on TVs and radio, and on newspaper In every adds there is a QR code that tourist can use to access to our website directly o have more information about our offer and to know the nearest point where they can do this activity. We will also use SEM strategy to put adds on Facebook pages of people interested in Olympics and who have child. We encourage the purchase by using discount coupons for big families with more than 2 children (the third child pays half of our price). 4) product: The service we propose is a new way for the Olympic Game''s tourist to travel between its ventures in accordance with the Norwegians state of mind.

Therefore, we would like to introduce the mushing-dogs activity. Nowadays we can find 3 classifications of mushing: utilitarian, recreational, or competitive. Thus our service will be utilitarian and recreational since we will use the easiest and most common to travel, with a comfortable sled made of Kevlar and fur. Back in time, French people were the first to usher in the world the knowledge of dogs mushing. Indeed, following the discovery of the Gaspe Peninsula, French men known as coureurs des bois (runner of the woods) learnt the Iroquois''s culture and blended it with their own culture. Dog mushing was then introduced to people. Sled dogs are very similar to wolves in term of shape and size.

Sociable and docile they have the same loyalty than dogs and are regarded as pets. We usually see this kind of activity mostly in the North of Norway. Thus, we would like to implant it in the capital, Oslo, for the Joy of Olympic Game''s tourists. We offer two different trips on the suburb of Oslo. The first will be around Oslo; it will start in Wyller and finish in Huken. The second trip starts in Lillehammer and finish in KvitfJell. The difference between this two will be the scenery, the time it takes to go to one city to another and inally what games you want to watch. Afterward the customer will have to choose the most appropriated according to their wants.

Our service will also allow visitors to communicate with dogs, learn to control them and to enjoy one of the most popular transports in Norway. Being connected with the nature and enjoying the best scenery and landscape is a fascinating way of seeing our country. The families or couples can then experience the Norwegians way of life by visiting these places with dog-sledding. On these places you would be able to see he Ski Jump or many snow activities, always in accordance with the Olympic Games. In fact, two of the cities we propose are the most famous ski resort in Norway, HafJell and KvitJell. Since mushing is for everyone, we even have activities destined for the children. They can play with the dogs and take care of them; the parents can also do it!

Therefore we decided to create a place where the dogs will be taken care of and if it''s needed to let them rest for a bit. Furthermore a teaching class will be organised if the tourists want to learn and know more about the mushing and the dogs. This class will explain ow to handle the dogs and some knowledge about what to do in certain situations for your own security. To guarantee our customer''s security it will not be allowed to ride alone, they will always have a person in charge with them. Thus, the person will provide you some story or explain new things along the way. We decided to choose this activity because we think that it is an opportunity for all the people who want to see in a different way the Olympics Games in Oslo.

We believe that it is a completely different experience, funnier to associate with the Olympics Games. To summarize, you have to ry it! Mushing dog activities involve different values: environment respect, fun for children, discover of Norwegian traditions in an unusual way. Olympic games are the main reason to develop this offer but in accordance to the games politics it will be possible to use our structure even after these events, in particular, the building where we take care of the dog and the activities for the children. References: http://www. afr. com/p/ olympic_tourism_impact_is_complicated_6fTAPM7KefzR4bOqsSww5L http:// . american. edu/TED/lille. htm http://www. olympic. rg/Documents/Games_Vancouver_2010/ Factsheet_Vancouver_legacy_February_2011 _eng. pdf http://www. huffingtonpost. ca/ 2011/10/27/vancouver-olympics-economic-benefit_n_1035427. html http:// www. visitnorway. com/en/what-to-do/active-holiday/riding--sledging/let-the-dogs-do- the-work/ http://www. 0122. no/ http://goscandinavia. about. com/od/winteractivities/tp/dogsleddingnorway. htm http:// www. golinfo. no/en/winter/dog_sleight/ http://www. blm. gov/ak/st/en/prog/nlcs/iditarod/history/people/mush_hist. html http:// library. thinkquest. org/TQ0312758/history. htm International Tourist Arrivals: Euromonitor from trade sources/national statistics

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