Saturday, October 7, 2017

5 Symbols Of Life Of Pi

5 Symbols of Life of Pi BY sams_9 Upper Half: Tiger: The tiger is there to over come his fears and also to make a friend. The tiger is aggressive in the beginning of the movie but then begins to mellow out towards the end of it. They learn to become friends and work together throughout the whole movie. This happens when he feeds the tiger some meat while they are on the boat. Birds: The birds in the story symbolize that God is always watching him. This means not to lose faith in God because he is guiding you every step of the way.

God is uiding him to the destination he is trying to get to, without having problems on the way there. The birds help him get through the day to stay faithful to God when he wants to give up. Boat: This is to help him survive from all things around him. The fish, the sea creatures, and the storms in the ocean. In the boat is a tiger and they learn how to survive with Just each other to get to there destination. The boat kept them afloat above water with having a worry to sink or drown in the ocean. Fish: The fish helped him get through his problems.

Even though they are fish, they helped him solve his problems in so many ways. They did there own thing but caused Pi to think about his life and how to find solutions to his problems. This was helpful for him to get through life and his problems. Ocean: The ocean was a big part in this because of storms that would cause Pi some problems. The ocean was full of problems because when your in a boat you might have that feeling you might sink. The ocean is a large mass of water that is capable of destroying Pi and his boat.

But, luckily it did not happen because of the belief he had in god. Divider: Water/Boats: This is to project him from all of the dangerous things in the sea. When the storm hit hime at sea, it did not sink the boat. The boat stayed afloat and the tiger nor him were harmed during the storm. The boat was rocking but it did not break because of the belief Pi has in religion. Lower Half: Book: The book is about staying faithful to each other. This means no matter what the circumstances are never give up on each other.

Stay on the right track and stick to the game plan. You never know something good might happen that will make things right. tarpaulin, and Richard Parker are orange. It is also the color of the second Hindu chakra. This is all about survival in the book. Butterfly: They butterfly helps him get through his problems by staying faithful to God. Also, to not give up on what has happened to him. This helps him to keep fghting to be the best that he can be by not giving up on things so easily. Also to help him survive from the harsh weather in the ocean.

Dog: The dog in the story is also trying to survive Just like Pl. He tries to help Pi stay positive and faithful in God. The dog is a helpful source for Pi because he keeps him focused on life. The dog helps him find solutions to his problems. Cross: His faith in religion was very strong because he loves and believes in God. As much as he wants to lose faith he knows it would be bad. this would be bad because he knows God has a plan for him. If he loses faith in God then bad things would happen to him which he does not want to happen.

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