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Creating A Benchmark Quality In Human Resource

Creating A Benchmark Quality in Human Resource BY WLY3925 **Delegates from Singapore companies can now enjoy the benefits under the Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) Scheme plus cash bonus under PIC Bonus!! ** Please refer to terms and conditions below. Course Facilitator: Creating a Benchmark Quality Human Resources Organization Build a HR Organization That Is a Competitive Standard In The Market Through Assessments and Partnerships!

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia • 26th - 27th August 2013 Mark Eichi Mark Eichinger hinger Founder International Human Resources Coaching and Consulting Awards & Recognitions Ђў Westinghouse Electric Corporation: Golden Grid Award Best Communications Campaign Human Resources Award -Compensation Projects Testimonials "Mark is an outstanding leader who can focus not Just on HR, but on the operation of the business at large, both domestically and internationally.

Mark is able to look at both the business and HR strategically, and plan at that level, meanwhile can still ensure that his organization executes the details with excellence. " — Vice President Human Resources, SPX Corporation "Mark, is a terrific senior human resources leader and has worked in developing and riving strategic talent programs across a diverse set of business environments. " - President Electrical Segment, Eaton Corporation Marks energy and enthusiasm. — Senior Consultant, Hewitt & Associate FREE TAKEAWAYS • Process tools drive measurable improvement in your HR organization • Assessment tools to evaluate and measure your departments position and progress • Career tools that will create greater HR organization leverage in the organization • Valuable website references for management and leadership "Mark is able to navigate through challenging situations with his sincere interest in thers, his sense of humor/optimism, his pragmatic approach to issues, and his genuine passion around talent and creating success for the business. — Vice President & APAC Regional Director, Consulting Solutions at PDI Ninth House Capitalize on the expert knowledge to gain maximum value on these vital issues: Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) Scheme All business in Singapore can enjoy up to 400% tax deduction for external training* provided by UNI Strategic Pte Ltd for up to $ 400,000 for year of assessment 2013.

You can enjoy up to 68% of tax savings from attending our trainings which means you only need to pay 1/3 of the course ees Alternatively, businesses can opt for a nontaxable cash payout option of 60% of up to $100,000 for year of assessment 2013 meaning up to a maximum of $60,000 * This includes both trainings in Singapore and overseas * Both local and foreign employees are eligible * Course fees only PIC Bonus (as announced in Budget 2013) On top of the existing 400% tax deductions/ allowances and/or 60% cash payout ("PIC cash businesses a dollar-for-dollar matching cash bonus for YAS 2013 to 201 5, subject to an overall cap of $15,000 for all 3 YAS combined. Businesses must incur at least $5,000 in PIC-qualifying expenditure uring the basis period for the YA in which a PIC Bonus is claimed. The PIC Bonus is taxable. Please refer to https://www. iras. gov. sg/irasHome/ page04. aspx? d=14566 for more info DEPLOY a renewable process that leads to continuous improvement OPEN avenues of communication LEVERAGE your management organization to increase your department''s effectiveness BUILD valuable partnerships in your organization LEAD your department in a new direction building benchmark quality practices CHALLENGE your department to take a larger role in the organization MANAGED skillfully, the assessment process can leverage and build greater partnerships in your rganization, and benchmark quality practices. DEMONSTRATE a simple, compact, cost effective, and easy to administer assessment process UNI training courses are thoroughly researched and carefully structured to provide practical and exclusive training applicable to your organization.

Benefits include: • Thorough and customized programs to address current market concerns • Illustrations of real life case studies • Comprehensive course documentation • Strictly limited numbers Proudly Organised by: DAY 1 | 26th August 2013 Workshop Overview Assessment processes can radically improve the value of Human Resources (HR) epartments. They can transform the function from staid and unresponsive organization units to partners on the leadership team, customer-oriented suppliers, and respected, productive, sought-after resources in the business. Assessments are pathways to benchmark quality. They can inspire pro-active and effective leadership and can provide a definitive, measurable return-on-investment on the resources the organization commits to them. When assessments are approached as a process, continuous improvement is the outcome. Over time, when fully implemented, assessments build and reinforce great organization cultures.

Delivers valuable behavior and communications tools necessary to successfully drive continuous improvement from assessment results as well tools necessary for career path success A structured process which evaluates and analyzes the contribution of the HR department''s work Produces a baseline point from which ongoing improvement can be measured Provides and supports a continuous management and leadership environment improvement WHO SHOULD ATTEND Directors, VPs, HODs and Senior Managers of: Human Resource Human Capital HR Strategic Planning HR Analyst HR Professionals INTRODUCTIONS AND ASSESSMENT OF DELEGATE EXPECTATIONS Understanding effective behaviors that are critical to teamwork Organize teams and review member roles for the weeks exercises Discussion of teams expectations to guide or adjust the weeks projects Learning the groups successes, issues for use going forward How HR Assessment fits in and interacts within the organization?

COMMUNICATIONS, THE "NERVE CENTER" OF CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT Communications role in the organization, so simple, so complex Assess and review the four major elements of effective communications Plan your communications to construct a successful project Analyze and critique communications structure through case tudies Comparing communications needs for generational differences IMPORTANCE OF CONSTRUCTING PROCESSES IN DELIVERING ASSESSMENTS improvement, metrics Relate process tools and their role in assessments Compare process structure, formats and flexibility Analyze a process used by "Dragon Tea Enterprises" Topical applications for HR Managers in assessment projects Mapping results and metrics for action planning and ASSESSOR TRAINING WHY YOU CANNOT MISS THIS EVENT If you have a desire to increase the leverage of your HR organization, if you would like to build great partnerships with leaders and anagers, if you are looking for measurable results and process techniques that drive improvement with visible ROI, you should attend this event.

Designing assessor structure and formats for effective assessments Learning the behaviors that drive successful assessments Mining data from assessment interviews - "The Right Questions" Developing effective reports: Foundations for improvement Role play: Preparation for Day 2''s inter-team assessment THE ASSESSMENT TOOL - IMPLICATIONS AND ROLES Program Schedule (Day 1 - Day 2 08:30 Impact of assessments on the broader organization Factors for success in organizing assessments in the organization Effectively using the assessment tool, preparing for interviews Creating a basis for improvement - Outcomes and Result Registration og:oo Morning Session Begins 10:40 - 11:00 12:45 Luncheon 14:00 Afternoon Session begins In-House Training 1 5:30 - 15:50 Refreshments & Networking Break 17:00 Course Ends Cost effective In-house courses, tailored specifically to your organisation''s needs, can be arranged at your preferred location and time. If you would like to discuss further, please contact our In-house division at iht@unistrategic. com.

DAY 2 | 27th August 2013 "ASSESSMENT ROLE PLAYS" Simulating the assessment at a model company Key roles of, assessors and observers in the assessment process Application of assessment tools in a case study environment Organizing raw data into opportunities for improvement Effectively creating and delivering "Customer" feedback and report MANAGING ASSESSMENTS RESULTS FOR ORGANIZATION SUCCESS Behaviors are the overwhelming career and organization "derailers" Functional and Effectiveness Competencies: The keys to effectively deploying assessment results and improvements Comparing the use of competencies in organizations, relationships and careers Appraising competency use in management - "The 80/20 Manager"

Valuing the impact on customers (internal or external) and their attitudes "BE A CUSTODIAN OR BE A PARTNER"; DRIVING Defining, understanding the "Manager''s Brand" Relating brands to Assessment Outcomes and Success Integrating brands, assessment and HR''S influence Developing brands - HR''S role Demonstrating brands - "The New Manager''s Message" RECOGNIZING THE VALUE OF METRICS Create and build influence with metrics Metrics can differentiate your work; assess competitive positions Be creative, analytical - Finding the data for charts and graphs Team Exercise: Analytical tools in use today; "CEO Metrics" Examples and applications sing metrics LAST BUT NOT LEAST... ABOUT YOUR COURSE FACILITATOR Mark Eichinger is the owner of International Human Resources Coaching and Consulting, LLC (IHRCC).

His passions are in Human Resource Assesment, Performance and Talent Management, Culture Management, Employee Development and Engagement, and Career Coaching for success. His experience as a trained business system examiner included conducting business assessments in Europe, Brazil, Canada, North America and Asia. Assessments included analysis of six areas of criteria: Leadership, Strategic Planning, Customer Focus, Measurement Analysis and Knowledge Management, Workforce Focus, Results. Human Resource Assessments were part of each of these criteria areas. He believes values need to be the foundation of all business and personal relationships. He prizes integrity, humility, diversity, innovation, compassion, humor, adaptability, balance and Judgment.

Mark has more than 20 years of experience in global Human Resources management and leadership. Prior to starting IHRCC, he worked for two $98 manufacturing and service corporations holding positions in operations and corporate at the Vice President and Director levels to include Vice President Human Resources Operations and International and Vice President Human Resources Asia Pacific based in Shanghai China. In Asia Pacific he was the corporate US-Asia H. R. Liaison, established the Asia Pacific HR headquarters and operating location HR teams, the leader development programs, China''s university relations program, and the Asia Pacific key leader and professional development processes.

He is a trained Malcolm Baldrige based business system examiner, a graduate of Youngstown State University, certified in Lean Manufacturing by the University of Tennessee''s Thunderbird School of Global Management. Partial List of Companies that have benefited from Marks Expertize: PetroVietnam Oil Corporation Petroliam Nasional Berhad Chevron Unithai Shipyard and Engineering Ltd Cuel Ltd Thailand Exploration & Production Ltd Apply your learning experience at work: Barriers and solutions Revisiting day 1 expectations; did we meet your expectations Delegate evaluation of learning experiences and resources Key "Takeaways" for success with assessments Website Resources - Web sites references that delegates can use to assist them in their work and careers Bank of Ceylon

United Overseas Bank (Thai) Public Company Ltd Maybank Bank Simpanan Nasional SMRT Corporation Ltd Malaysia Airport Holding Berhad PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia TBK Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Universiti Teknologi Mara Mars Corporation ABT Media PRE-COURSE QUESTIONNAIRE Westinghouse Corporation To ensure that you gain maximum value from this course, a detailed questionnaire will be forwarded to you upon registration to establish your exact training needs and issues of concern. Your completed questionnaire will be analysed by the course trainer prior to the event and addressed during the event. You will receive a comprehensive set of course documentation to enable you to digest the subject matter in your own time. Your Encore, Inc.

In addition the client list above, he has experience working with company locations in Europe, Brazil, Canada, North America Creating a Benchmark Quality Human Resources Organization Venue and Date Sales Contract Please complete this form immediately and fax back to JACK (JLC): (65) 6825 9580 DELEGATES'' DETAILS Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Workshop 26th - 27th August 2013 Workshop Fee Name: SGD 3,295 per delegate Position: SGD 3,095 per delegate if 2 or more delegates sign up Fee inclusive of course documentation, luncheons, refreshments and 15% services charge. The above amount payable is net withholding taxes or any other taxes, if any. Registration and Enquiries Email: *Company Details Organisation: 20 Science Park Road, #01-26/30, TeleTech park, Singapore Science Park II, Singapore 117674 contact JACK (JLC) General Line: (65) 6825 9579 Ext: 356 General Fax: (65) 6825 9580 Email: Jack. l@unistrategic. com Address: Payment Method Credit Card: Please debit my Town: State: Postcode: Card Holder''s Name: Tel: ( Card Number: Fax: ( Nature of Business: Company Size: *Finance Department Contact Details VISA MASTERCARD

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