Monday, October 23, 2017

Day 1 Assignment

Please provide me with your definition of Business Communications. My Definition of Business Communications is being able to communicate on many different levels. As for example being able to talk in front of a large amount of people in your workplace. • How does the textbook or any online site define Business Communications? Business Communications is defined as sharing information between people within an enterprise that is performed for the commercial benefit of the organization. • Please provide me with Webster definition of Business Communication?

Business: Is described as purposeful activity Communication: Is an act or instance of transmitting Please go online to your Brown Mackie portal and go to "Library'', library resources, all sources, Credo and provide a definition of Business Communications The exchange of information in an organization. For organizations to work effectively, it is vital that information be communicated to those who need it. Withholding information, i. e. failure to communicate, can be an effective means of extorting power over others in the organization. 6. In what ways do communication skills act as a career filter?

Your ability to communicate will make you marketable and continue to be your ticket to success regardless of the economic climate. 7. Do business professionals think that college graduates today are well prepared for the communication and writing tasks in the workplace? No. It is said that many college graduates failed the writing test because there isn''t enough time to teach writing skills. 8. What are soft skills? Essential career attributes that include the ability to communicate, work well with thers, solve problems, make ethical decisions, and appreciate diversity. . Will the time and money spent on your college education and writing training most likely pay off? Yes. College graduates make more money, suffer less unemployment, and can choose from a wider variety of career options than works without a college education. They have access to highest paying and fastest growing careers, many of which require a degree. 10. List seven trends in the workplace that affect business communicators. Discuss how they might affect you in your future career. Day 1 Assignment By FreakyZekey

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