Friday, October 6, 2017

Evidence And Donald

Cierra Prosser November 5, 2013 Advanced Composition Father Flynn''s Innocence In the film Doubt, Father Flynn is a priest of a catholic school who is being accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a student named Donald Miller. The accusations are brought upon by the principle of the school, Sister Aloysius. Those accusations that are brought upon him were not based on facts, only Sister Aloysius''s certainty. Even though Father Flynn could not be proven guilty or innocent, there was o evidence proving him to be guilty.

There may not be any evidence proving Father Flynn to be guilty, but realistically there is plenty evidence proving his innocence. First, when Sister Aloysius accuses Father Flynn of giving Donald Miller alter wine; he proved his innocence by pulling in an elder priest as an alibi saying that he caught Donald drinking the wine. Even though the elder priest said that he caught Donald drinking alter wine, it does not mean that Father Flynn gave it to him.

In addition, ven if Father Flynn did give alter wine to Donald, it does not mean that sexual activity took place. Sister James, a new teacher at the school, also gave Sister Aloysius reason to believe that Father Flynn is abusing Donald when she told her that Donald was upset once he returned from meeting with Father Flynn. Even though Donald was upset when he returned, it does not mean that he was upset with Father Flynn. The film makes it quite obvious that Donald adores the priest. Therefore, it would be hard to believe Donald was upset with him.

He could have been upset at a number of things such as, conflicts between him and his father, his sexuality, his peers not liking him, or him being caught drinking alter wine. Donald never stated why he was upset upon returning meeting with Father Flynn so there is no proof that Father Flynn was the cause. Sister James points out that Sister Aloysius isn''t very fond of Father Flynn because of some of his characteristics. This grudge that sister Aloysius has against him may influence the accusations that she has against him as well.

Sister James also reported to Sister Aloysius about a shirt that Father Flynn put in Donald''s locker. That is another influence that sister Aloysius uses to prove that Father Flynn is guilty. Donald being upset when returning to class after meeting with Father Flynn, the alter wine found on Donald''s breath, the shirt Father Flynn put in Donald''s locker, and the attention that Father Flynn gives Donald are all influences that Sister Aloysius uses to prove Father Flynn is guilty but none of which are factual evidence.

After all the accusations that Sister Aloysius brought upon Father Flynn, he resigned. Some may believe that he resigned because he was guilty but that still doesn''t prove he had an inappropriate relationship with Donald Miller. He may have resigned because he thought his reputation was in Jeopardy. He also may have resigned because he thought Sister Aloysius would never give up on trying proving he was guilty of molestation. If Father Flynn was guilty, he may not have granted him seems certain of her accusations, she admits at the end of the film that she too has doubts.

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