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Fatima Robinson Paper

fatima robinson paper BY enca727 Fatima Robinson was born August 29, 1971 in Little Rock Arkansas. When Fatima was four years old, her and her family moved to Los Angeles. Fatima was a very bright young woman graduating high school at the age of sixteen. Growing up Fatima wanted to follow in her mother''s footsteps by opening her own salon. She then went on to pursue cosmetology and soon received her certificate in cosmetology in which she used to work as a hairstylist. Although she was a hairstylist, she always had a passion for dance, and her love for it, led her to clubs, and dance competitions.

In 1992 Fatima got her "big break" when John Singleton asked her to choreograph Michael Jackson''s Remember the Time. After the choreography for Michael Jackson, Fatima''s career had nowhere to go but to the top. She started flooding the video industry in the 1990''s working with many famous artists like Bobby Brown, B. I. G, and Aaliyah. Fatima became the choreographer for the Backstreet Boys, choreographing all of their videos, and their live performances. In 1995 she received her very first MTV Video Music award nomination for r and b singer Brandys song "Baby''. That same year Fatima also had two commercials on TV, Reebok, and Sears.

In the year of 1995 she also choreographed many of the major award shows, Soul Train Music Awards, American Music Awards, and American Music Awards. She really began to come into her own, making a great name for herself in the entertainment industry. To really start making a great name for herself, Fatima won back to back Music video producer Association Award; in 1997 for Busta Rhymes "Put your hands where my eyes can see," and in 1998 Dr. Dre''s "been there, Done that. " "Fatima hopes to eventually follow the footsteps of one of her mentors, Debbie Allen, by making the transition into and film direction.

She has already directed a couple of videos: "Heads High" for Mr. Vegas and "Shake Your Body'' for Shaggy. " In 1999 she expanded her talent into filmy, working on Romeo Must Die starring Aaliyah and Jet Lee. She had a small part in the film but then choreographed the single for the soundtrack of the movie. Having the experience of working with Aaliyah was a great time in Fatima''s life, because not only did she admire her work, but they had built a friendship. Unfortunately Fatima had to experience some pain throughout her career, one of the worst being when Aaliyah past away.

This was most sad to Fatima because she was in the Bahamas with Aaliyah shooting the Rock the Boat video in which she choreographed, when the singer/actress passed away a few days later in a plane crash, leaving Bahamas. Fatima lost a good friend, but when you experience so much joy in your life, there will be a time when you experience pain as well; you Just have to be a strong enough person to accept and move on. Fatima continued to work on films and was able to expand her talent when she did the movie "Save the Last Dance" (one of my favorites), and the well-known Movie All, starring Will Smith.

She began to work on commercials, setting the "dance tone" for Macys and Ruffles Chips and many others. These commercials opened the door to many more commercials, allowing her to have six more commercials under her belt between 2000 and 2001 alone. This exposure bought her attention, and in 2001 she choreographed the season premiere of the Drew Carey Show. All these things had become door openers success. Fatima began to follow in her idols footsteps when in 2007 and 2009 she choreographed the Oscars, making her the second African American woman to do ever do so, Debbie Allen being the first.

In 2007 Fatima choreographed the Inauguration event for President Barak Obama, which was one of the best highlights of her career. In addition to all the great work that Fatima Robinson has done now she is the choreographer behind a lot of the great memorable events we watch on TV. Her choreography being featured on Dancing with the Stars, So You Think You Can Dance, American Idol and many others. The list goes on and on of all the work she had done and all the awards she had received, this is why Robinson was named Entertainment Weeklys most creative people in entertainment.

New York Times otes, Fatima is "one of the most sought-after hip-hop and popular music choreographers in the world. " I chose to do Fatima Robinson because she is a young (only 42) African American woman who has done tremendously well for herself, and has reached her goal and beyond. What stuck out most to me about her was the fact that she choreographed Michael Jackson''s, Remember the Time video. Not only is that my favorite video for Michael Jackson, but I have always been obsessed with the choreography in that video. I would have never thought that someone who was only twenty one at the time would have choreographed such great dance moves.

When I began to do my research on her I was shocked at how much work she had done, and artist that she has worked with that I wasn''t even aware of. As a black woman I am so happy at the accomplishments Fatima has accomplished, and I am so grateful that there is another woman who has set an example that dreams do come true. She doesn''t have to talk much because her work alone speaks for her. Fatima Robinson had done more than great for herself, and when she looks back over her life she can''t be anything but proud of all the accomplishments she has done, and how far she has come in her career. Fatima Robinson Dance Jam

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