Thursday, October 12, 2017

Interview Essay

Interview essay BY punktn_22 12/3/13 Jason Radomski Intro to HPER I sat down to interview my high school basketball coach over the break to see what it took and how long it took for him to get where he is today in the coaching world. It took him 5 years to get his bachelor degree in sports management from Oklahoma State University. Coach Thomlinson has been coaching for 8 years and teaching for 6, the first two year he started off coaching was an assistant coaching Job at Oklahoma Christian University then moved to Luther High School for 4 years and finally moved o Bethel High School where he became my head coach.

He is a basketball coach and teaches health wellness. A typical work day for him are the hours 730a. m to around 4p. m out of season and in season the hours consist of about 730a. m to around 10p. m, the in season works consists of practice, planning practice, teaching, game film, game film on opponents, strategizing, and of course coaching the actual games. Out of season work Just consists of teaching, practice, and finding out on want we need to work on to get better.

Out of season he has the whole evening off with the family and then most of the summer with the family other than that little bit of time that is taken up by summer basketball camps but when basketball season starts "my team becomes my family'' Coach Thomlinson said. The dream Job for me is of course Duke University he said Jokingly, But in all seriousness the dream coaching Job for me would Just to have a great group of kids that are coachable and of course a winning record every ear wouldn''t hurt.

The highest dollar check I could get now in high school basketball would Just depend on what school I went to and what their budget is, but more than likely a coaching Job in Texas for high school would pay more than a high school coaching Job in Oklahoma. The pros of teaching and coaching are that you can make sure that your players are being more respectful in class, keeping up in their classes, and getting to be around them more because like I said "once basketball season starts there like my family'' he said.

Coach Thomlinson said he oes an occasional summer school for students who have failed and need to make up classes for some extra money but other than that the wife Just brings in the big bucks. If I could do it all over again I would definitely choose this profession because day in and day out it might not pay as well as other Jobs or some nights might be a lot rougher than others but the feeling you get when you''re helping the kids on your team get to play the game they love and teaching them about the game they play couldn''t be traded in for anything in the world I think

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