Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Machiavelli International Relations

STUDY QUESTIONS NICOLO MACHIAVELLI 1 . What opinions does Machiavelli have on the people and the nobility as arbiters of power? Machiavelli recognizes the importance of the people that aims to not be dominated by the nobility and see them as a source of power for the prince. So the people are seen as a malleable fgure, which ensures the maintenance of power whenever they are satisfied. Instead, nobles wish to rule and oppress, that''s why people select a prince to protect them from the nobility and nobles select a prince to rule them. 2. According to Machiavelli, a captured territory can be held by what means?

When a new territory is captured, there''s two things to do: one, extinguish all the blood of the old prince, and second, not to alter its laws or its attributes. They respect the laws and customs of the people, learn and talk their language and live with them, etc. Machiavelli believe that is harder to conquer a Turkish or oriental principality because there''s no seditious nobles to lean, however it is easier to maintain, because it is enough killing the dynasty. Is much easier to find in European principalities internal support in the conquest, but it''s more difficult to keep too. How relevant are Machiavelli''s theories when applied to large modern states? Machiavelli conception of power is present in these times. The states policies provides relative happiness to the people, who has the power to take certain decisions that provide personal benefits and entertain them festivals and shows. For Machiavelli the politic power ensures a minimum state where borders and independence are guaranteed Also it shows you a simulation game when although possessing many qualities, the prince will appear to always have mercy, loyalty, humanity, integrity and devotion. 4.

What applications might Machiavelli''s theories have in relation to modern international relations? About pacts and alliances Machiavelli says that the Prince should avoid making alliances with stronger states to attack others, because in case of victory "will be at their mercy''. In this case, nowadays is totally the opposite because countries should remain together (10s) to maintain their international relations. But also said that it''s always more useful to act that to remain neutral. Machiavelli also believe that the Prince should run injustices all at once, to do less damage, but favors slowly, to

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