Friday, October 13, 2017

My Baby Boy

Andrew Benedict A. Montilla 1 1063645 Section- HHI PRACT101-Midterm Reaction Paper GREEN CUISINE Chef Mae Montalban My experience at the Green Cuisine has been fun yet hard at the same time. We have been taught how to work together as a team. At first, I didn''t even know my co- workers until now we treat each other like brothers and sisters. At first, I am not really in to Green Cuisine because I really wanted to be part of the Solomon Guest House but I wasn''t able to have a slot because of personal reasons.

I am hesitant to ake my PRACTOI in this hatchery but as I start, I felt that I might enjoy this and be able to finish this with this people. I''m blessed enough to have workers who are willing to work together as a team. We were not that close at first but as time flies by, we were able to build that friendship and bond within each other, though we had some difficulties, we are striving to build that bond between us. As of now I can say that we have built communication, respect, and understanding to one another.

My duty as part of the Green Cuisine Hatchery is to help creating the dishes we about to ell on the snack bar like sandwiches and pastas. The Green Cuisine mainly is considered as two hatcheries as one because we have a snack bar and at the same time we are accepting caterings in special events like what we had on our first function as catering unit in Mall of Asia in the premiere of Mana where we had a catering event which consists of appetizers and cocktails served to popular guests.

The function went well, we all thought that it will be hard at first because it is our first time to have this event outside the school and we do not know the guests to be erved but as the event goes by, it run well and smooth without noticing we are already done because we were able to enjoy what we are doing serving people with our food and seeing that they are happy on what we are serving them. The prep time for this function is for a day and it is not that easy to prepare for 200 packs of guests with appetizers because each should be done times 3 the number of the guest.

I can say that my strength is that I have a one solid friend on this hatchery wherein I were able to feel part of this team because I was with this person and I was able to enjoy hat we do but my weakness would be when one of my teammate would underestimate us, I feel very angry about that because I really don''t have a class and almost all of them have their classes and they even expect me to be superhuman wherein while selling snacks in the snack bar, I will also do something in the kitchen which I think isn''t fair that''s why I am really angry about it but I were able to surpass this by Just letting this go and making me to cool down so we can still function well and smooth. Green Cuisine teaches me how to be a patient cook and a responsible eammate on my coworkers. I was able to make my team function as one because I were able to talk all of them and I really feel that up to the end, our team will really be as one. I consider myself the Joker of the group which made a balance between the stress that my coworkers are having. I was able to make all of them laugh and for me it is the best because we could enjoy more what we are doing if we are having fun doing it at the same time, not taking everything seriously. my BABY BOY By drewmontilla

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