Saturday, October 21, 2017

Thesis Statement

thesis statement BY peteri 126 Write a thesis statement each as per the Feminist theory of Criticism and the Reader-centered theory of Criticism based on "A Rose for Emily''. Use the author''s name in it. Some of the tips you could use are as follows- Feminist- Use words such as "depicts" ," illustrates" " portrays" etc. Determine what it says about women in general. Determine how it portrays the main female character(s) in the selection; about her traits. What does the selection reveal about the author''s attitude towards women? What does the conflict, or the setting reveal about the condition of women?

What is the main female character''s reaction to the situation/ conflict? Reader-centered Use words / phrases such as "evokes feelings of"," forces the readers to think", "impresses upon the reader" etc.. Decide what the most striking feature of the story is. What distinguishes the author''s style from those of others? The subject, vocabulary used, sentence length, point of view, imagery, local color, use of dialect, tone and some other aspects can be considered to comment on his/ her style. Make connections between text to text, text to world, text to media.

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