Thursday, January 1, 2015 Review

Recently I've been asked to provide a review on

You know that your deadlines approaching, you have no time to wait anymore and so on. So one of my friends got a recommendation on essaytigers, and knowing that I am doing essay writing services reviews, he kindly asked me to try this one.

Well, it didn't impressed me at first glance. Poor design, a lot of useless text, and I even had few errors in my browser.
Generally, it don't look trustful, and I got first doubts about their writing services. 
By using their calculator, I realized that actually prices start from 20$ per page, while even at screenshot you can see a number of 10$ per page.
So I decided not to spend any money and try to look for customer feedback. And here is what I've found...

  Well, I'll just leave it here. They didn't get my money, as so from my friend.  Try to look for something legitimate, except