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Best Places to Pay for Essays Online?

So how many times you have been bullied by someone for doing their essay, term or research papers or you bullied someone for doing your essay? No more bullying days. No need to blackmail someone or take advantage of the sweet kid for getting your essays written. You can now simply pay to write essay to someone, which by the way is totally legal, and get a good grade on your research papers home works.


Some people are not good at expressing their emotions out on the paper although they might be extraordinary in the mind. So why not ask someone else to paint the picture for you, with your ideas of course, in case you need a paper to be written for you.
Rank Company Price Rating Review Website
1 EduBirdie.com
Pay someone to write my essay
pay someone to write my paper Read Review Visit
2 Edusson.com
3 EduZaurus.com Read
4 EssayVikings.com Read
5 Samedaypapers.com

Can i pay someone to write my paper?

It might sound a little wrong for paying someone to write your term paper but what can we say? You are buying someone’s services for your own advantage just like the way employers are hired at an office. That does not sound so wrong.

Does it?

Rather than bludgeoning someone to get your work done, you can simply pay through the following esteemed websites where people have been working to benefit your grades and also make some money for their expenses while sitting at home. That could be storming for your grades. It could even cause a tornadoes sometimes. I mean essay tornado, of course.

Edusson.com review

"I need to write my paper"! The majority of us are either busy with school, at college or university completing some or other degree. We all recognize how stressful it can be if you are, still at school all the projects and essays that we need to write. Just to be able to obtain a degree in finding work for ourselves.

Last week I was faced with this problem all stressed up, as had two projects to complete and an essay to write for my business subject. With no time on hands and stressing, what was even worse is that the essay is about becoming a winning leader. A close friend at school advised, that I should use an online academic paper service, called Study Clerk to assist me with my work or it would be very late nights for me.

I guess this is a lifesaver.

After discussing with parents, went to sit down and started looking at different writing services available online, and came across Edusson.com, and decided to see if they would be able to assist with the problem on hand.

First impression

Edusson.com is an extremely straightforward service to use and quite interesting. There official site is easy to use and follow. The first feature noted was that they do academic papers for $18 per page that sounds reasonable.

Quite reasonable.

They advise on the site that you can check the writer’s portfolios before hiring them and that it is safe to pay through PayPal. Placing of your order is free and it does not cost you a cent, so decided to seize up this offer knowing that it will cost zero and had nothing to lose.

Utilizing the information set out on the home page, completed the piece on what paper needed, added my email and pressed continue. After completion they logged me into the system where I had completed the request on the essay required, requesting a two-page essay with a delivery time of seven days.

Writers are fighting for your order

Next, they forwarded me to a bidding page where a variety of writers proposed their fees and the majority of them advised on a $24 charge. Here the bidding is on a fixed rate and you could immediately see if the writer has an excellent rating or new to the writing service to ensure that, you have a wide choice when choosing a writer.

Lets take a look.

Taking a closer look at the writer’s profiles and decided on which one I would be working with. Corresponding with them via the chat application available was easy and in no time everything had been, sorted regarding the paper.

The writer had been helpful keeping me up to date and received excellent service from them where communication is concerned. Before the seven days had been over, the completed essay, with plagiarism checked sent and handed in.

What does Edusson.com offer?

With using Edusson.com, they present great results providing people the opportunity to decide whom they would like to work with when doing order placing of your paper. That is a killer feature when you decide to pay for essay.

They have countless qualified writers rated according to the work they supply to their customers making the choice easier for individuals when needing to decide whom should be writing my essay.
Or doing my paper.
The wide variety of services include 17 different types of writing assistance that include some of the following; essay writing any type, article reviews, creative writing, research papers, thesis and other depending on what writing services is required.

Placing an order is easy; place order advice what you need, select the writer and pay. As soon as payment has been, done discuss the details required and they complete the work and send it to you. Revise the work and request revisions if needed. Once happy with the work you release the payment.

Edusson features and benefits

  • The website is user friendly and designed well saving you loads of time.
  • Each writer bidding on your work has a rating scale of 1 to 4 regarding feedback from customers who have used their services. Therefore, it makes your decision easier when choosing.
  • Writers bidding for your work provides you with a variety of costs making the services affordable.
  • They do not only provide writing services to their clients, you can also apply to become a writer with them to work.
  • Only release payment once you are satisfied with the work received.
  • You can observe customer feedback on the home page providing you with ease of mind when using them.


Edusson.com provided terrific assistance and a friendly writer to work with. The bidding service works great as it provided great results, when handing in the paper receiving great marks. The order placing is simple and quick saving you loads of time and to the point. This essay writing service provider comes highly recommended by users who have benefited from their service. I am exceptionally pleased with the result and recommend them to all who are in need of an essay writing service.

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The Review of EduBirdie.com

Do your lecturers or teachers love to give assignments over the week end? Do you have little time to finish your writing? Well, I do, and it gave me such a trouble since I didn’t get enough time to finish what I had written for my project.

My assignment was to write a 4-page creative writing about Indonesia’s medicinal herbs in 4 days. I had written the first half page, and then used EduBirdie service to finish my work. Below is my personal experience in using their services.

When you go to an EduBirdie.com essay writing service, you’ll find an informative website with its professional appearance, dominated in blue color. The information in this web is written briefly. They accept essay, article, review, case study, course work, speech, proposal, and many other types of writing.


The price starts from $18 per page essay depending on your time frame, topic, and page number. The innovative thing about EduBirdie is that they have bidding system, and you can ask questions to the professional writers before hiring them. After putting your request, it will goes into their writers’ database, and you will receive bids from them.

I received 6 bids in 3 minutes after I submitted my requirements. I did have a small talk with them to learn more about their background, understanding, and knowledge. By asking initial questions, I can understand their ways of thinking better, which helps me in deciding the right writer for my writing.

Edubirdie wrote my paper

 Customer support teams always stand by 24 hours for live chat. If you’re stumbled upon a difficulty or trouble, they will assist you. I have a habit to ask questions about the service to the live support team before hiring someone. Their team is always ready and eager to answer them friendly.

Can I pay EduBirdie to write my paper, you'll ask?
So look.

Database of writers is accompanied with each writer’s completed works and reviews. Both clients and writers can give ratings and testimonials, so it is fair for both parties to tell about their experiences in using EduBirdie service.

 This essay company has quite different innovative features – bidding system and chat with writers. You can keep reading to learn more about my evaluation about EduBirdie.
essay writers from Edubirdie


Paramount quality with originality. I always doubt that any essay service will provide me with 100% original paper. But, EduBirdie is different. When, I checked the writing with various scanning tools, it was 100% unique – there was no plagiarism found. It was very relieving and satisfying for me.


They did a great job to finish my writing on time. It was not an easy topic, but I still received an original essay. You can always control the progress to ensure that your writing will be delivered punctually.


During the 4 days, I talked several times to the writer. Mostly, she asked some questions and opinions about what to write next. She replied quite fast, so I didn’t encounter any trouble in controlling my project progress.

So far, EduBirdie services are pretty great and dependable. They are low cost and of high quality and definitely the best place to write my paper for me.

Overall Scores (5/5)
•    Quality (5/5)
•    Speed (5/5)
•    Pricing (5/5)
•    Customer support (5/5)
•    Communication (5/5)
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EduZaurus.com Made My Dream Come True - Review

I was dreaming to become an actress from earliest childhood. I wanted to study Fine Arts, but my parents said that this is not a profession but a hobby, and sent me to the Faculty of Economics. 

I never liked this subject, but realized that it's more perspective. So I was doing my best to understand at least something in this complex science.
college paper writers at Eduzaurus

Speaking the truth, I had to try really hard and all the time, starting from the very first day in college. The only thing that pleased me in this whole situation - was an opportunity to join the group of acting skills, never thinking of paying someone to write my paper.
But due to the fact that study on the economic faculty was really hard for me, I had to make a choice between my dream and education. Naturally parents insisted on the economy and allowed me to attend the course again, only if my average score will be A or B.  But how can person who does not understand and does not like a certain issue can succeed in it?
I was not going to sacrifice my dream, but could not go against the will of parents. I had only one way out - to ask professionals for help with my studies.

Choosing the Right Essay Company

Even during study in high school, I learned about the existence of sites that help students with doing homework and writing essays, articles, thesis and research papers.

Personally I have never used the services of of such companies before, because I was always able to cope with my tasks by my own. But college is not a school, and student need at least one year to get used to the tight schedule and the fast pace of life without sleep, rest and recreation.

Since I had no experience with using student help site, I decided to try the very first, and consequently, the most popular website that Google find me. As you have already understand it was EduZaurus.com website. Actually, I think this websites is like EduBirdie.

The only thing I was concerned, it is a fact - that the site was created in 2015, it is completely new, and I thought that they might have no customer before.

So Can I Trust My Paper to Eduzaurus? 

But my doubts were immediately destroyed when I saw how many work they have already done and how good feedback they have from their previous customers.
I guess my wish "help me write my research paper!" come true with Eduzaurus.
Do my essay, Eduzaurus! 

I was not going to charge all my tasks to specializing site, meanwhile, I would have relaxing and having fun. Study is really important, and I understand it. I just wanted to entrust the most challenging tasks - in my case is essays and other written assignments, to a professional to perform other tasks meanwhile.

I had a task that I did not even have time to start writing. I had to write argumentative essay on the topic: “Economic planning influenced by environmental conservation”. So I registered on this site and start placing my order.

First of all I needed to choose type of my work – do my argumentative essay in my case. Then I wrote my topic, chose subject, number of pages and chose deadlines. I gave them seven days for implementation of my task. Then I chose type of service, writer level, number of cited resources and format of citation. And the last step was to write paper instructions. Done! Just in few minutes my order was placed.

And then we began to search for the best writers. After 30 seconds, I was given the 17 authors to choose from, each of which has already sent me a private message.

Price is $ 90 per essay was just ridiculous, so I was not afraid to entrust the task to the new site.
For my assignment I chose Samantha 1 who had 1368 completed tasks (now 1369 if counting mine) and five stars out of five.
She also has good feedback from previous customer so I had no doubts to assign my order to her.

Getting Absolutely Completed Paper

 I was not going to edit and proofread the work after receiving, I wanted to be sure of the quality of work and assessment. And it happened so. Receiving the work on the day before the appointed time, I quickly looked through it, read some arguments of the author and was completely satisfied. Even design of work was flawless.

For only 90 bucks I get more than just perfect essay, I get:

-free time for doing other tasks;
-relief from stress;
-plagiarism free paper;
-the adjusted social life;
-good sleep;
-opportunity to visit the group of acting skills again.

It was the first time I got A + and praise of my professor. This feeling of joy and confidence will certainly be useful for me in my acting career. Thank you EduZaurus for writing my paper and for giving me a chance to make my dream come true!

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Simple and Clear Review of EssayVikings.com

I’m an experienced “essay buyer” and am proud of it – getting extra help from professional services doesn’t make me a bad student. It makes me a smart and adventurous student. Isn’t this what school should teach you – to find the most acceptable solution for every situation?

Anyway, even having been ordering custom writing UK for some time now, I stumbled upon a need to look for a new service last month. I needed a pretty simple paper on French idioms and slang, but I couldn’t find the writer for it! I knew at least three good writers who were amazing English speakers (usually this is the most important criteria for students), but no French natives, unfortunately

How EssayVikings Handled My Challenge

I found EssayVikings.com reviews in search engines and couldn’t believe my eyes – one of the reviews was written in French! So I knew that was a place for me to be.

I examined the website – it’s stylish, a little comic and not at all serious like you would imagine an educational provider. What I mean is that having seen many “wise owls in glasses” and smart PhD faces I was a little surprised to see this.

The funny thing is that even the customer support representative was surprised when I asked what languages they write in. At first the guy tried to convince me that all their writers are real English speakers, but once he understood what I meant, he suggested to place an order and said that only people who correspond to every requirement in it would be eligible to bid on it.

Placing an Order and Prices

The process of making an order is pretty much similar with the services I used before: 1. Choose the type of writing you need 2. Write your email 3. On the next page fill in the details of your order 4. Review offers for your paper 5. Choose the writer and deposit the money for the paper The prices were quite moderate, even cheaper than at the services I used before – maybe because the paper wasn’t in a very sophisticated topic. I even tried to play with the order specifications and found out that when you choose the writer level (School, University or Doctor), it directly affects the range of writers and the prices they ask for.

Dear French Writer, Where Are You?

I have to mention it in this EssayVikings.com review just to be fair – the first French speaking writer showed up within an hour after placing my order. But my challenge was that I needed both: somebody fluent in English and French at the same time. Because I was convinced that only a native speaker can compare slang expressions and idioms.

What upset me a little is that I didn’t find a way to browse ALL the database of their writers – I could see only:

1) Top writers on their main website page
2) A dozen of writers who applied for my order

My curious mind wanted to see who else was out there and maybe convince someone who didn’t bid on my project to write for me. But I didn’t find access to see all thee existing writers. Please comment in this review for EssayVikings.com if you know where to look for it, I’d greatly appreciate it.

Finally after a day of talking to writers (who don’t reply that quickly, I must say), I found the one who sounded competent and confined in him with my paper.

Did EssayVikings satisfy my expectations?

My paper was only 2 pages, but I didn’t want to pay extra for the urgency and set a deadline for it in a week. Can you imagine what was my surprise when 3 days later I received in my mailbox a notification to review the paper? At first I thought that this was just an outline – but no, it was a full paper, formatted and cited.

The paper was quite good, but of course having 4 extra days before the deadline and benefitting from the fact that I haven’t released the money to the writer yet, I asked to change some expressions in the text. I found them pretty basic and wanted the writer to substitute them with more rare ones. I understood that the writer didn’t necessary have to do it – the paper was written according to all my demands and there was nothing “essential” to correct. But the writer accepted my whim and did everything as instructed.

Overall I think EssayVikings.com writing is good. What is even better is their customer support – they try to find approach to every “non-standard” order and I felt that they value me as a customer.

Oh, yeah, something you all came here for – was there plagiarism in my Essay Vikings essay? No, there wasn’t. Otherwise I wouldn’t have taken my sweet time to even write this review.

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SameDayPapers.com Review

I decided to write this SameDayPapers.com review to share the tips and tricks my college friend once shared with me. It has helped me get through school a lot and I hope you find it useful.

Every student knows that the word “essay” or “written assignment” means a lot of work, very little sleep and a loss of about 1000 neurons. This is precisely my case: I couldn’t manage my school and social life. There was simply enough time in a day to eat, write, and maybe sleep a little to keep my body functioning.

When the choice “Party VS Paper” is not an option anymore 

One day at a school fair I realized that my friend, who shares most of the classes with me, managed to live a much more fun and active life than me. So after discussing another great party (which I of course missed!) I asked him what speed writing tips he was using. To my surprise he referred me to Same Day Papers website. With a bit of skepticism but a lot of hope I checked it out, hoping that I can pay someone to write my essay for me.

First impression with the website: I find it very stylish and “youngish” in design. It’s definitely something I can relate to. I also like the functionality of it: minimum information, smiley faces, happy reviews… It’s like a perfect little universe. Let’s see now how it turned out.

The paper I had to write at that time was related to some legal aspects of homeless in urban civilizations. It was 8 pages and due in a week. For me the task seemed impossible, so I had no choice but to make an order and outsource it.

Same Day Papers Features Assessment 

I have to say that I liked the way Same Day Papers advertise their services on their website, so I hoped my writer will be equally good. Here is what they think their main advantages are:

And here’s what I think about these features and some other ones:


I liked to have the possibility to check the price of my paper instantly on the website. I think for every student the price of the paper is a big factor while making a decision to suffer over it themselves or let the others do their job. In my case the price was more than the advertised $7.5 per page, but still acceptable for this kind of project.

Order Process

Everything here is made so that you don’t think or doubt. The process of signing up and ordering is so fast and simple:

- Put your email
- Write the topic of your paper
- Click continue
- Choose a couple of drop-down menus
- And voila – your order is online and kicking!

For the most responsible students there is of course an option to put detailed description of your assignment and even attach files. The password is created automatically and you don’t need to wait for the confirmation email to arrive.

Customer Support

With my order I didn’t have much to do with the customer support. They sent me important notifications on time and in big quantities (no way to forget about your deadline or need to review the paper). Most of my communication was through the writer and their system automatic emails.

But what I liked is that when you surf the website no annoying window popped up trying to create the impression of their presence. These windows usually appear at a wrong time and in a wrong place and only distract me.

Quality of Paper

Finally I received my paper. First of all I have to say that I already talked to the writer and we approved an outline of the paper, so I knew what to expect to see there. It was a not bad paper: to the point, with examples, critical thoughts in the introduction and conclusion, nice writing (clearly the writer was native speaker with some higher educational background).

What I wished was better is the cited sources: their choice was kind of weak, as to me. This is something I will keep in mind next time and suggest you do too: discuss with the writer not only main ideas and structure of the paper, but also the references and sources.


One important thing my friend taught me is once you decide to go mad and buy papers from essay writing services, make sure to subscribe for some good plagiarism check tools. There are many free resources, but the paid ones are the most thorough ones and they are worth their money.
My paper passed Copyscape Premium so I wasn’t worried to submit it to my teacher.

Did SameDayPapers.com Essay Pass the Test?

Overall I think this service is worth a try. I don’t have any reasons to call SameDaypapers.com scam, and I knew well before sending my paper that there was no plagiarism in my work as it was at Pay For Essay Reviews (I strongly suggest that you always check your paper before sending it). So I will add one more good SameDaypapers.com review here. Maybe one day I will look for another service for a change, but for now I’m satisfied with the quality of SameDaypapers.com writing.

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Kid Cudi

Ghost Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi, known better as KID CuDi, is considered a genre- defying artist. KID CuDi''s music classifies as hip-hop and rock, which seem to be opposites, but he effortlessly combines the two as if they were meant to be. CuDi released his most recent album on April 16, 2013 titled Indicud. "Mad Solar" was one of the more emotional and personal songs CuDi featured in his latest breathtaking albums. The song has an eerie feeling to it, but nevertheless, CuDi exonerates his feelings and inner thoughts into it.

KID CuDi does not hesitate to open up the song powerful, stating that he is secluded and he questions if we really know one another. CuDi goes further into the first verse by stating that he knows that he is different and that no one understands him, but he is okay with being alone. Life and the people around others ultimately do affect their life, whether they are good or bad company. CuDi has been through bad times with recently dropping from G. O. O. D Music, drug abuse and withdrawal, child custody battles over his daughter, and even betrayal from who he thought were his riends.

Those difficult times that made him question his life and pushed him towards loneliness, resulted in CuDi being "cold blooded". Through all the hard times, music was an outlet to him. CuDi has changed because of the trials he has faced, and he has lost fans because of this change. If the public sees him a certain way, then that is perfectly fine to him because in the end he is doing well in his career. "Fuck ''em" is an expression used to show that the public''s comments are disregarded in his mind because it is his life, not theirs.

The hook is where KID CuDi is reaching out to those people who think he is and telling them that their opinion does not affect himself as a person. CuDi has always been known for being fascinated with outer space; his references with space symbolize being high, his inner thoughts, the loneliness and darkness that comes along with his life. The term "Mad solar" refers to a transition that he is making in his life and music career. Reaching a new step, he is satisfied with the altercations he has made to his life.

Tying into the word solar, his life is brighter and more positive. CuDi wants the world to see his Juristic change, though their opinion is not relative, he wants to prove people wrong. The doubts that everyone has thrown at him make CuDi a more diligent artist; saying he is crazy and has changed ultimately fuels his fire to become back superior. KID CuDi gets into the heart of the song with the second verse. Through out the song, CuDi explained what he has been through but people continue to call him crazy though ne is living his lite the way ne wants to.

He continues to say that his "heart has been swollen, it''s been healin'' slow'' because he is still recovering from a break up with his girlfriend, CuDi does not want to age with out someone being there with him. This also refers to the ongoing custody battles for his daughter; he does not want to alone live at home with out her. Looking back on his life, there were moments that he realized some of who he thought were his "friends", Just so happened to be skeptics.

CuDi reflects on his life and what goes on through his head, trying to reach eep down and see if he truly knows himself. There were many dishonest people in CuDi''s life that were never really there for him, but claimed to know him. Years went on, being deceived by backstabbers whom he thought were close to him. Those people made him question who he really is and misjudge his future because they blinded him. He goes to say that there is not any room for people who take space up in his life anymore, if you are not really there for him then do not attempt to make a place in his life.

How To Drive A Manual Transmission

How to Drive a Manual Transmission BY IMBUddY8 Topic: How to drive a car with a manual transmission General Purpose: To Inform Specific Purpose: At the end of my speech, the audience should be able to attempt to learn to drive a standard and build their skills enough to be confident in driving one daily. Central Idea: Knowing the basics of manual transmission operation, also reasons and benefits to driving one. Introduction: Most of us drive around big heavy cars that seat five when we rarely have more than two. In the United States we are lazy. % Of Vehicles made in 1999 were automatics and 91% by 2004. In Europe 80-90% of their cars are standards. I hope to get everyone considering driving them so I''m going to talk to you about why we should all know how to drive a standard, the basics of driving a standard, and what the benefits of driving one are. Main Points: 1. Why we should all Know how to Drive a Standard 2. Basics of Driving a Standard 3. Benefits of Driving a Standard l. Why we should all know how to drive a standard. A. If your car is blocked by someone in the family with a standard.

B. If your a passenger and the driver is feeling too ill or tired to drive. C. If you go out of the country and get a rental. D. You might grow to enjoy driving much more than usual. E. If you ever want to ride a motorcycle you will learn much faster. F. In an emergency it may be necessary. II. Basics of Driving a Standard A. Learn how to start it safely Video 1 B. Learn where the gears are including reverse (Some are weird) Video 2 C. Get car rolling with no gas Just clutch Video 3 D. Smoothly use a little gas to get into first Video 4 E.

Drive around in first starting and stopping making sure to push in clutch Video 5 F. Learn to sni tt to 2nd by doing opposites witn gas and clutch Vi H. Learn all the gears up and down and appropriate RPM for speeds Video 7 I. Practice downshifting with rev matching Video 8 What are the benefits? Ill. A. Enjoyment B. Maintenance C. Better For Environment D. Gas Mileage 1-2 Better City 4-6 Better Highway (5-10%) E. 236Millton cars 21 mpg Average Car 15k miles a year 68 Gallons Per year if you get 1 mpg more 16 Billion 48 Million Gallons of Gas per year could be saved

Conclusion: So I''ve told you all about why we should drive them, and the benefits. I''ve also gave you the most basic instructions for you to try and learn yourself. I know anyone is able to learn and if you actually try and stick to it for a little bit you will learn and do a lot better than you expect. After you get used to using your left foot it''s Just another pedal that comes naturally after a while you will not think of it. If you get yourself familiar and comfortable driving one someday it might save you or someone else in an emergency.

Duality In The Works Of Robert Louis Stevenson

Duality in the Works of Robert Louis Stevenson Robert Louis Stevenson, born 1850, wrote many notable and well-known works that feature duality or antithesis in his characters. His fixation with duality can be traced back to his studies on the Victorian idea of the double brain. Stevenson''s fascination with dual and split personalities can be found in many of his works, including Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Treasure Island. Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is Stevenson''s most obvious use of duality. Dr.

Jekyll, realizing that he has two parts of himself, drinks a potion to separate the ore primal side from his refined persona. Images of duality run heavily throughout the story. Duality is expressed not only through the physical separation of Jekyll and Hyde, but also through their surroundings. The first example is through the separate doors by which Jekyll and Hyde enter the home. Hyde''s door is described as marked by "prolonged and sordid negligence" and "blistered and distained" and opens onto a neglected and dirty street (Stevenson).

Jekyll''s door opens onto a respectable and polished street. Both doors lead into the home of Dr. Jekyll. These two doors enhance he differences between Jekyll and Hyde, and enhance the duality. Hyde''s door represents his personality and actions: dirty and slum-like. Jekyll''s door also represents his personality and actions: dignified and refined. The house itself represents Jekyll''s struggle to maintain balance. The two doors are introduced before Jekyll and Hyde and foreshadow the differences later expressed in the story.

Another surrounding that enhances the duality of Jekyll and Hyde is the city of London itself. As described by Friedrich Engels in The Great Towns, London is divided nto two parts: the slums in which the lower classes live, and the nicer areas in which the upper classes live. The upper classes never step foot in the slums, much like how Jekyll represses Mr. Hyde, the bad side of him. Engels says that "sometimes, of course, poverty is to be found hidden away in alleys close to the stately homes of the wealthy. Generally, however, the workers are segregated in separate districts" (Engels 1833).

Before Dr. Jekyll created Mr. Hyde, his inner conflict was like the first town described by Engels: the poor areas, the bad in Dr. Jekyll, are very closely connected ith the wealthy areas, the good in Dr. Jekyll. After Dr. Jekyll drinks the potion and creates Mr. Hyde, the two men are like the second town described by Engels, separate and compartmentalized. Mr. Hyde is completely free of morals or rules, and Dr. Jekyll is free of the "bad" urges. The town of London itself represents the duality of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and exemplifies their differences. London represented that division-with-essential-unity which is the very meaning of Jekyll and Hyde" (Saposnik 718). The upper classes cannot survive without the labor from the lower classes. The ower classes cannot survive without the wages from the upper classes. They require each other to survive, like how Jekyll and Hyde require each other to function in society. Dr. Jekyll realizes that he indeed has more than one personality: "l thus grew steadily nearer to that truth by whose partial discovery I have been doomed to such a dreadful shipwreck: that man is not truly one, but truly two" (Stevenson 42).

He yearns to separate his two identities, his moral and society-influenced man, and the identity of his younger days, a man not influenced or guided by morals or societal rules. If each, I told myself, could but be housed in separate identities, life would be relieved of all that was unbearable; the unjust might go his way, delivered from the aspirations and remorse of his more upright twin; and the Just could walk steadfastly and securely on his upward path... (Stevenson 43). Jekyll''s goal is to separate his moral and his immoral selves.

He believes that separating the two will free them to pursue their respective moral and immoral goals. However, he does not anticipate that Hyde will completely take over. Jekyll wished to separate his barbaric self from his civilized self but instead enhanced his arbaric side. His struggle represents the Freudian idea of the id, ego, and superego. The id operates is the impulsive pleasure principle, and in Jekyll''s case, Mr. Hyde is the id. He is barbaric and acts on his instincts rather than logic. Society and its rules and social mores is the superego, found in Mr. Utterson and Enfield. Mr.

Jekyll is the ego, the part of the mind that separates the id and the superego, the unjust and the just. While he aimed to separate the two and become solely the Just superego, Jekyll found that the ego requires both an id and a superego to keep control. When Mr. Hyde, the ''d, was left to his own devices, he killed people. And without his id Dr. Jekyll did not have the primal desires that every other human has. Jekyll realized that he needed both the id and the superego to survive. The struggle between the id and supergo is "the inescapable burden which any relationship between the barbaric and the civilized produces" (Saposnik 728).

Neither can fully live while the other survives, but neither can fully live with the other gone. This paradox is a foundation of Jekyll''s struggle that causes him to reevaluate his choices. Paradox, which always involves ntithesis, is, of course, one of the most poignant means of bringing out the dual meanings of the terms, since, through its apparent self-contradiction, it forces the reinterpretation of one at least of the opposing ideas, forces an acknowledgement, of the larger meaning that makes sense out of its nonsense (Synder 545). The id is the antithesis of the superego; they are direct opposites of one another.

Dr. Jekyll felt that his ''d, primal instincts, were too strong and wished to expel them. However, he cannot live without the id. And Hyde cannot live solely as the id. The ituation is the classic "can''t live with ''em, can''t live without ''em". This paradox forces Jekyll to reevaluate his choices and to stop voluntarily changing into Hyde. Hyde could not survive solely by himself and his behavior and actions would have gotten him killed. Stevenson developed this concept of the struggle between the good and bad around the same time that Freud developed his theory on the subconscious.

Stevenson was an avid scientist and it could be argued that he helped form the idea of a split or dual personality. In the late 1870s Stevenson was "deeply impressed by a aper he read in a French scientific Journal on sub-consciousness", according to his wife Fanny (Stiles 879). Stevenson then went on to co-write a play about a man who leads a secret nocturnal life of crime. All through his lite Stevenson seemed tascinated by the idea ot a double brain, and his fascination shines through his work, especially Jekyll and Hyde.

Because of his close and personal connections with scientists Stevenson pulled from many case studies to form his story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, including the study of a soldier who developed two different personalities after his left cerebral hemisphere was amaged in battle (Stiles 880). Stevenson''s study of duality is expressed in Dr. Jekyll''s lament: "man is not truly one, but truly two". It is also suggested that Jekyll and Hyde "could well have affected how some clinicians subsequently viewed their cases" (Stiles 881).

Stevenson was influenced by case studies on the double brain, and in turn Jekyll and Hyde influenced other case studies on the double brain. This again is an unintentional example of duality formed by Stevenson. Another duality not necessarily intended by Stevenson that can be found in Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is the duality of gender: "the dominant side of the brain represents the dominant gender, and the other the repressed gender" (Stiles 882). Jekyll is a well-to-do man who looks the part: middle-aged and distinguished, the stereotypical Victorian male.

Hyde is not in control of his actions or emotions, the exact opposite of what females of the time were supposed to act. Jekyll represents the dominant male side of his brain, and Hyde represents the repressed female side of his brain. Jekyll represses his urges and emotions, much like how Victorian women were supposed to suppresses all emotions and urges. Jekyll''s dominant brain side represses the other side of the brain. While the most obvious usage of duality in Stevenson''s work is Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr.

Hyde, a less obvious example of duality can be found in Stevenson''s Treasure Island, exemplified in the character of the pirate Long John Silver. When young Jim Hawkins first meets Long John Silver, Silver seems to be trustworthy. He confides in Hawkins and proclaims him to be "as smart as paint", meaning bright and fresh (Stevenson 67). Silver flatters Hawkins and appears to be a good man. But it is thanks to his cunning that Silver escapes suspicion: "he was too deep, and too ready, and too clever for me... I would have gone bail for the innocence of Long John Silver" (Stevenson 67).

Silver puts on an air of innocence to convince others of his trustworthiness and even has Doctor Livesey fooled. Silver tricks people into trusting him by putting on the "good" face, much like how Jekyll is seen as a good man. However, his true nature is revealed later to Hawkins when Hawkins sees his "evil" face, which can be compared to Mr. Hyde. Hawkins hides in an apple barrel and overhears Silver''s plan for mutiny against Captain Trelawney. At first Hawkins hears Silver calling another boy "as smart as paint", using the same compliment he gave Hawkins earlier.

At this point Hawkins realizes that Silver never really liked him, and was Just flattering him to fool him. Silver and the crew members then plot the mutiny against Captain Trelawney. Hawkins realizes his terrible mistake of trusting Silver and informs the captain of the plan. Long John Silver could be described as being two-faced. He treats Hawkins and others one way, and then turns around and plots to betray everyone who trusts him. The duality of his personality, the good and the bad, isn''t as literal as the duality of Jekyll and Hyde, and is more of a figurative duality.

Robert Louis Stevenson''s tascination with ty can be tound in many ot his works, including Treasure Island and Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The characters'' duality, some subtle, some obvious, represent the new idea of the split brain and multiple personalities discovered during Stevenson''s life. Works Cited Engels, The Great Towns. In The Longman Anthology of British Literature. Ed. David Damrosch. NY: Longman, 2000. 1831-1837 Saposnik, Irving. The Anatomy of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. "Studies in English Literature. 11. (1971): 715-731. Web. Snyder, Alice. "Paradox and Antithesis in Stevenson''s Essays: A Structural Study. " Journal of English and Germanic Philology. 19. 4 (1920): 540-559. Stevenson, Robert Louis. Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Lincoln, Nebraska: The University of Nebraska Press, 2012. Print. Stevenson, Robert Louis. Treasure Island. New York, NY: Allyn and Bacon, 1945. Print. Stiles, Anne. "Robert Louis Stevenson''s "Jekyll and Hyde" and the Double Bram. " studies English Literature. 46. 4 (2006): 879-900. web. ENGELSSSSSS

Seattle Indie (Independent) Music Festival

Seattle Indie Music Festival Mission Statement: The primary mission is to host a multicultural, independent music festival which will benefit the local performing arts organizations by providing a unique venue where new and previously unknown musicians may showcase their talents. Our goal is to create a unique opportunity for new and undiscovered musicians whose talents would otherwise remain undiscovered. Objectives: Generate gross revenues in excess of $500,000. 00 from music festival ticket sales Generation of net proceeds in excess of $250,000. 0 dollars from the gross revenues erived from music festival ticket sales To support the local performing arts community and musicians via donations and grants derived from the net proceeds To create opportunities for the musicians by providing them with exposure to a variety of music industry peers, talent scouts and promoters as well as presenting them with a professional venue for which to promote their music To provide the community with a culturally diverse music experience in a family friendly environment To attract and retain visitors for subsequent festivals in an effort to ustain the revenue stream for future recipients of the music festival grants and donations. Smart concepts applied: 1) To generate gross revenues in excess of $750,000. 00 from music festival ticket sales The planning commission will establish a point of contact within the marketing team who will be accountable for the promotion of the event along with the corresponding ticket sales during the 10 months preceding the event. 2) The generation of net proceeds in excess of $350,000. 00 dollars from the gross revenues derived from music festival ticket sales.

The planning commission will establish a point of contact on the talent committee who will be responsible for the recruiting of entertainment and procurement of all merchandise and food vendors, sanitation services, the permitting process, security as well as the required staffing. 3) To create opportunities for the musicians by providing them with exposure to a them with a professional venue for which to promote their music. A list of participating performers and a calendar of events will appear on the festival Web site several months prior to the event. The marketing team will issue press eleases as new acts are announced, and work with local radio stations with an international following, such as KEXP, to promote the event. ) To support the local performing arts community and local musicians via donations and grants derived from the net proceeds. The planning commission will assign an individual the entertainment point of contact who will engage promoters and notable persons in the industry to attend the festival. Those persons will be invited to participate in a "Judge''s panel" and award "points" to each performer based on a grading criteria to be determined later. Donations and grants are to be distributed based on the total number of points earned. The recruiting of participants for the Judge''s panel will commence on the onset of the project and continue through the closing phase to provide for maximum exposure and participation. ) Provide the community with a culturally diverse music experience. In order to establish the music festival as a truly "Indie" event, we would set a goal of an 80% cultural diversity percentage with regards to the music venue. A point of contact will be established from within the talent committee who will work directly ith a marketing resource to ensure the quota is achieved. This effort will commence immediately upon project kick off and continue until all acts are booked. 6) To provide a family friendly atmosphere and environment. In order to ensure a true family friendly experience, smoking will be restricted to designated smoking areas only.

Beer sales will be only be allowed in areas reserved for adults with a valid ID, security personnel will be stationed at the exit and entrance to ensure no alcohol leaves the designated area. Additionally, there will be roaming ecurity patrols and a police presence will be on site during all testival hours. 7) Attract and retain visitors for subsequent festivals in an effort to sustain the revenue stream for future recipients of the music festival grants and donations. We will be able to gather and retain information about the music festival visitors by utilizing an online point of sale system for advance ticket purchases. Discounts will be applied for those who complete the registration process. Additionally, on-site ticket sales kiosks will provide a means of registration for those who do not visit the music festival web site.

First Generation Human Rights Vs. Second Generation Human Rights

In her article, "The International Law of Human Rights," Debra DeLaet explains that the United Nations differentiates between civil and political rights (first generation rights), and economic, social and cultural rights (second generation rights). While both sets of rights are vital to ensure basic human rights in any society, second generation rights are more essential in enabling people to lead dignified lives. At least some version of first generation rights are guaranteed to citizens of most democratic societies.

In contrast, economic, social and cultural rights - although undamental to individual dignity and well-being - are not applied equally without discrimination in even the most affluent democracies like the United States, which purports to uphold human rights. Without these basic economic, social and cultural rights, societies cannot uphold freedom and equality for all. One reason why economic, social and cultural rights should take precedence over civil and political rights is because without second generation rights, first generation rights are essentially useless.

First generation rights are more specific in nature and are argeted towards individual members of society, rather than society as a whole. Second generation rights address more universal needs that everyone in a given society should be guaranteed in order to live with basic dignity. If one compares the list of first generation rights to that of second generation rights, the former seem to presume the context of a free, democratic and capitalist society.

In order for these types of rights to have any value, they must exist in a state that already recognizes the freedom and equality of all its citizens, and that guarantees their basic human, ultural and social needs are met. That is to say that they are free to practice their cultural traditions, to receive equal education, to be able to earn a living, to have access to basic healthcare, food and water, etc. This is not the case in many countries around the world.

The civil and political right of being allowed to practice your own religion is one reason why a country would not agree with first generation rights. Many states that are xenophobic or have a dominate religion in their country will have many arguments to bring up as to why they would disagree with this right. One change, needed more so in first generation than second generation rights, to obtain widespread support, is to begin with including a wide range of provisions which will reflect different states'' traditions.

These conflicting views between states eliminates the chance of creating universally accepted human rights and only encourages some states to set human rights obligations as goals, rather than operative mandates. Only then, will the precedence of second generation rights over first generation rights will be lowered. The way states adhere to all rights within their territory is by self- nforcement and human rights organizations that act as international watchdogs. Some rights require more enforcement than others, but it entirely depends on whether or not the state has recognized one of the rights.

A large reason why some states do and do not ratify some human rights treaties is because the amount of resources used to entorce at tn these rights are being applied ditter. Civil and political rights do not require much resources of a state to enforce. Economic, social and cultural rights do require state resources and can sometimes be costly; seriously affecting the states'' decision to recognize them. Second generation rights are geared towards more basic, fundamental human rights such as the right to an adequate standard of living, right to education and the right to clothing.

This is unsettling to some states because by guaranteeing these rights, their citizens would have opportunities to become more informed and empowered, and to potententially attempt to change the established socio-political order. It is hard to argue that the right to food is not essential to human life. The right to education could actually be economically beneficial to a given state, and it empowers people to take more control ver their own lives. How can people live with dignity, let alone benefit from civil or political rights, when they cannot read and are hungry?

Without the right to education, people cannot make informed decisions or contribute to political and civil society. States may fear that if their citizens are educated, the pre-existing government would lose power because more people would want to participate civil life or in politics. Many countries felt threatened by the UN''s increasing emphasis on human rights, claiming their internal state affairs are no one else''s business and fearing loss sovereignty. Some state governments associate the education of their people to sparking the growth of democracy and even possibly capitalism in their country.

This is one of the main reasons why states have trouble agreeing to a whole list or covenant set out by the I-JN. Civil and political rights are less empowering to the citizenry as a collective whole, and are relatively simple changes for states to make internally. Some states'' exclusion of more second generation rights versus first generation rights is doing nothing to counteract cheap labour, world hunger or to ensure fair trade throughout the global community. For the good of our global citizenry, the UN should, quite obviously, implement the rights listed under economic, social and cultural rights into international law.

But, that does not seem like it will happen at all anytime soon due to resistance from a number of key players, including the United States. There is a large problem with the implementation of economic, social and cultural rights into international law. The countries that have the most influence in creating the economic, social and cultural human rights are also the same countries that should have the easiest time enforcing these rights within their ocieties. That is because these states are superpowers and the majority of them are democracies with lots of money.

For example, the US, France and the I-JK already had second generation rights in place for the majority of their populations. These are also countries that they rely heavily on cheap foreign labour from countries that do not protect the second generation rights of their citizens in order to maintain cheap domestic consumer prices. The implementation of second generation rights into international law would mean no more access to this cheap labour for the uperpower states, and the demand for certain scarce resources among some countries would rise dramatically.

People living in developing countries would become too equal, demanding higher standards of living and higher wages for work; basically everything a citizen of more privileged country has come to expect. This means demand and competition for materials and services would increase, creating a world where everyone wants what they cannot nave. UN Security Council and other global superpowers would be shooting themselves in the foot and the current geo- political balance of power would be upset if second generation rights were to ecome international law.

In addition, it would be impossible to impose these rights on some countries who refuse to abide by them, thus hindering the legitimacy of international law. Economic, social and cultural rights are more essential to human dignity than civil and political rights for many reasons. Civil and political rights can be interpreted to suit the particular ideology of a given state. Economic, social and cultural rights, if guaranteed, would be universal and ensure basic dignity for all. They would help build a strong foundation upon which civil and political rights could e exercised.

On their own, civil and political rights are too open to interpretation by self-serving states. Human rights outlined by the UN can be contradictory and unclear, causing confusion or providing states with an excuse to negligently ignoring some rights. Although second generation rights are more important to enable people to live dignified lives, they are harder for states to fully guarantee to their people. On the other hand, first generation rights allow for a minimal amount of change in citizens'' rights and are therefore more appealing to many countries.

Healing Myths In The Breakfast Club

Healing Myths in The Breakfast Club BY romt236 The Breakfast Club as a Healing Myth John Bender Anyone who has ever attended high school can instantly relate to the word "Bully'', whether its memories of being bullied by someone or being the bully yourself. Everyone knows to look out for him, but for the most part, once you have been picked to be the one being bullied, you might as well paint a bull''s-eye on your back. John Bender''s character does precisely that, he''s not exactly friendly with everyone else in the group, but his main target throughout the movie is Claire. The "popular girl" is

John''s favorite target because of her lifestyle and upbringing, which reminds him of all the things that are wrong with his life. While picking on Claire, at times he shows some feelings for her but they are mixed in with his general angst towards her. Even with the anger and constant rude remarks towards Claire, John''s character finally "heals" to portray his real feelings towards her in the end. If one had to portray a bully, John''s character perfectly sets the mould for it. He is instantly hated by the entire group the moment he starts speaking to them because of his general ttitude towards everyone.

He shows no respect for authority as he starts destroying school property the moment he steps foot into the class room. He has an air of reckless carelessness about him which he portrays through his body language and attire. He makes it very clear to everyone present that he is not looking to make any friends and begins to berate and pick on Claire''s character, whom he has feelings for. John starts to open up to the group when he reveals his life at home with an abusive father who once burned a cigar on his arm for a simple mistake.

But, after Andys haracter calls him out as a liar who is making up the story as part of his charade, he once again shuts everyone down but not before showing the cigar burn he received from his father. During the course of the movie, while harassing Claire for all the things that he hates about her, he starts to portray his likeness for her as he tries to bond with her in his own way as he talks to her about all the girl friends he''s had. At the end John lashes out at Claire for having a perfect life only to find out that her life isn''t all that different from his in terms of their parents and as the realization sets in, e eases up on Claire.

At that point, the healing myth for John''s character finally starts to show as Claire follows him back to where he was locked. At the end film, Claire is seen giving her diamond earring to John which he had picked at her for as a sign of her affection towards him as they share a goodbye kiss. The healing myth with John''s character makes one wonder as to whether his aggression towards everyone is an outlet for the treatment he receives from his family, and if that is the case, then maybe before punishing a bully, maybe one should try to understand the root of his aggression.

Baby With The Bathwater Critique

Baby with the Bathwater Critique BY Ryanrn109 "Baby with the Bathwater" is a play by Christopher Durang about two parents who were completely unprepared for parenthood. At first, they can''t decide on a name for the baby, but eventually name it Daisy. They decide to choose the sex of the baby later and they have no idea how to handle or treat a baby. The parents, John and Helen, played by Stephen Tyler Howell and Danielle Amick, did a fantastic Job in portraying the struggles and uncertainties of parenthood. The acting styles of both these actors were very dramatic, but served the vision of the playwright well.

The Nanny, played by Caitlin Humphreys, was a character who showed up out of nowhere. She also had no idea how to handle a baby and was possibly out of her mind. Caitlin Humphreys'' acting style was also very dramatic, but effective. As the second act opens, the audience is finally hit with the first sign of normalcy, with Miss Daisy and the two mothers in the park. The two mothers in the park, played by Cheryl Ann Gottselig and Caitlin Humphreys, was the first time that the parents were looked upon by some with rational sense.

The second sign of normalcy was with the haracter Miss Pringle, played by Natalie Beisner, who realized that there might be something dramatically wrong with Daisy''s Psyche. As the second act progresses, the audience realizes that Daisy is in fact a boy. At age 17 he realizes that he in fact is not a girl and stops wearing dresses. It is clear that he was deeply affected by the negligence of his parents. The audience gets to listen in on Daisy''s therapy sessions and see him psychologically develop over time. Jordan Kubat''s portrayal of daisys psyche was perfect.

He was able to interpret what a child who experienced what aisy experience would be like. The one aspect of the production that hit me the wrong way was the cursing. The use of profanity occurred more than five times during the production. I don''t believe that this was needed to further the entertainment value of the production. The overall production of "Baby with the Bathwater" was put together very smoothly. The costume by Ariel Thomke, were very well designed. Hair and makeup by Nancy Fregoso was very well done and subtle. Lighting designer Anthony Miller was able to create a subtle lit atmosphere.

Sometimes the lighting in a small theatre can be too bright or overwhelming, however, this time it was very well done. Sound by Mark Boyle was very effective as well. There were no mistakes or loud hiccups in the sound delivery of the performance. This production was performed in the "Hallberg Theatre", a moderately sized arena style theatre at Cal. State Fullerton. The set of "Baby with the Bathwater" was very well designed with the amount of room that there was to work with. The Scenic Designer, Jessy Henning was able to deliver a very functional set design. The only furniture on stage was a swing and a slide.

I have never scene a stage design like this before and believe it worked surprisingly well with the overall performance. The overall flow of the production is a direct representation of the direction by Kari Hayter. "Baby with the Bathwater" was a great play for a college campus. Humor and unexpected turns were constantly incorporated into the production. Ms. Hayter did a fantastic Job organizing the performance and creating the very dramatic mood. At ought the pertormance to be a li the overall flow of the production. ttle over dramatic. However, it tit in well witn


Gandhi Between 1858 and 1947 the British ruled over India. The system of governance was instituted in 1858 when the rule of the British East India Company was transferred to the Crown in the person of Queen Victoria, who was also called Empress of India, and lasted until 1947, when the British Indian Empire was partitioned into two sovereign states. Gandhi went to South Africa at the age of 24 and worked there as a legal representative for the Muslim Indian Traders. He spent there 21 years.

In South Africa Gandhi had to face discrimination, for example being thrown off of first class n a train because he was Indian. This event and some others made him protest against the inequality of Indian citizens in South Africa. As a symbol of non-violent resistance he burned his registration card and encouraged others to do so. The government wanted to repress the Indian protestors but outcry over the harsh treatment of peaceful Indian protesters forced the South African leader to negotiate with Gandhi.

As a result of this negotiation the concept of "Satyagraha" ("Insistence on Truth") was born. After the South African success Gandhi was invited back to India, where he was elebrated as a national hero, and he was urged to take up the fght for the Indian independence. To be able to do so, he first travelled across India to get to know the life of the Indian peasants. He saw that the peasants, who were ruled by the British landlords, have nothing to eat and they were suffering.

The peasantry was forced to grow indigo but its demand was declining and they were forced to sell it to the planters on a fix prise which led to famine. With Gandhi''s help they became free to grow crops of their own choice, got a rebate on rents paid, they also had a commission, part Indian, to hear grievances. On 13 April 1919, the British military commander Reginald Dyer ordered his soldiers to fire into an unarmed crowd of some 15,000 men, woman and children. Many people injured or died, the soldiers blocked the only exit of the place.

After this Gandhi is sent to prison for several years. Gandhi also protested because of the import of foreign goods and clothes. Some of these clothes were set to fire as a protestation. Though Gandhi always spoke against violence riot broke out across India. To stop these riots and murderers Gandhi started to fast and stopped only when the country was peaceful. After this Gandhi was again arrested on charge of sedition. In 1931 Gandhi violates the "Salt LaW'' which results in his imprisonment.

Many people were wounded imprisoned or they died when protesting against the Salt Law. Later Gandhi and the other imprisoned people were released and Gandhi was invited to participate in the Round Table Conference in Britain. India became independent in 1947, but because ot the religious ditterences it was separated to two countries: Pakistan and India. The peace between the members of the two religions was achieved by Gandhi''s fasting. Gandhi was assassinated in 1948.

My Purpose

Name :Ashlan Lamb Email: lambashlan@gmail. com Graduating year : 2013 Date : 08/12/2012 My Life , My Purpose : Laws of Life The word purpose is a very dynamic concept used to describe an individual''s destiny or lifetime goal. Some individuals know their purpose in life and some spend a lifetime trying to find or fulfill that purpose . However, my ultimate mission in life is to lead people to my lord and savior Jesus Christ by using my musical gift of singing and through my ethical lifestyle choices . I have recently discovered my purpose, y mission , and my lifetime responsibility .

To ascertain that purpose, I used similar tactics that Sir John Templeton outlined in his book, The Essential Worldwide Laws of Life . I diagrammed a web on a sheet of paper displaying my gifts, interests, and past memories altogether . All of these collaborated aspects of my life led me to the conclusion that my goal is to lead people closer to Jesus Christ. I plan on accomplishing this goal by living according to the word of God . I am a pastors daughter and my purpose relates to my lifestyle evangelism because others will bserve how I live and how God miraculously moves in my life .

I also plan on bringing people to Christ through encouraging and uplifting people by using my musical singing ability . God has helped me through some challenging times . Now I can hopefully express this through my music lyrics and show others that God can do the same for them.. The principles that have always guided me have been the words of my parents . They always told me, " People are going to observe your life to see if it represents Christ. Others that do not know him will pay attention on to how you live. I always kept this in mind in handling my day to day issues and situations .

These words of wisdom always touched me because it helped me realize that if I don''t live like I should then I will give Offa negative connotation of who God is and what he stands for . For example, one of my classmates was dealing with a tough situation concerning her child. She thought nobody knew , but rumors quickly spread in the school and everyone knew about her situation. Her baby''s father did not want to take responsibility for his son and it forced my classmate to have to handle all of he financial burdens alone . It was a struggle for her to get the baby clothes, food and pampers.

Coincidentally one day when I came to Calculus class , she was crying tremendously . Once her head lifted off the table she looked up at me and yelled , "Why do I see you always happy all the time , don''t u go through stuff like everyone else? " I replied, " Yes I do, but God has given me Joy through it all. " I began to tell her my story about what I was currently dealing with concerning my life . She was amazed by what I was telling her because my countenance never gave the mpression that I was going through challenging times as well .

I began to tell her about now Jesus Christ can give ner the same Joy . Atter our conversation ,sne telt uplifted and was able to find a decent Job that paid very well . In addition , the child''s father and my classmate reconciled and he began taking responsibility for the child . As a result of watching my lifestyle, she was inspired to know that she can hold her head high even through troublesome situations with confidence knowing that Jesus can help her . A famous preacher ,Bishop I. V Hilliard, once said that your gifts were given to glorify your savior.

When he said that, I understood that I shouldn''t use my talent for me, but to inspire people. I plan on getting vocal training to enhance my productivity in this area . In five years, I see myself becoming an inspirational singer that will be singing across the nation. This goal may seem unrealistic . However, it is not because I am very adamant about accomplishing this goal . It is amazing how my passion of singing can be used to fulfill my purpose and give me the fulfillment I truly desire .