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Hi! I'm Caroline, and I’m cheerleader in the support group. I always wanted to build a successful career as a lawyer to help my not very rich family. I graduated from school and dreamed to get a scholarship for college. But ... my knowledge was not enough. I did not get a scholarship and I thought that all my hopes and dreams destroyed. And then, quite by accident, I discovered that it is possible to receive an athletic scholarship for cheerleading.

I could not miss this chance! Since my childhood I was engaged in dances and gymnastics - so I easily passed the selection and became part of the team. Yeah, I get a scholarship, but the study has become a living hell. The college students practically have no free time, and now imagine that minimum three hours a day I have to spend on training.

I ignored some homework, was late for lessons and had forgotten what a night's sleep is. And naturally, it began to reflect on my academic performance.

And it was fraught with deprivation of scholarships and exclusion from the support team, and possibly from college. Save the situation could the highest score on jurisprudence. I was asked to write an essay assignment on the topic "Nomocracy as a result of the ordering of social relations."

And here is

I wanted to write this essay by myself, honestly! But we were await for competition on cheerleading, and all week we trained for 5-7 hours a day. I just did not have time to do homework, but to give up the competition and disappoint my team, also wasn't an option. And I decided on something that had never done before – order task from professionals.
I needed a really high-quality work, without plagiarism, interesting, thought-out and based on law. And I wanted to be sure that essay would fit my needs and my knowledge so that professor did not suspect anything. And here I find a site, which guarantees high quality, no plagiarism, informative work, and full compliance with my request. As an aspiring lawyer, I noted the guarantees which offered site, that also influenced on my choice of this company.

I really liked the design of the site. Especially paper airplanes. This little bit childish and naive website inspires reliance.
The site seemed quite trustworthy, it was noticeable that it was worked out by a lot of professionals.
It is easy to navigate, there is no unnecessary information - just a form of order and some of the advantages of the company like:
-    qualified, professional writers for writing projects;
-    plagiarism free works;
-    the confidentiality of personal information;
-    safest and most trusted online payment platform;
-    execution of works of any complexity;
-    close deadlines;
-    round the clock online support;
-    personal correspondence with the writer.
It was short instruction about using site so I did like it was written.

Convincingly enough, as for me. In order not to waste precious time, I quickly registered on the website, wrote essay topic, choose a subject, number of pages of resources, indicate the level of professionalism of the author and deadlines.

Moment later, I was redirected to the payment page. I think that the topic of my essay is quite complicated, but professionals rated it only 84 dollars. I think nowadays absolutely every student can pay this price.

I checked the top authors and read some reviews of previous customers and was pleased. These authors has a really high rating.

And the customers looks satisfied with the results of writers work.

As I can see, although this site is quite new – it already have enough clients among students from the whole USA. Each author has a sufficient rating that gives us opportunity to evaluate the level of his professionalism.

Stunning results

I was waiting for my essay, and was very nervous. Besides the competition, I constantly worried about the scholarship, the quality of the work, about professor, who will check it.
The days passed, and by the appointed time I got my essay. At first, I was afraid to open it! I was expecting the worst, but ... the work was neat, nicely formatted, containing the specified number of sources and citations. It was easy and interesting to read.
My professor also liked the work, and fortunately, he did not ask me if someone helped me to write it. I got the highest mark, save scholarship and my place in team and, by the way, we won the competition!
And for those who still hesitate, Paperial has good advice I certainly will follow!

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Creative, technical writing and more - 100% result and quality guaranteed. 

It’s always comfortable to have a good service that can help you no matter what.

I wrote my college essay and just needed to edit it, make it sound more effective. I didn’t have much time for editing because of additional classes. So I just decided to find a professional team, which will help me with that. I’ve looked through a hundred websites proposing proofreading and editing… But, unfortunately, all those sites haven’t met my needs. So I desperately continued my search. Finally, somehow I found! I don’t really know how, but they have caught my interests from the first click.

First meeting

When I opened the website, I saw really useful graphs “I need” and “continue”.

Those things have already told me a lot. I was sure the team on this site is ready for everything - I just have to tell them. So I registered, and that was unpredictably easy and fast! It was nice when site asked my country’s information, to be precise with the possible deadline of my project. Thank you for much care, guys.

Placing an order, general things

When I opened the order-placing page, I was confused. I didn’t even think that those people are ready to work on so many topics! That was wonderful. So I have chosen what I need, put a deadline date and clicked “next”. It was nice to be able to give some instructions about my essay. So I wrote what exactly I need to edit, what to add and possible changes in the citations. I uploaded the document and confirmed my order. I was worrying a bit, doing this for the first time. I decided to write to the customer service.
One more thing that may please everyone who will use this service. The customer service works 24/7. It means they can help clients whenever they ask for it. The customer service person reassured me, said that the work is already in progress. I was glad that the custom service works better than in many and many other companies. The person was polite, punctual and complaisant. We were talking for like thirty minutes. They had some questions about my essay. I answered them just in the chat window. I hope I was useful for that moment.

Best experience for an affordable price

As my essay was edited and prepared, the writer asked me to take look at it. I was reading it as it was just the new one, but transmitting my thoughts and ideas in the text. The writer was really pleasant till the end of our project. He was surprised when I said I don’t want to change anything in the already edited essay. I was shocked (in a good sense)! I have never met that qualified type of work. The writer met my needs in that essay as he was just in my head, writing it. The essay was edited really fast. So, here are some things I want to emphasise:

- A website is friendly and easy to use
- The payment method and order placing is handy and convenient
- Customer service is respondent, fast and polite
- You can be sure your work will be done by professionals
- It’s affordable and useful for everyone who needs help with any type of papers!

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Have you ever been perplexed by the assignment you got from your professor? Well, I will not be surprised if the answer is “Yes”. As a student, I am always in a hurry and lack sufficient amount of time to devote it to the resolving of my study tasks.
It was overwhelming me more and more. So, one say I decided to stop procrastinating and set the ball rolling. I surfed the Internet for a long time and tried to find an appropriate writing service with affordable prices and, of course, good quality.

Deadlines Are Burning was the option that I encountered in one of the blogs. Some girl said that she was quite satisfied with the result she got working with this service. I usually do not trust people handing their advice to the public but in my complex situation, I dared to do that.

My college professor in literature gave me a task to complete a middle-sized essay on “The principle of cyclicity in the novel “Wuthering Heights” by Emily Bronte”. The number of pages should have ranged from 4 to 6 and shouldn't have included any copied paragraphs. To say the least of it, I was surprised with both the topic and the requirements.

I am not a connoisseur of literature and was puzzled what to start from! I have read this several critiques about “Wuthering Heights” (the novel I had already read several months ago). Finally, I did find out some appropriate information but could not put it together. So, I decided to turn to Essayontime with, frankly speaking, some precautions. And see what I have to tell you! Website

Though the information on a landing page is rather scarce, it is very brief and allows you to understand the main points of the website. You see the place where you can place your order and email. They also offer you a great performance, lowest prices and enhanced security which may seem vague and such words do not give the information needed. BUT! Despite this, they really possess all the features listed and fulfill their promises very quickly!

More advantages!!! Customer Support

As far as their reaction is concerned, it is quite swift. Before placing my order I was worrying too much whether there will be appropriate writers who will be well-versed in classic literature and will deliver my topic the best way without cheating on me by inserting copied parts and plagiarized abstracts. So, I wrote to and got an instantaneous response though it was that they did not have available operators at that time but I placed my email and in 5 minutes got a feedback.

Price Policy determined that one page of my paper cost 7.50$. That was one of the lowest prices I saw online while looking for the service to help me. There were services that had price starting at 9 and 10 $! That's a real rip-off! The overall price for my essay was 37.5$ per 5 pages...not that bad comparing to other bids. Frankly speaking, it' s worth that because the paper I got surpassed my expectations and I got A in my literature class. Thanks to!

Writers and the process of cooperating with them

As far as writers are concerned, I would say that they are all qualified professionals (at least the one I got). The person asked me several questions concerning the requirements to the essay, what time I had to complete it and some other subtleties he needed. And imagine, that's it! In a stipulated day, I got an essay that I was really satisfied with. In addition, during the whole process, I was able to write directly to my assignee and make some comments or suggestions in terms of what I wanted to include in my essay though there was no need to do that because my writer had a Ph.D. in literature and language.

Time Issue

I know that Essayontime can fulfill your paper even in 1 day if you have really tight deadlines. As for me, I had one week to complete my essay and the writer did it in 3 days! He sent a file to me with some questions whether he needed to change something or add some additional info. I read it and felt it was perfect enough to hand it in.

The overall conclusion concerning the service Essayontime and the quality of their performance

I would put 4.5 out of 5 to this custom writing service. It is quick, precise and customer-friendly! I didn't expect my essay to be finished in 3 days but they did it and did it at a top-notch level. The thing that I didn't like first is the way their website is organized. It lacks some specificities and can easily puzzle the visitor. You have also the possibility to read some review left by students.

My work proved to be really quality and informative. The writer managed to combine his knowledge of the literature theory and the attains of the plot. My professor was completely satisfied with the work and put me A! I even didn't expect that because I was ready to get B and did not mind having that grade.

All in all, I recommend trying service because it will save your time and present you with a positive result at a reasonable price!

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Everyone studying on a college must have at least once been assigned on an essay project. Whether it’s an essay about opinion on particular events or issues, summary of something related to college topic, or answer of a certain question. There may come a time when you face your essay problem. Closing deadline, complicated topic, lack of idea, lack of understanding – whatever the reason is, it doesn’t change the fact that you have to write your best essay project on time.

Professors usually give students topic or research question to answer in the essay. As a college student, I often receive this kind of assignment. It’s not always easy for me to think of a suitable and excellent idea of writing in a short amount of time. But, now, it will be much easier for students as new writing services start appearing everywhere on the Internet. is an innovative Q&A service for students, who are seeking for answers on tought educational questions.

Bright and well-developed design caught my attention at first glance. Navigation is easy, you won't find anything unnecessary.
It has classical, but elegant design with orange color. When you explore the site, you will find that it has easy navigation to find information about the service. You should chat their 24/7 live support if you need assistance. They reply fairly quickly to any question with friendly response.

Just a little below you can examine few tutors bio.

On the same page, you will be provided with several recent questions. You can search for tutors with specific area of study, such as sociology, programming, science, history, statistics, and other subjects. To make you easier to decide your tutor, you can also read questions asked and their answers, ratings, and testimonials by students.

How to use it is fairly simple – post your question for free anonymously, wait for tutors to bid on your project, and pick the finest one. One different thing that this site offers is that you may chat directly with your writers before accepting their bids. This way, you can make sure that the writer is qualified. Then, they will write you a custom essay based on your question.

Asking a question is easy - you just need to enter your email and your question. Password is emailed to you almost instantly, but the system automatically log in you. And after few seconds you will see a how tutors are bidding to answer your question.

After typing out your question, more specific order form will be displayed. You need to provide your time zone, topic, subject, number of page, deadline, question, as well as any attachment, if any. Not long after that, you will be redirected to a bidding page where available tutors will bid on your project with various estimation of price per page.  

 As you can see, I've got 4 tutors just after 2 minutes of placing a questions. For 2 pages (about 500 words) APA style paper about Religion, bids were 24-30$.

Later, the number of bids kept increasing. The price is not an exact number as it may differ depending on the subjects and writers. The bids I received had roughly $15 to $30 price per page. If you do not wish to pick your tutor right away, you can always visit StudyFaq again to choose a tutor.

I chatted with several potential writers, and most of them answered quickly. Then, I decided to accept a particular writer’s bid to help me in my project. Here is my overall evaluation on the essay:


The quality of essay is quite good because it is developed from the first draft that I’ve accepted previously. The writer broke down the essay into three parts: introduction, answer, and conclusion. Before answering the question, she wrote about various researches related to the theme to provide the background of the essay.


Before writing the essay, the writer provided me with an outline and waited for my acceptance. The writer then delivered the essay two days earlier than the deadline I provided.


Communication with the writer was pretty good as she always asked questions when she had any doubt.

Overall, I think this new writing service is promising as the services of customer support and writer are satisfying. Not only that, StudyFaq also has lots of tutors to choose with expertise in different subjects. So, when you are in need of a quick essay to answer your question, feel free to visit any time to find your answer.

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Australian students seem to have their backs against the wall when it comes to completing all those piles of assignments. Not only need they to meet all requirements and standards, but also provide high-quality papers by the deadline, which is a tough challenge. This is when online essay writing services would come in handy. The only problem is choosing the right one! review

Review of

Frankly speaking, this is not my first time I opt for an online essay writing service. As a rule, I try to complete all assignments myself but this time I’ve been snowed under with tasks recently and urgently called for assistance. I was assigned to write 3 pages in MLA style on a complicated topic: “Roles of Gender in South Korea”.

My paper was supposed to feature a title page and an outline with not less than three sources indicated in the references list with an appropriate in-text citation style. I was put in a tight corner and had nothing to do but to follow my friend’s advice and start searching for a reliable Aussie essay writing service.

First Impression was among top 5 options provided by the search engines. I looked through all five variants, but this Australian service made a good impression on me highlighting catchy homepage design. As I started surfing the website, I came across several reviews by returning and new customers. They persuaded me that I was at a right place.

I am not the one to underestimate the role of design. All pages are delivered in a laconic business style. Every section is smartly located on a toolbar making it easy to find the one you need. All functional elements and buttons are in one place. You will hardly face any difficulties in using the service unless you proceed with your eyes closed.

Placing an Order

The great thing about is the fact that the writer is assigned automatically. One can say it is rather a drawback. To be honest, I simply couldn’t afford wasting time while choosing from the list of top writers. I hardly believe that an A-list author who has an exceptional rate for his “Little Red Riding Hood Essay” review can handle my topic. So, if you are in a hurry, such order configuration is handy.


Here we are at a crucial point of our review. Price is the key component to make our minds whether to opt for a particular Australian paper-writing website or not. can hardly be called a cheap essay service. Get ready to spend $7.5 per page while other platforms’ pricing ranges from $3 to $5. The only question is if that service worth spending $22.5 for a 3-page paper. I had a chance to opt for less expensive websites. On the other hand, the less you pay the less quality you get.

Dear Customer, I am your writer

After I placed an order and paid for it, I received the following letter:
“Dear Customer,
Please, be informed that I am your writer and will provide you with a high-quality paper by the deadline.
Best Regards,
 Writer’s ID”

Great! My assignment was finally in process. The only thing that seemed strange is that no one answered in the live chat for a while after I send several requests to provide my writer with additional material on the topic. Finally, I got a respond that all additional sources were already forwarded. However, no one informed me and I kept sending requests for some time. Luckily, I realized I could contact my writer directly and send him all the instructions as well.

Your Paper was Successfully Submitted

I received my paper within less than 10 hours after I placed an order. I still had some extra time to read the work and get ready for discussion in the class. The research paper was written rather skillfully. It was written from scratch and 100% plagiarism-free. It contained all necessary points and necessary number of sources in addition to proper in-text citation though I came across several logical fallacies. Summing up, is a good choice when you face a lack of time and tons of assignments.
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This website seems to be the perfect one for students in schools. The happy picture on the homepage welcome all the teenagers to go on with their decision of getting a paid essay. It has bright colors and is the most easy to order website among all the mentioned above. It does not only offer essays to be written but also lets students of good skills become a freelancer for their services.

Client has the freedom to choose the writer they are comfortable with both in ratings and prices and they do not pay until they receive their work. In addition, the transactions are secure as long as one does not share personal information. All the ratings are done by the customers and payment is only after one accepts the paper. Payment options are with credit/debit cards or PayPal.

The rates of this website are the lowest starting from $7. The rates being lower means that the level of writing would be comparatively less professional than the ones being done at $10 or $13 per page.

But if they are targeting the school audience then these rates and the level of writing is perfect for them. Also, the rates are perfect for a student to pay out of their pocket money. Also, there can be amendments in the rates as they are offered by writers themselves so someone with cheap rates might bid for your essay if you are lucky.

So it is up to you which service to use in your academic need. I'll probably tried to help you choose the right one by making this reviews. If you have any questions or propositions you are free to contact me any time. Review

All the school students, this one is not for you and you would be able to determine that as soon as you enter the website as it gives all the professional vibes. This particular site is for students at the university level and so hire writers not less than Master graduates.

EssayPedia offer premier writing to satisfy clients with a VIP experience. Privacy policy that guarantees total confidentiality when they pay for essay.  Individual assistance is offered for a high quality service delivery. The essay I've got was free of plagiarism as they have the best plagiarism checker to ensure originality. 

They also offer admission letters like other websites but what is different is that they also make presentations on PowerPoint. As they are focusing the university students, then PowerPoint slides are mandatory. They also offer the VIP customer service, abstract pages, option to choose top writers for your essay, term and research papers and plagiarism check for reasonable rates.

The rates are comparatively higher but justified as the academic level has been raised. They essay starts from $22 per page and rising based on undergraduate, bachelor, professional and admission papers being their different levels. The PowerPoint slides rates are determined as 50% rate of what your per page price is. Review

The website seems a little dull but yet very professional at the same time and you would feel that the minute you enter. It offers a lot extra services to the customers that you might not find at some other places for instance, they offer the service plagiarism check through WebCheck to make the customers sure that their papers have not been copied from somewhere on the internet and is completely authentic.

They consider the increase in demand for high quality papers for universities and colleges all over the world. Writers are not only there to satisfy the clients and their professors but also to impress clients. They have advanced scanning algorithm to ensure uniqueness in substance and style of the paper. In addition, the paper is plagiarism free. Their policy includes free revisions.

Also, another extra favor to the site would be that they have a strong customer support system. They are always available to their customers through their VIP customer service where the writers and customers can have complete contact about their demands and queries and also it promptly informs the customers through SMS as soon as their paper is done to ease their tension.

They also offer the abstract page service where the writer can give you an abstract for your paper in just $14 and if you feel you are satisfied by the quality of writing then you can continue with the order.

The rates are reasonable starting from $10 per page and raising based on the academic level, urgency and pages required. They do not only offer discounts to regular customers up to 15%, who always opt this website for getting their essays done but also offer one time discounts to lure customers that might be trying this service for the first time up to 10%. Review

The website offers high quality writing for the students who have been struggling to write and to get a good grade on their sheets. The website is very well detailed as it explains all the procedures conveniently.
 It also has a section of sample papers from where you can check if the writing is what you want your paper to be in. it would not be a complete blind gamble in the writers as you can choose based on the samples they have provided.

Offered great deals of benefit which includes plagiarism free papers, super quality that one deserves, money back guarantee and a 100% privacy protection.

The rates of an essay papers are comparatively higher as it starts from $13 per page but they offer numerous discounts up to 15% to regular customers. Being a student you would be getting many essays to write and if the website satisfies your demands like the testimonials of the customers they have mentioned on their page, you would be coming for more and ultimately availing the discounts.
It also offers on time delivery and 100% money back guarantee to satisfy the customers even more.
The writers boast brilliant skills and at least hold a diploma in each field. 

If the customer feels or discovers that the essay has been plagiarized or the confidentiality pact has been broken, the level of work has not met or the writer was unable to deliverer within the deadline than Buyessay company would gladly refund all the money back. The customers do not have to pay for anything that does not satisfy them to the fullest. Review

This is an online writing service with over 1270 professional writers.
They ensure 100% free plagiarism papers, they have MA pros writing which helps one achieve fully customized academic papers, editing/proofreading, referencing, developing research and 24 hours consultants. New customers are given a 20% discount one they pay to write essay.

When you enter this website, it gives you a strong message which would eradicate the little bit of guilt that you might have been feeling while considering the fact of paying someone to write my paper or essays. The website does justice to the service by making it look completely normal and the right thing to do for better grades.

Company is good for students who are at the university level as all the writers are not less than a graduate. The eligibility bar has been raised high for the writers and so the level of writing is excellent too. The writers make sure that they deliver the required demanded level of essay, term paper and research paper writing within 5 days.

The rates starts from $10 per page and then increases based on the kind of paper you want. The rates depend on the number of pages, urgency of submission and the academic levels. The school papers are of course cheaper than the ones that are to be written for the graduate level.