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Submitting A Paper

submitting a paper .. An essay mill (or paper mill) helps students who seek to buy essays and other written homework and to pass off this ghostwritten work as their own. Educators generally see this as a form of academic dishonesty or academic fraud (see also plagiarism). The typical customers of such a service are university and college students. Universities and colleges may investigate papers suspected to be from an essay mill by using Internet plagiarism detection software, which compares essays against a atabase of known essay mill essays and by orally testing students on the contents of their papers.

In response, many essay mills state that a unique essay will be composed by a ghost author and pre-screened with plagiarism detection software before delivery, and as such will be undetectable as an essay mill product. ''Essay mill'' companies hire university students, graduates, and professional writers to ghostwrite essays and term papers, and solicit business from university and college students by posting advertisements. Until the early 1990s, most essay mill companies were ''bricks and mortar'' businesses offering their services by mail-order or from offices located in university or college towns.

By the 2000s, most essay mill businesses have switched to an e-commerce business model, soliciting business and selling essays using an Internet website. Companies often provide free sample essays on popular topics, such as Hamlet or The Merchant of Venice, to attract Internet searches. [citation needed] The most basic ''essay mill'' service is the sale of a previously-written essay; services dvertise essays that have allegedly gained a good grade and which have allegedly not been used for plagiarism before.

Students using essay mill services have little or no legal recourse if the essay they purchase does not actually receive a good grade. Since submitting a previously-written essay exposes a student to the risk of detection, some students will pay a much higher price for custom-written papers that take into account the course outline, topic, number of sources and any specific grade the student wants.

While some students select a high grade on the ghostwritten paper to oost their average, other students with poor grades may choose to purchase a paper that deliberately contains errors, and which will receive a grade such as "C+", to reduce the suspicion that they have committed academic dishonesty. The academic community has criticized essay mill companies for helping students to commit academic fraud. Some essay mills have defended themselves against criticism by claiming that they are selling pre-written examples which students can use as guidelines and models for the student''s own work.

In 2002, a UK-based essay mill called Elizabeth Hall material provided by Elizabeth Hall Associates [is] on the understanding that it is a guidance model only. "[l] Other essay mills claim that they are "scholarly publishing houses" that provide students with essays that the student can then cite in the student''s own work. Although essay mills and the students who use them are considered unethical by many educational professionals, they do not violate copyright law; the mill is the legal copyright holder of the papers, and the papers are licensed to paying students for imited use.

As of 2009, no essay mill or client of a mill has been legally prosecuted for engaging in transactions. The mill may, however, hold the student legally responsible in the case where they redistribute the paper to other students without the permission of the mill. In informal settings where students exchange papers without any formal licensing or transfer of copyright, copyright violation may occur, but it is unlikely that the students will press charges, since they would incriminate themselves by doing so.

Main Elements Of Vision 2030 In Kenya


Submitted in partial fulfilment for the award of Masters of Arts Degree in Project Planning and Management TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction 1. 1 The idea for the development of a long term vision for the country was borne after the successful implementation of the Economic and Recovery Strategy for Wealth and Employment Creation (ERS) (2003 - 2007) that saw the economic growth of the country rise from a mere 0. 6% GDP 2002 to 6. 1% GDP 2006. The vjston 2030 development process was launched by the former president H. E.

President Mwai Kibaki on 30th October 2006 where a National Economic and Social Council (NESC) as formed and mandated to formulate the plan. The completed blue print was then launched on 10th June 2008 along with its first implementation plan, the Medium Term Plan 2008 - 2012. The Vision aims to transform Kenya into a newly industrializing, "middle-income country providing a high quality life to all it citizens by the year 2030". The Vision was developed through an all-inclusive and participatory stakeholder consultative process, involving Kenyans from all parts of the country and even those in the diaspora.

The vision is based on three pillars, the conomic, the social and the political. The overarching vision is, "A globally competitive and prosperous nation with a high quality of life by the year 2030. " The second Medium Term Plan (2013 - 2017) was launched on 3rd October 2013 by President Uhuru Kenyatta under the theme Transforming Kenya: Pathway to Devolution, Socio-Economic Development, Equity and National Unity 1. 2Foundation for Kenya Vision 2030 The economic, social and political pillars of Kenya Vision 2030 are anchored on reforming 10 key sectors that form the foundation of society for socio-political and economic growth.

The 10 sectors are as follows; Macroeconomic stability for long term development Continuity in governance reforms Enhanced equity and wealth creation opportunities for the poor Infrastructure (Transport, ports, telecom etc) Energy Science, Technology and Innovation (ST'') Land reforms Human Resource Development Security Public Service 2. VISION 2030 PILLARS Economic Pillar - moving the economy up the value chain The economic pillar 2. 1 aims to achieve a sustained growth rate of 10% GDP over the Vision period.

This requires significant investment and development of other key supportive sectors that ill increase national savings to about 30%, strengthen the informal sector that currently employs 75% of the Country workers to create more employment, raise productivity and distribution and increase owner''s incomes and public revenues. GDP growth rate to 10% by 2012. These sectors are Tourism, Value added agricultural production, a revamped Retail and Wholesale trade, Manufacturing, Business Process Outsourcing and Financial services.

These sectors usually contribute 57% of the countrys GDP and account for approximately half of the countrys total formal employment. Under the second MTP a seventh sector on oil, gas and mineral resources has been introduced following the discovery of oil in commercial quantities in Kenya in addition to substantial deposits of core, iron ore, rare earth minerals and other minerals. 2. 2 Social Pillar - investing in the people of Kenya The social pillar seeks to create a Just, cohesive and equitable social development in a clean and secure environment.

Under the theme "Investing in the people of Kenya", the social pillar identifies broad sectors as critical for the quest to transform the ountry through provision of social services. The pillar aims at providing social services in education, health, water and sanitation, environment and natural resources, housing especially in urban areas, gender, youth, sports and culture. The vision makes provisions for affirmative action for youth, women, people living with disabilities and previously marginalized groups. 2. 3 Political Pillar - moving to the future as one Nation This pillar is the most significant in promoting good governance.

It is guided by constitutional supremacy, people''s sovereignty, equality of citizens, public articipation in government, national values and culture, separation of powers and decentralization. This pillar envisions a democratic system that is issue based, people centred, results oriented and is accountable to the public. The pillar covers the rule of law - the Kenya Constitution 2010, electoral and political processes, democracy and public service delivery, transparency and accountability, security, peace building and conflict management 3.

FACTORS INFLUENCING IMPLEMENTATION OF VISION 2030 Though a lot has been achieved during the first MTP that ended in 2012, including romulgation of the new Constitution in 2010 and passing of relevant bills, there were some challenges that hindered the achievement of some targets especially in the economic and social pillars. For example the national GDP of 2012 was only 4. 6% as opposed to the target of 10%. Most of these factors will continue to hinder the implementation of the second MTP targets. Below are some of these factors; 3. Limited Funding and global financial crisis The economy heavily relies on foreign financing of its development programmes. Given the current global financial crisis the country will need to rethink its evelopment paradigm with a view to shifting financing of development from domestically generated resources as opposed to over reliance on foreign financing. 3. 2 Management of political transitions and reform of institutions Every five years, the country engages in a general election to choose its leaders.

Many a times, the countrys economy is polarised during the electioneering period especially after the 2007 post-election violence. It is therefore imperative that institutions are reformed so that the economy and social order is not disrupted during elections, and that here is continuity in the implementation of the vision irrespective of whoever takes projects in the Energy sector These high costs will remain a hindrance to the implementation unless investors through PPP are engaged to leverage the government''s funding of this enabling sector. . 4 Conflicts arising from volatile borders Many of the Kenya''s borders remain insecure due to inter-clan conflicts, cattle rustling, threat of A1-Shaabab, conflicts related to land ownership, sharing of scarce natural resources. These conflicts are exacerbated by the climate change where the ycles of drought are becoming unpredictable. Illegal fire arms easily find their way to the country through these borders exacerbating the conflicts.

The sharing of County government leadership especially in the Northern Kenya has also brought another dimension of the inter-clan conflicts as some clans felt short-changed. These conflicts are likely to hinder the implementation of some of the flagship projects earmarked for MTP 2 as some of the resources will be diverted to deal with the conflicts. 3. 5 Stiff competition from other tourist destinations Kenya faces stiff competition in the tourism sectors from other countries in Africa especially South Africa, Morocco and Egypt.

This is likely to affect the number of tourists expected to visit Kenya thereby reducing the resources expected to be generated from this sector. Efforts to encourage domestic tourism are in high gear to try to address this difference. 3. 6 Expensive price of land The price of land is likely to affect the social pillar of the Vision as most people cannot afford land for construction decent and affordable housing and also the government s having difficulty obtaining land to construct some of the flagship projects including sports stadia. . 70thers Other factors that are likely to hinder the implementation of the Vision 2030 include the slow procurement process in government, implementation of devolution, inadequate human capacity, high enrolment in schools raising the teacher-pupils ratio, cultural practices that hinder gender equity in education and employment, high levels of corruption, politicization of resettlement after eviction of communities from catchment areas, ICC cases involving the President and his deputy at the Hague,

Increased poaching, low capacities in youth polytechnics etc, References Central Bureau of Statistics, 2003: Kenya Demographic and Health Survey Government of the Republic of Kenya 2013: Kenya Vision 2030 Second Medium Term Plan, 2013 - 2017 Government of Kenya, Ministry of Planning and National Development 2007: Kenya Vision 2030 Government of Kenya, Ministry of Planning and National Development 2003: Economic Recovery Strategy for Wealth and Employment Creation, Government Printer, Nairobi Government of the Republic of Kenya 2008: Kenya vjston 2030 First Medium term Plan 2008 - 2012

Hans Bellmer

1 "The Message of Hans Bellmer''s Dolls " The dolls that Hans Bellmer constructed and photographed during the 1930s remain disturbing and controversial to this day. Although his work is well known for its iconic and conceptual ideals connecting with surrealists and Dadaists at the time, his work deliver a strong relationship to the cruel social and political conditions that were occurring inside Nazi Germany. It was only fitting that the birth of Hans Bellmer''s girl- doll collection came about at the same time as the rise of Hitler and the Third Reich.

These dolls were constructed in response to the rise if fascism in Germany. These images were an attack on the typical Nazi art and aimed to rebel against the ideal female body and gender construction. I believe that Bellmer wanted to redefine, expose and overturn how gender and sexuality was critiqued in Nazi Germany, while also expressing some internal anxieties on his own. In the year 1933, the Nazis came to power in Germany. It was at this time that Bellmer gave up all work that might contribute to the government.

During this time is went he produced a body of work that would receive a critical response from its viewers. He constructed his series f doll in his response to his thought that " if the origin if my work is scandalous, it is because for me, the world is a scandal". Although the society in which he lived in did play a large role in the constructions of these dolls, and scene of this "father role" and identity connecting to (his) a farther fgure did come about in some of his works. In the article by Taylor, he goes into detail about the meaning behind the work of Bellmer''s dolls.

He points out that much of where he starts from portrays an ideal that much of his works involving dolls, toys, and games derive from this childhood anxiety. Bellmer stated, mies, my dolls were the beginning. Obviously there was a convulsive flavor to them because they reflected my anxiety and unhappiness". He later on went to say that idea these dolls were representational to the thought of rejecting his adult life and the attempt to return to his childhood that became this "erotic liberation" for him. Bellmer constructed two series of dolls that imaged that of adolescent girls.

These were modeled assuming various poses in different settings that were then photographed to create a complex narrative. These dolls are staged in unsettling scenes and alternate orderings of the female body. The contrast between the realistic body parts being organized in unnatural way, in everyday day environments is what made these so strange. These physical permutations, multiplications of limbs and fragmented parts, many be viewed as a complication of male anxiety, as well as male fantasies or erotic domination and control.

In one of the paintings in Die Puppe (1934), Bellmer incorporates objects from a nursery or playroom such as the marble, puppet, and cigar box. The "riveting" of the marble''s spiral intrigues him, almost as if they were, what he referred to as "the frozen cstasy''. In this piece Bellmer incorporates the marble in to the piece as a sign of tension that have these supernatural powers that are within this glass globe. This scene depicts a leg in a black boot, breasts misplaced, and head detached, as it 2warps its thigh around the oversized marble, creating the thought of intercourse or pleasure is taking place. On the reverse side of this painting, Die Glasmurmel foreground. This multicolored object is featured many of times in the "Memories of the Doll Theme". It can be said that the connection between both of these paintings s the use of the marble, creating this thought of "frozen ecstasy'' that can clearly be viewed in both. A certain theme of childhood and detachment has surrounded the thought behind most of the work that he had done. In another work that was published in Die Puppe (1934), Bellmer presents a doll''s detached legs, with a white rose emerging from where the two legs meet.

He then positions a woman''s high- heeled shoe; extending forward to almost look as if it is symbolizes "female genitals". It is clear that this is not a accurate representation of a woman, about a woman, or femininity. It is about the underlining message of most of he work is about, this masculine anxieties that are inspired by the female sex. Frued goes on to explain Bellemer''s work and locates the anxiety that produces the conflict of the fetish. The fear comes from the thought the young child who feels detachment and densification towards his mother, because she no longer has her genitals.

The anxiety that builds throughout these works is not fear of castration but fear but rather fear of separation. There is also a strong sense of insecurity and alienation Bellmer''s personal, financial, and political life that come forth. Much of Freud''s insight allowed us to se Bellmer''s devotion to dolls in a different light. This was a lifelong profession of farther hatred and anxiety producing homosexual desires. These dolls were inspired by Bellmer''s attraction to his mother''s sister''s daughter, whom he viewed as an object.

The dolls represent the chain of female relations that he has towards this attraction and then the possession that his farther has over all of it. This is why his feminine identification with dolls and the female body is so prominent throughout this career. Bellmer''s dolls also have a nightmare like quality to them. In one particular photograph of The Doll (1935), he shows a struggling, naked woman hanging from a tree and in the back ground what appears to be a shadow of a man.

One can ask is this photo about rape or is this about something more complex. All of the dolls in which he constructed had this feeling of hurt and but their attacker is never revealed. This leads the viewed to think question where this person is that is causing these figures such harm and more importantly why they are in the positions that they are. In much of Bellemer''s later work Frued goes on to point out the onnection between his childhood and his detachment between his father and the society of the Nazi Germany world that surrounds them.

Bellmer''s girl-doll collections were used to not only express the way in which he thought that the government was acting at the time, but also a way to express this internal fantasies. These images were an attack on the typical Nazi art and aimed to rebel against the ideal female body and gender construction. Hans Bellmer wanted to redefine, expose and overturn how gender and sexuality was critiqued in Nazi Germany, and while doing so he also expressed the internal anxieties on his own.

Evaluation Of Gender Inequality (Through The World, Time, And Of Mice And Men)

Gender Equality throughout the World, Time, and Fiction Charlotte Bronte wrote in Jane Eyre, "l am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will. " No visible net ensnares womankind. However, long have women been viewed and treated as unequal to their male counterparts. This inequality is alive everywhere. As displayed in Of Mice and Men, gender inequality is alive even in fiction. Gender equality has been an ongoing struggle in fiction and reality, our country and foreign countries, and in the past and the present.

Gender inequality effects the people of the entire world. For example, there are major issues involving gender in Egypt. In Egypt, there are the sparks of movements trying to introduce women into government without challenging the reigning Brotherhood. Another place that struggles with gender inequality is the U. S. where women representation in government is very low. Only 17 out of 100 senate seats are held by women. Even in the U. S. , one of the most highly regarded nations in the world, women are not entirely equal. Gender inequality has effected people all through time.

In example, it wasn''t until the 1920''s that women could vote in the U. S. Women have long been considered less than their male counterparts. Only recently have women put a dent in the extreme patriarchy that has existed all through history. Today, women still are of unequal representation, pay, and rights across the globe. For example, in the U. S. today, there man''s dollar as pay for the same positions. This is one example of how inequality lingers in modern day first world countries. Gender inequality is also existent in both reality and fiction.

We have already given any examples of real cases and statistics including representation and wage gaps. However, there is also gender inequality in the fictional world. For example, in Of Mice and Men, Curlys wife is a prime example of gender struggles. She is constantly being marginalized. She is viewed as a thing that would get Lennie in trouble instead of an actual person. Even her name is never spoken. She is referred to as "Curlys wife" which reaffirms Curlys ownership over her and her status as a possession or an object instead of a human being.

When her dead body is found, the first and only omment made of her death was along the lines of, "Poor boy. " Curlys wife''s death was seen as nothing but something unfortunate for Lennie. This contributes to the pile of evidence that can conclude that Curlys wife was considered a mere object. Through time, in foreign countries, and even in between pages, gender inequality has been a constant struggle. Charlotte Bronte wrote that she, a woman, is no bird. A woman, after having a net thrown on her and her fellows time and time again, must decide to declare that they are not a bird, but a human being.

Human beings aren''t o be ensnared. It is said that the first step of fixing a problem is the recognition that it exists. So, women must understand that the net encompassing them is not a blanket, but a prison. Together, womankind must stand and declare, "We are not birds. " Hopefully, these examples of gender inequality is bringing more attention to the "net. " Hopefully, the realization will dawn that gender inequality is thriving among us and will not die out on its own. It has existed everywhere, always. A mighty effort is to be made to begin the reversal of this inequality and injustice.

Travel And Tourism

Oslo: the blue, the green, the city in between Lucie gafratovä Carolina Sanchez Charlotte Parré Graziella Maria Ottarda Buskerud University College TABLE OF CONTENTS: TABLE OF CONTENTS: 2 I-BACKGROUND INFORMATION ABOUT THE EVENT: 3 Ill-ANALYSIS OF THE MARKETING ENVIRONEMENT WITH TOURISM TO JUSTIFY OUR TARGET MARKET: 5 1) competitors: 6 IV-DISCUSSION OF SEGMENTATION AND POSITIONING: 6 V-DETAILED ANALYSIS OF OUR TARGET MARKET: 7 VI-THE 4 ps (PRODUCT, PLACE, PROMOTION, PRICE): 7 1) prices: 7 2) Place: 9 3) Promotion: 10 4) Product: 11 VII-CONCLUSION: 12 References: 13 I-BACKGROUND INFORMATION ABOUT THE EVENT:

Oslo is the richest growing city in Europe. It is now evaluating the possibility of organizing the winter Olympic games 2022. In fact, the city council decided to establish the city Agency Os102022 which main task is to develop a plan for the winter games. Oslo is possibly the only city in the world to be able to organize the winter Olympic games in an urban setting. Indeed, it has a special location between fjords and forests, and for this reason the theme of the Olympic games will be: "Games in Oslo has become a multicultural city, which attracts people from all over the world.

One of the main points of the plan is how this Olympic games can help the city to improve its structures, and how will it be the "after-use" of the facilities that will be built for the games? Lots of sports facilities will be built; planning, development and staging in the 2022 event will increase competence in many areas. Olympic games values promote equal rights, friendship and solidarity; Norway has solid traditions that mirror these values. Olympics are a combination of sport, education and culture, so games could be a positive impact in society.

The games are a unique opportunity o present Norway like an exciting country for winter sports. Lots of facilities will be built there such as the Athletes Village, the Media Village, the Main Press centre, a new train station; the cycling and walking paths will also be extended. Furthermore, after the games villages will be sold, converted in student housing or in nursing homes. Most of the competitions will be staged in Oslo, but some of them will be organised in Lillehammer.

The city council calculate that public expenditures related to 2022 Olympic Winter Games will total between 20 and 23 billion Norwegian Crowns. Public sector costs are related to planning and staging of the Olympics, as well as investments in permanent facilities. Finally, Olympic games are the most important goal in an athlete career. Athletes are important in inspiring people to take part in sport, sport is a universal language, and it is a good opportunity to establish relation with other people. l- INTRODUCTION: Since the dawn of time Norway intends was always about protecting its natural heritage by linking together the notion of ecology and education. Indeed Norway has a unique relationship with nature. Ecological habits are integrated into everyday life, in education as well as in the common rules of "living together"; recycling is taught from childhood, cycling is extremely widespread, and children learn about plants and animals from a very young age. "Cities in nature, and not nature in the city" is the motto of city planners in Norway.

Being Green, saving our environment and eco- tourism was for us a duty and evidence when we created our tour in Norway. In accordance with the environment rules and Norway belief: Water Conservation Energy Efficiency/Conservation Eco-Friendly Landscape Eco-Friendly Purchasing Practices Waste Reduction/Recycling Our choice went for dog-sledding, which with its minimal carbon print and low impact on the environment was for us the best way to discover Norway in all its glory. Dog sledding is your chance to see nature up close and personal.

With no noise or smell from a gas powered engine you will feel connected to the wildlife of our country. Dog sledding is eco-friendly! Help us in protecting planet Earth. Therefore we decided to use the strategic placing of many Olympic venues at the dge of the city to create a great transportation alternative of getting around the city. Dog mushing offers an experience from northern Norway Just in the capital of the country. It fits completely to the whole Olympic concept and its desire to attract plenty of different kind of visitors.

Thus, one of the most important advantages is our transportation, which doesn''t harm the nature and provides a close contact with it. Still it is relatively quick because it does not need the urban infrastructures and goes by the most direct way from place A to place B. We choose four venues at the edge of Oslo and three venues, including the city centre, in Lillehammer, which were the most suitable. We eliminated some of the venues like KvitfJell since it was too far for our mean of transport and some halls and stadiums in the urban area of Oslo for their inaccessibility.

A dog mushing tour from one venue to another is attractive for so many types of the Olympic visitors of Norway. We are focusing mainly on families with children, couples of all ages and simply anyone who is fond of the Norwegian Olympic concept, the environment and belonging mostly into the middle-income roup at least. Ill-ANALYSIS OF THE MARKETING ENVIRONEMENT WITH TOURISM TO JUSTIFY OUR TARGET MARKET: Olympic games could have a powerful impact in promoting a city, and many factors that determine the long-term impact of games are beyond the host city control.

Last winter Olympic games were hosted in Vancouver in February and March 2010, a report done by PriceWhterhouseCoopers show that 650. 000 visitors arrived in Canada for the games, 242. 000 visitors were from Canada, 324. 000 from United States and 83. 000 visitors from other countries. Lots of Canadian support the Olympic games nd 9 out of 10 indicates that Olympic games had a positive impact on tourism.

About 2/3 of tourists for the Olympic game in London were from Europe, we think that this trend will be confirmed also for the Olympic game in Oslo, tourist attraction increase after the Olympic game thanks to the new infrastructures built and the advertisement done for the games in fact also data from euromonitor shows that in Norway the majority of tourist come from Europe or from the region. Lots of tourists visiting the city. We think that for these people who will come here during the games, ur offer could be a great opportunity to know some traditions of Oslo.

There are a lot of different kind of tourists who come for the Olympic game: families and their babies (in Norway birth rate is very high and there are lot of policy in favour of families), young people, couples and singles of all ages, people interested in sports, reporters, athletes, local people or volunteers. 1) Competitors: In the South of Norway we can find operator in Telemark region, and in Sirdal there is the Sirdal Husky farm. In Bykle near Hovden we can find Hundespann operator. We hink that competitors would not influence our offer because they aren''t that close to Lillehammer or Oslo.

IV-DISCUSSION OF SEGMENTATION AND POSITIONING: The marketing segmentation is a strategy that involves dividing a board target market into subset of consumers, who have common needs, and then designing and implementing strategies to target their needs. Segmentation is useful to maximise financial resources, there is not a correct unique way to segment a market but there are four methods to segment consumer market: geographic, demographic, psychographic and behavioural. We thought that we could do a psychographic and behavioural segmentation.

There are lots of different kinds of tourists that are attracted in Oslo for the games: People who have middle - high income (high budget traveller) Couple and single people interested in sport People who don''t need a fast way to transfer from one attraction to an other (tourists and not athletes) People interested to protect environment and dogs (eco-friendly) and who want use green means of transport Families Young people Reporters Local people Volunteers We think that there are great possibilities for our project to reach different kind of ourist in particular high budget traveller because our offer is quite expensive, but also families with children who are very attracted by this kind of experience. Moreover this offer could attract people interested in nature, green means of transport and to discover Norwegian traditions in a pleasant way. We think that these groups of people are the most important for us. We also believe that athletes, media, volunteer are not interested in our program because they don''t have enough time during the competitions. Our positioning is high, because to do this program tourists have to pay a lot. Targeting a market means selecting the most attractive segments and developing a marketing strategy ad hoc for this target.

For a segment to be targeted it needs to fulfil certain criteria: accessibility, values, needs and wants of segmentation must be compatible with the offer; the target must be large enough to support the business and for these reason it must be measurable. It also must be relevant, homogeneous and durable. Our target market is represented by: People interested in dogs and nature People who want to find a "greens" means of transport Family with babies, they usually be fascinated by dog People who visited Norway for the fist time and want to discover traditions People with high income We think that this group of people is large enough and could guarantee the success of our offers. Family with babies will be very important for us because we will offer great opportunity for them to have fun.

VI-THE 4 ps (PRODUCT, PLACE, PROMOTION, PRICE): 1) Prices: Our company propose you two destination to go by dog sledding in Norway, which host some parts of the Olympic Games. Oslo: The first trip offered will make you experience the capital, Oslo, suburbs. Indeed, our eeting point is at Wyller a Vinterpark in Oslo west and will finish in the east at Huken. Our Journey will make you discover two other cities Holmenkollen and Grefsenkollen and the mountains between them. General information: -Duration: 2h30min -Difficulty: Easy -Accessibility: From 2 years old -Weight limit: 240 pounds (140kg) -Price per person: NOK 900 Adult (from 10 years to older) NOK 450 Children (from 2 to 9 years) Lillehammer: The second trip proposes a taste of a Norway more rustic and less populate.

From Lillehammer to HafJell with a stop in on of the most beautiful city Hunderfossen, this our will be a true breath of fresh air. General information: -Duration: 2h -Price per person: NOK 800 Adult (from 10 years to older) NOK 400 Children (from 2 to 9 years) Furthermore, we understand that a daytrip might be too long for certain person. To answer the need of our entire customer we decided to create a tour where you have the opportunity of visiting only one or two cities. The price will depend on your destination. Further information: In accordance with the price, our company put to your disposal accommodations along the trip, to make it as confortable as possible. What''s included? Dog-sledding tour (as rider/ passenger) -Experienced musher guidance -Halfway break with picture and petting timeo -Warm suit and pelt (for the passenger) -Visit of the kennel with introduction to each dog -Learn the musher required skills and basics Dog commands -Lots of participation and Fun -Certainly your best day in Norway! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us! 2) Place: Our facility is meant to be located both in Oslo and Lillehammer. In Oslo we plan to connect Vinterpark Wyller (boardercross, skicross, halfpipe, slopestyle and slalom isciplines), Holmenkollen (ski Jumping, cross country skiing and Nordic combination), Grefsenkollen (aerials, moguls) and Huken (biathlon). These venues are situated at the edge of the city, so the tracks wouldn''t be led through the built up area and the clients would have a nice view of the city from the hills.

It represents a smart way of getting around the city - faster than walking, more convenient and greener than the public transport or even going by car. We are not planning to add more of the venues in Oslo now, because our offer might lose its attractively and uniqueness. nd the city would be Joined. The last place, KvitfJell, is out of the game now, as it''s very remote for our type of transportation. The choice of our placing is representing our idea of providing an exclusive moment in an Olympic day to get the feeling of other type of experience. We don''t tend to have half-day or even longer trips, which gives us the ability to be flexible and fast to be ready in our supply of the service.

The main way of selling our product is the direct one - on the Internet and personally at our track stops near the venues: Holmenkollen, Wyller, Grefsenkollen, Huken, HafJell, Hunderfossen ans Lillehammer city. However, it''s good to have reseller as just separately, or we can cooperate with tourist information offices as well. 3) Promotion: Promotion is one of the most important parts of marketing strategy because influence intermediaries'' opinions and increase awareness of service. Promotion includes elements such as: advertisement, sales promotion, personal selling, public relations and direct marketing. Our most important way to promote ourselves will be the creation of our website where we will put all the information about us.

We use ifferent way to promote our offer: On line marketing: banner in the Olympic webpages, banner in sport web site and site that will show games on line Brochures in tourist information offices, and tourist agencies, and some brochures will be distributed by promoters during every event Posters in public transport, in the main street of Oslo and Lillehammer (such as Karl Johan''s gate), at the venues (such as stadium, halls), in ticket sellers'' place, Commercials on TVs and radio, and on newspaper In every adds there is a QR code that tourist can use to access to our website directly o have more information about our offer and to know the nearest point where they can do this activity. We will also use SEM strategy to put adds on Facebook pages of people interested in Olympics and who have child. We encourage the purchase by using discount coupons for big families with more than 2 children (the third child pays half of our price). 4) product: The service we propose is a new way for the Olympic Game''s tourist to travel between its ventures in accordance with the Norwegians state of mind.

Therefore, we would like to introduce the mushing-dogs activity. Nowadays we can find 3 classifications of mushing: utilitarian, recreational, or competitive. Thus our service will be utilitarian and recreational since we will use the easiest and most common to travel, with a comfortable sled made of Kevlar and fur. Back in time, French people were the first to usher in the world the knowledge of dogs mushing. Indeed, following the discovery of the Gaspe Peninsula, French men known as coureurs des bois (runner of the woods) learnt the Iroquois''s culture and blended it with their own culture. Dog mushing was then introduced to people. Sled dogs are very similar to wolves in term of shape and size.

Sociable and docile they have the same loyalty than dogs and are regarded as pets. We usually see this kind of activity mostly in the North of Norway. Thus, we would like to implant it in the capital, Oslo, for the Joy of Olympic Game''s tourists. We offer two different trips on the suburb of Oslo. The first will be around Oslo; it will start in Wyller and finish in Huken. The second trip starts in Lillehammer and finish in KvitfJell. The difference between this two will be the scenery, the time it takes to go to one city to another and inally what games you want to watch. Afterward the customer will have to choose the most appropriated according to their wants.

Our service will also allow visitors to communicate with dogs, learn to control them and to enjoy one of the most popular transports in Norway. Being connected with the nature and enjoying the best scenery and landscape is a fascinating way of seeing our country. The families or couples can then experience the Norwegians way of life by visiting these places with dog-sledding. On these places you would be able to see he Ski Jump or many snow activities, always in accordance with the Olympic Games. In fact, two of the cities we propose are the most famous ski resort in Norway, HafJell and KvitJell. Since mushing is for everyone, we even have activities destined for the children. They can play with the dogs and take care of them; the parents can also do it!

Therefore we decided to create a place where the dogs will be taken care of and if it''s needed to let them rest for a bit. Furthermore a teaching class will be organised if the tourists want to learn and know more about the mushing and the dogs. This class will explain ow to handle the dogs and some knowledge about what to do in certain situations for your own security. To guarantee our customer''s security it will not be allowed to ride alone, they will always have a person in charge with them. Thus, the person will provide you some story or explain new things along the way. We decided to choose this activity because we think that it is an opportunity for all the people who want to see in a different way the Olympics Games in Oslo.

We believe that it is a completely different experience, funnier to associate with the Olympics Games. To summarize, you have to ry it! Mushing dog activities involve different values: environment respect, fun for children, discover of Norwegian traditions in an unusual way. Olympic games are the main reason to develop this offer but in accordance to the games politics it will be possible to use our structure even after these events, in particular, the building where we take care of the dog and the activities for the children. References: http://www. afr. com/p/ olympic_tourism_impact_is_complicated_6fTAPM7KefzR4bOqsSww5L http:// . american. edu/TED/lille. htm http://www. olympic. rg/Documents/Games_Vancouver_2010/ Factsheet_Vancouver_legacy_February_2011 _eng. pdf http://www. huffingtonpost. ca/ 2011/10/27/vancouver-olympics-economic-benefit_n_1035427. html http:// www. visitnorway. com/en/what-to-do/active-holiday/riding--sledging/let-the-dogs-do- the-work/ http://www. 0122. no/ http://goscandinavia. about. com/od/winteractivities/tp/dogsleddingnorway. htm http:// www. golinfo. no/en/winter/dog_sleight/ http://www. blm. gov/ak/st/en/prog/nlcs/iditarod/history/people/mush_hist. html http:// library. thinkquest. org/TQ0312758/history. htm International Tourist Arrivals: Euromonitor from trade sources/national statistics


The Decade of the 1940s Nickenha Ashley History of Psychology Dr. Specht November 20th, 2013 The 1940s was a great period of well-known events in history. One of the most important events of the decade was World War II, which basically ruled the 1940s. World War II started on September 1, 1939 beginning with the German invasion of Poland; and Britain and France declaring war on German two days later. It was the most costly and destructive war in history and its effects, for good and ill, were felt far beyond the battlefields.

After the war was over the United States entered a period of reat prosperity, an increase in the birthrate produced more consumers who fueled the economy and made the United States the most powerful nation (Hills, 1958, p. 56). It is safe to say that the 1940s was one of the many decades that influenced and shaped the future of the American society, with the many challenges and hardship that the United States faced within this decade. The events that took place in the 1940s changed the American society forever. It was a time of hardship and every aspect of life were affected by World War II.

The rights of different groups of people ere also an issue during the 1940s, the inventions of different technology like computers, nuclear weapons, and rockets affected the whole world and television began to change American''s lives. The 1940s were defined by World War II. The war began on December 7, 1941 after the Japanese attached the United States Naval Base in Hawaii. President Roosevelt came on the radio the next morning and announced that the United Sates was going to war. Roosevelt explained that the war was inevitable and that in order to win this war, the United States needed support from all Americans, and the next day

Congress declared war on Japan (Sullivan, 1991). The United States and the Allies were not successful in the beginning of the war, and President Roosevelt encouraged Americans on the home front, and General Eisenhower commanded troops in Europe. After a disastrous beginning, the United States began to take the offensive and gradually began to turn the tide against Axis armies in Africa, Europe and on while Japan was not an easy defeat, and a secret atomic bomb had to be used against the Japanese mainland. In August of 1945 Japan surrendered and World War II ended.

The cost and sacrifices of the war were shocking. This 1,364 day war cost the United States and estimated $341 billion and 407, 318 American soldiers (Uschan, 1999, p. 12-17). This was a huge price to pay for victory, and could not have been done without the actions by the civilians on the home front during World War II. World War II was not only fought by the troops overseas, but also by our American women and children. When the war was declared, a lot of American men enlisted or were drafted into the armed forces, causing a labor shortage in factories and other blue collar Jobs.

Because of this the United States had to turn to its female population to replenish the labor supply. Women began to work in factories, making bullets and riveting planes, tanks, and other war supplies. By 1943, half the workers on American assembly lines and factories were women. This was the first time in American history that women held Jobs that had been regarded as for men only. Children were also able to participate in helping with the war, they collected scrap metal, old tires, and even toothpaste tubes that were recycled and used to make more war supplies.

Children also grew victory gardens, which supplied one third of the fresh vegetables consumed in the United States (Duden, 1989, p. 1-21). As a result of these social trends during World War II, women gained a new independence and were able to enter the workforce in much larger numbers and in a different capacity. Racial discrimination was still a norm in the United States during the start of the 1940s. By the end of the decade, those attitudes were beginning to change because of the events of the past 10 years. In the early 1900s, African Americans began a great migration from the rural south to the northern cities.

This migration began during the WWII era because the war caused labor shortages, and African Americans ad a chance of getting Jobs in northern factories. The migration benefited both the African American population and economy. African Americans and whites served together in the military and business world, but the United States was still a segregated society. After World War II ended, African Americans were eager to be accepted, and one of the first breakthroughs came by way of America''s pastime, baseball. Only white players were allowed on the major league teams.

African Americans had to play in their own segregated league. A number of famous African American baseball stars were eager to make a break for the big eagues. In 1947 the Brooklyn Dodgers drafted a young infielder named Jackie Robinson, the first Negro to achieve major-league baseball status in modern times (Effrat, 1947). Although it was unknown to him at the time, but he would end up being a symbol of hope that a multi- racial society could exist. Throughout the season Robinson received death threats and racial insults but racism could not stop him.

Robinson stayed with the team and even went on to win the World Series and was even named rookie of the year. Technology started to rocket in the early 1940s, but it was the early stages of films nd television. Walt Disney was one of the biggest cartoon film makes then. This was the start of Walt Disney''s famous career. Walt Disney released Pinocchio, Dumbo, The computer was also one of the most significant technological advances made in the 1940s. In 1946 the first all-electronic digital computer named ENIAC (Electrical Numerical Integrator and Calculator) was developed.

This computer was able to do as much work in one hour as most people could do in one week (Duden, 1989, p. 30). Even though the television was invented in the late 1930s, it did not gain much popularity at the start of the decade. When World War II began, production of television and other electronics was stopped in order to devote factory capacity to the war effort. After the war ended, the ban on the production of electronics was lifted and televisions began rolling off the assembly lines again. The increasing amount of disposable income of consumers after the war had television flying off the shelves of stores around the country.

The Olympic Games in 1948 were shown on television and attracted the largest broadcast audience in history (Peterson, J. R. ). Colored television achieved realism when CBS demonstrated the first color television in New York City, nd WNBT, making New York City the countrys first regular television station, broadcasting to about 10,000 viewers (http://www. nytimes. com). The television created a social impact on the United States in many ways, people were buying televisions in record numbers and television was becoming a common part of life (Duden, 1989, p. 43).

The television movement impacted life in the United States in many ways and provided Americans with easier access to information and entertainment with pictures and words. The atomic bomb, one of the most powerful and deadly technological advances in history, was developed in the 1940s. In 1941, nuclear physicists discovered that two uranium derivatives, U-235 and plutonium, could be used to create rapid fission. In December of 1942 a physicist named Enrico Fermi created the first nuclear reaction. The first time the bomb was used was August of 1945 when the bombing of Japan occurred (Fyson, 1999, p. 6). This Marilyn Monroe advertisement was very effective in the 1940s. This was used to endorse the production in sales for Lustre Company. Though this shampoo may work well as any other shampoos, this advertisement was meant to reach out to the fans of Marilyn Monroe. When this ad was put out we can assume that many of Marilyn Monroe''s fans bought this product causing this company to make a lot of money, which made this advertisement very effective. This poster is of Uncle Sam in the 1940s looks very convincing.

This poster was recruiting anyone WWII, it was very demanding and inspired young people to Join the army''s frontlines and serve for their country. This advertisement was very effective as it made people think that it was their Job to protect the country and run the front lines. up no matter what. Being the first black man to play baseball he was faced with a lot of obstacles, hate messages and death threats being sent to him, but this did not top him. This advertisement served as a motivator for others, and gives others hope that though they may be of different color they can still do things the same as any other race.

This advertisement is of one of the first Walt Disney movies created. This advertisement was effective because it showed the first movie created by Disney and was convincing to others to go and watch it. The economy of the 1940s can be easily divided into two periods: the economy during the war and the economy after the war. After World War II the U. S. economy was drastically altered, the involvement of America in the war boosted the economy uring the war years and set the foundation for the US to become an economic superpower (Vatter, H. G. 1985).

One of the most applauding economic achievements by the U. S. during WWII was the elimination of unemployment. During this period, employment went up from 47. 52 million to 53. 96 million, over a 13% increase. Unemployment rates had fallen from 4. 7% in 1942 and declined to 1. 2% in 1944 (Williams, R. M. 1994). This was more a significance because of the diminished labor force caused by the 11 million men and women entering the armed forces during this period. The labor force was one of the main reasons U. S. ndustry was able to meet the great demand in productivity created by the war.

Because of the shortages of goods such as, meat, shoes, gasoline, and sugar President Roosevelt and his administration created what was called the Office of Price Administration. This was ordered to "hold the line" against rising prices and this was successful from April of 1943 to February of 1946, and they were able to hold the annual rate of inflation to only 1. 6% (Williams, R. M. 1994). The U. S. involvement in the war raised the economy to new heights. Over 17 million Jobs were created, industrial production went up, and corporate profits doubled. After the war ended, Americans learned the extent of the Holocaust.

Realization of the power of prejudice helped lead to Civil Rights reforms over the next 3 decades. The GI Bill of Rights was passed entitling returning soldiers to a college education. In 1949, there were 3 times as many colleges degrees issued as in 1940, college became available to those who were capable rather the privileged. Being as education was becoming so accessible, in Germany Hitler was eliminating artists whose ideas didn''t agree with his. Because of this many of the artists migrated to the US, where they had a huge effect on American artists.

One of the art styles hat were popular was abstract expressionism, which showed raw emotions. The art style of abstract expressionism was the first specifically American artistic movement that influenced the world and put New York City at the center of the world (http:// www. learningzoneclass. com/aoatl 1 /beltran/art. html). One of the most famous artists of the 1940s was Paul Jackson Pollock, and one of his most famous art works is Number 5. Like art, music reflected American enthusiasm, and American composers remained more traditional and at the beginning of the decade bands dominated popular music.

Radio became the lifeline for Americans in the 1940''s. Providing news, music and entertainment, much like television today. Shows included soap operas, government relied heavily on radio for propaganda, and the radio faded and TV became more prominent and accessible, and most popular shows on the radio started to show on TV. TV also had an effect on the food people ate, frozen dinners were invented and they became known as TV dinners. The "Jitterbug" dance was also developed in the 1940''s, and it was the first dance that allowed individual expressionism.

Rosie the Riverter was the symbol of the working woman as the men off to war and women were needed to work in factories. Tupperware and aluminum foil became popular in the 1940''s as well as a way to ease the postwar housewives burdens, and the slinky was developed in 1945 as a way to keep kids occupied. Fashion was the fad with the most influence and changed the way women would look at clothes. The convertible suit, which is still popular today, was designed for the working woman and carried on until the war ended. Once the war was over, Christian Dior introduced the "New look".

This look included feminine dresses with long, full skirts, tight waists and comfortable low heeled shoes, which soon swept the country as the new trend (Peacock, 1998). Make up was also socially acceptable and hair was curled very tightly and was shoulder length. With men home from war and back to work, women had more time to focus on themselves, which was exactly what the new look was trying to accomplish. In 1948, Gandhi was assassinated in New Delhi by Hindu fanatic, and Burma and Ceylon was granted independence by Britain.

Although World War II dominated the decade of the 1940''s another major international event that taking was taking place was the Holocaust, and Jews being put into concentration camps. The Nazis, led by Adolf Hitler, were the perpetrators of the Holocaust. The Nazis targeted Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, Jehovah''s witnesses, Communists, twins, and the disabled. Some of these people tried to hide from the Nazis like Anne Frank and her family, some were successful and some were not. Those that were captured suffered sterilization, forced resettlement, separation from family and friends, beatings, tortures, starvation, and/or death (http://www. istoryl 900s. about. com/od/holocaust/tp/ holocaust. htm). The discovery of penicillin in the 1940''s revolutionized medicine. Developed first to help the military personnel survive war wounds, it also helped increase survival rates or surgery. In 1928 Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin from a pile of petri dishes in his sink that were growing bacteria. After taking samples of mold he found that it was from the penicillium family, and named it penicillin and found that it was nontoxic and sufficient in treating many types of bacteria harmful to man.

Unfortunately, the interest in penicillin did not peak again until World War II, and it was Howard Florey and Ernst Chain who continued the research and found a way to purify, and presented this powerful antibiotic to the world (http:// www. essortment. com/alexander-flemming-discovery-penicillin-40564. tml). In 1943 Fleming was presented the Award of Distinction for his discovery of the miracle drug and of similar award to Dr. Howard W. Florey of Oxford University, in "recognition of his pioneer contributions to our knowledge of the value of penicillin as a In 1945 The Journal of Clinical Psychology was founded.

In 1999 a study was done to examine the mental and medical health care utilization of World War II survivors and the characteristics of survivors seeking professional health care. Forty seven years after WWII ended, a random sample of 4,057 Dutch WWII survivors answered a our-page questionnaire, and out of that 1,461 of those persons subsequently answered an extensive follow-up questionnaire (Bramsen, & Henk, 1999). Twenty two percent had sought some form of health care for war-related complaints at some time since WWII, and most consultations were made in the 1940''s.

It was found that most consultations were made to general practitioners or to a medical specialist as opposed to mental health specialists. Results showed that 59% of the highly-exposed respondents with posttraumatic stress disorders had not sought professional help in he years of 1990-1992 (Bramsen, & Henk, 1999). In a study done by Audrey Rieger to test differences in personality using the Rorschach test that was invented in 1921 by Hermann Rorschach to determine personality characteristics and evaluate emotional health.

This study was designed to study personality patterns of certain specific occupational groups as reflected in the individual Rorschach test to determine if differences between such groups do occur and if the differences are meaningful in practical situations (Rieger, 1949). Results showed that personality differences between the occupational groups had some ignificant results, but the Rorschach scores failed to differentiate the groups in practice. Most of the differences appeared to be related to variations in response total.

The only important result is the distinction found between those who deal with verbal concepts (mostly administrators and personnel workers) and those who dealt with their hands (supervisors and foremen) (Rieger, 1949). In 1949 David Wechsler published the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children. This was used as tools in school placement, determining the presence of a learning disability, or developmental delay. It was also used to identify giftedness among children, and track their intellectual development.

In 1946 Lindner, and Gurvitz did a research on the restandardization of the revised beta examination to yield the Wechsler type of ''Q. The revised Beta examination has been restandardized to accomplish three purposes: the administration and scoring procedures have been improved, the sample of adults upon which new norms were based on were selected to represent the 1940 Census with respect to education and socio-economic status within several groups from twenty years and above (Lindner, & Gurvitz, 1946). The standardization lso permitted the securing of Beta IQs which were similar to the IQs on the Wechsler-Bellevue Intelligence Scale.

The 1940s was an important decade to study because of the history that took place, which can give us a better understanding of the American and heritage and to appreciate the power and freedom that was enjoyed by this country in the 21st century. This decade produced many different changes in the political, social, and technological aspects of life. World War II was a major factor that influenced all of these aspects throughout the decade. Bramsen, 1. , & Van der Ploeg, H. M. (1999). Use of Medical and Mental Health Care by World War II Survivors in the Netherlands. Journal of Traumatic Stress, 12(2), 243-261.

Rieger, A. F. (1949). The Rorschach test and Occupational Personalities. Journal of Applied Psychology, 33(6), 572-578. 1943, December 14. Discoverer tells penicillin story: Dr. Alexander Fleming speaks from London in broadcast to accept award here. The New York Times, p. 13. 1949, December 23. Radio, Video: CBS color system tests to start Jan 2. Here and in capital. The New York Times, p. 36. Hills, K. (1958, June 10). World War. Newsweek. Retrieved from http://www. academicsearchpremier. com DudenJ. (1989). Timelines: 1940s. 2nd Ed. New York, NY: Crestwood House. Peacock, J. (1998).

Fashion sourcebooks: The 1940s. New York, NY: Thames and Hudson. Sullivan, G. (1991). The day Pearl Harbor was bombed. New York, NY: Scholastic. Fyson, N. (1999). World War Two. In D. Marks (Ed. ), World book of Encyclopedia. Uschan, M. (1999). A cultural history of the United States: 1940s. San Diego, CA: Lucent Books. Peterson, J. R. (2010). World War Two. Retrieved from http://cnn. com. Rosenberg, J. (2013). The Holocaust. Retrieved from http://history1900s. about. com/od/holocaust/ tp/holocaust. htm Alexander Fleming and the discovery of Penicillin. Retrieved from ttp://www. essortment. om/alexander-fleming-discovery-penicillin-40564. html. Vatter, H. G. (1985). The U. S. economy in World War II. New York, NY: Columbia University Press. Williams, R. M. (1994). The politics of boom and bust in the twentieth century America. St. Paul: West Publishing. The generation to remember: Art of the 1940''s. Retrieved from http:// learningzoneclass. com/aoatll/beltran/art. html. The Walt Disney studios history. Retrieved from http://www. studioservices. go. com/ disneystudios/history. html. Effrat, L. (1947, April 11). Royal''s star signs with Brooks today. The New York Times, p. 20.

Oil Conservation

oil conservation BY muthu2013 HomeExamples and Samples''s Oil and Gas Conservation Relevant? Is Oil and Gas Conservation Relevant? Oil and natural gas are non-renewable sources of energy. There have been numerous attempts to minimize the depletion of these two resources. Scientists have proposed many reasons for the high importance of their conservation.

Oil and natural gas conservation involves the use of these resources in a better and a more well-organized manner with respect to economic, social and ambient expenses nd rewards, contributing to more efficient energy utilization practices and the reduction of the damage dealt to the ecosystem. This article evaluates the ways in which oil and natural gas can be conserved, and describes the expected results of these conservation measures. Conservation of oil and natural gas remains a problem in many countries around the world.

One of the most evident proofs of this is a global increase in its price. Consequently, each of us faces the responsibility of conserving these scarce esources. This involves the support of governmental oil and natural gas protection policies. Every single family should carry the responsibility of conserving state-owned resources. In order to control the use of oil and natural gas, governments should implement a number of policies. Moreover, motor vehicle users should be obliged to make sure that their vehicles'' tires are sufficiently inflated.

The condition of the tires should be checked at least once a month. By doing this, fuel consumption is decreased by about %. Vehicle users should also plan their route in advance. If possible, people should consider other means of transportation: riding a bicycle, walking or taking a bus whenever possible. Another important method of energy resource conservation is the consistency of the vehicle''s speed. Statistics show that fuel consumption decreases greatly when one drives at the speed of about 60 km/h. At the same time, lower speed is a safety measure.

Drivers are also advised to use air conditioners, as this decreases fuel onsumption while driving at high speeds, especially on the highway where the road is smooth. Conservation of natural gas can be achieved in the following ways: production of toxic gases like sulphur and lead. It is also better in terms of mileage and environmental impact reduction Both at home and in office it''s better to use the equipment that minimizes heat loss while improving heat absorption. It is also recommended that we turn on the oven only when we are ready to cook Solar equipment is great. Sun panels, heaters and cookers that...


terrorism BY Charite8690 -Poundmaker was born in 1842 near Battleford Saskatchewan. - His native name was Pitikwahanapiwiyin but he was better known as Poundmaker. - His father''s name was SikÜkwayän (Skunk Skin), a Stony Indian and his mother was mixed blood. - His uncle was Chief Mistawäsis (Big Child). - He was adopted by Chief Crowfoot of the Blackfoot tribe when he was 30 years old because he lost his son in a raid of a Cree camp. -Crowfoot gave Poundmaker a Blackfoot name Makoyi-koh-kin (Wolf Thin Legs). Poundmaker had three wives and fathered several children. His second wife Grass Women left him when he was imprisoned in P. A. because of the Riel rebellion. - When he was released he married Stony Woman though she was much younger then him. - Stony Woman traveled 250 miles with him to his adopted father and friend Crowfoot. - Poundmaker died 4 months after his release in Crowfoots camp on July 4th 1986. - He first became noticed as a potential chief and leader in the 1870s . When the Saskatchewan Cree people gathered at Fort Carlton to negotiate a treaty with the Canadian Government, he was considered as to be a councillor or minor chief. Poundmaker was named for his ability of making pounds to trap buffalo. - Unlike his uncle Big Child Poundmaker questioned the intent of treaty 6. Two years later when some other chiefs agreed to settle on reserves Poundmaker made his own band and hunted the slowly disappearing Buffalo. He was the Peace Chief of his band and Fine Day was the War Chief. - Poundmaker signed Treaty 6 on August 23, 1876 then in 1879 Poundmaker also agreed to settle on a reserve 40 miles west of Battleford at the Joining of the Battle River and Cut Knife Creek. - After Fine Day fought off the Canadian Army after they surprised attacked hem he and the rest of the band wanted to go to help the Riel rebellion, but Poundmaker delayed the band''s travel till the Metis were defeated. Poundmaker then surrendered to the Canadian Government and was sentence to 3 years of detention in the Manitoba''s Stoney Mountain Penitentiary. - He was accused of treason and felony; He was then released after serving less than a year of his sentence because of ill health. "This is our land, it isn''t a piece of pemmican to be cut off and given in little pieces back to us. It is ours and we will take what we want. " This was said by Poundmaker when he was only a warrior at the treaty 6 signing.

Chemistry Project Report: To Study The Digestion Of Starch By Salivary Amylase And Effect Of Ph And Temperature On It

Chemistry Project Report on To Study the Digestion of Starch by Salivary Amylase and Effect of pH and Temperature on it Submitted by : Class (CBSE) Sr. Sec. School Contents 1 . Certificate 2. Acknowledgement 3. Verification 4. Objectives of the Project 5. Introduction 6. Material Required 7. Procedure 8. Observation 9. Conclusion 10. Bibliography Certificate This is to certify that the investigatory Chemistry project report entitled "To Study the digestion of starch by salivary amylase and effect of temperature and pH on it" has been completed under my supervision.

Authorized Signatory Chemistry Deptt. Acknowledgement As a student of class XII, I did this project as a part of my studies entitled "To Study the digestion of starch by salivary amylase and effect of temperature and pH on it" I owe a deep sense of gratitude to my chemistry teacher whose valuable advice, guidance help me in doing this project from conception to completion. At the same his generous patronage and constant encouragement. Finally, I am thankful to my parents for helping me economically and my friends for giving me a helping hand at every step of the project. Signature of Student) Objectives of the Project Report The main objective of this chemistry project report is "To Study the digestion of starch by salivary amylase and effect of temperature and pH on it" and To study digestion of starch by saliva. To study the effect of temperature on the digestion of starch by saliva. To study the effect of pH on the salivary digestion of starch. Introduction Every health book insists on the chewing of food. The act of chewing stimulates the excretion of saliva. Saliva mixes up with the food and helps its digestion.

That is, the enzyme ptyalin or amylase present in human saliva hydrolyse the big molecules of ood into many molecules. For example starch into mono-saccharides maltose and glucose; proteins into amino acids and fats into fatty acids and glycerol. Thus saliva not only helps in digestion of food but convert it into energy generating substances. Further, enzymes and their activity are very sensitive to temperature and PH. Even a slight variation in these two factors, can disrupt the action of enzymes. In other words, digestion of food by salivary amylase is also effected by pH and temperature and can be verified experimentally.

For example, hydrolysis of starch can be verified y testing it with iodine solution. Starch forms blue coloured complex with iodine. If no starch is present in a system it will not give blue colour with iodine. Requirements for Chemistry Project Report The requirements for experiment of Chemistry Project Report are as under : Test tubes Test tube stand One dropper Beaker Stop watch Starch and Iodine solution Thermometer Dil. HCI and Dil NaOH solution. Procedure for Chemistry Experiment is : 1) Collection of Saliva - Rinse mouth throughly with cold water and ensure that it does not contain any food particles.

Now take about 20ml of lupe warm water in the outh and gangle for about three minutes so that saliva mixes up well with it. Spit this into a beaker. Filter, if there is any suspended impurity clear filtrate is saliva solution and contains enzyme ptyalin. 2) Preparation of starch solution - Take about 0. 5g of starch in a 100ml beaker and add enough water to make a paste. Dilute the paste by adding 50ml water and boil for about 5 min. 3) Digestion of starch (a) take 5ml of the starch solution in a test tube. Add 2 ml of saliva solution into it. Mix the solutions well by shaking the tube carefully and start a step watch. b) After one inute take out two drops of the mixture solution from the test tube with the help of a dropper and transfer it into another test tube containing about one ml of 1% iodine solution. Note the colour produced, if any. (c) Repeat this test after every one minute taking two drops of the mixture solution and fresh 1% iodine solution continue until the test shows no blue colour. Record the time and blue colour intensity. Observation Time Passed after mixing 1 Min. 2 Min. 3 Min. 4 Min. Colour Intensity Deep Blue Blue Light Blue No Blue Absence of blue colour on addition to iodine solution means absence of starch in the ixture solution.

That is whole of the starch has got digested or hydrolysed. Procedure : Effect of temperature on the digestion of starch by saliva. Take three test tubes and label these 1, 2, 3. Take 5ml of the starch solution, 2ml of the saliva solution and 5 ml of water in each test tube. Place test tube No. 1 in water at room temperature, test tube No. 2 in a beaker containing water at 500 C and test tube No. 3 in boiling water. After 5 minutes, observe the colour change on mixing two drops of the mixture of every tube with one ml of 1% iodine solution. Note the intensity of blue coloured form. Conclusion Starch get hydrolysed by saliva amylase. est tubes and label these 1, 2, 3. 2. Add 5ml of the starch solution, 2ml of the saliva solution in each test tube. 3. Now add 2 ml of water inn test tube No. 1,2 ml of dil HCI in test tube No. 2 and 2ml of dil NaOH solution in test tube No. 3 and shake carefully. 4. Keep the three test tubes in water at room temperature for about 10 minutes. 5. Add two drops of the solution of each test tube with 1% iodine solution and observe the colour change. Temperature effects the digestion of starch by saliva with increase in temp salivary analyse get inactivated and process of digestion do not take place.

Slang: Complex And Ever Changing Part Of The Language

Linspeak Lexicon 10/02/2013 Slang Slang is a complex and ever changing part of the language we speak. It''s a distorted form of language, which incorporates old words to take on new meanings. It''s almost like a source of verbal rebellion, which becomes so overused it turns into the norm. It''s a way for younger generations to feel separate from the older ones, and is required to fit into your generation. Slang is a vital part of every living language, and provides a way for people to fit in with their social groups. Here are some compiled examples of words and how their slang meanings differ from their actually meanings.

This will explore the origin of the word, and represent a small chunk of the unique speech of the young adult generation of 2013. Twerk ''Dancing in a sexually suggestive manner'' this refers to when a women shakes her hips as to make contact with other dancers using her buttocks. This Just recently became very widely used, when the famous pop singer and actor Miley Cyrus performed on stage and was said to be "twerking. " The word was thought to have originate from the similarity to the word "work," thus the phrase "twerk it girl. " It first emerged in the early 90s in a song by D. J.

Jubilee, and has been used in clubs and parties ever since (Connor). Just recently though with the MTV performance by Ms. Cyrus, it gained enough usage to be added to the official Oxford dictionary of the English language (Datoo). Hammered ''drunk is one among the countless words for drunk. Not very much info exists on its origin in becoming a slang word to mean intoxicated, probably due to the fact that there are so many, like "wasted" and "plastered" and many more. It has evidently been popularized by the turn of the century, its use can be found in the popular TV show Family Guy in the year 2000 (onlineslangdictiobary. m). Down ''agree'' is term that doesn''t have a lot of history, but it can be found being used as early as the 1970s (alphadictionary. com). It means to agree or support a decision or proposal, as in: "Do you want to go grab a burger? " "Sure, I''m down. " It can also mean to enjoy or be happy with something or someone. This meaning to have a positive relationship with another person. As in: "Do you talk to Sarah anymore? " mieah, I''m down with her. " Swag ''style'' is a recently popularized term that is short for "swagger. " It is a reference to a person''s sense of style, their attitude, and overall demeanor.

In general it means someone that thinks highly of themselves, is generally over confident in their level of "cool. " If someone has "swagger in their step" it means they walk in a certain way as to say "look at me, and how cool I am. " Due to this cockiness and self- confident behavior associated with the word, it quickly went from a positive thing to assumption is now made that anyone who considers themselves to have swag is a douchebag and gets put down for it. The official definition for swagger is to conduct oneself in an arrogant way, or to strut as to brag/boast (thefreedictionary. m). How this word came to mean this is a mystery. Its original meaning, dating all the way back to the 17th century, is referring to stolen items in possessed by a thief. It also means a decorative basket of flowers, so how this current meaning came to be is truly impossible to know for sure (theonlineslangdictionary. com). Yolo You Only Live Once'' is a term that has absolutely blown up in young culture in the recent years. Where to even begin? It is an abbreviation that has become widely hated, and overused. It states that you should live for the day and enjoy life however you want.

It is really Just an excuse for young people to do stupid things, known as "carpe diem for idiots. " It''s a way people reinforce their careless, risky, and stupid actions. "Why did you dye your hair orange? " "Because YOLO. " The concept of living for the day and enjoying life is old as time itself, one can''t really put a start date on it. But it was popularized in teen pop culture in 2011 when the famous rapper Drake idolized it in his song "The Motto" (Wikipedia. com). Ratchet ''nasty, ghetto, ugly is a term that can be applied to a wide range of scenarios. It is basically another way of saying "ho.

It refers to someone''s lifestyle, whether it be their behavior, their clothing, or their daily activities. "That bitch is so ratchet. " "Look at her clothes, damn, that girl is ratchet as hell. " It can also mean crazy, or ridiculous, based on the context. "This movie is so ratchet. " "Look at me in that picture! I look so ratchet. " There are many things that can be attributed to the origin of the word. The sound of handcuffs being tightened onto someone''s wrists is described as ratchet which is thought to be the reason the word represents someone who is Juvenile or a degenerate.

It''s also a deformation of a well-used Australian term for something that is not good "rat shit," which are almost identical when said out loud. The final theory for its origin is a spin-off of the word "wretched" (alphadictionary. com). Derp ''duh'' is a word used in place of an ignorant comment of action, therefore it''s kind of undefined. However, is can be a replacement word for ''duh. '' As in: "Oh, I was holding the book upside down" "Derp! " If someone is doing something stupid they can be said to be derping, they can also call themselves out on doing or saying something silly by exclaiming "derp!

Popularized by the TV show South Park when Mr. Derp makes a guest appearance as the head chef of the school, and exclaims "derp" after hitting himself in the head with a hammer (knowyourmeme. com). Tight ''excellent, drunk, angry is a common adjective that originally refers to something that is fixed, fastened, or closed firmly. But around the 1950s, it took on a new meaning. Ever since then, the informal meaning has been changing and evolving among preceding generations. Still in use among young generations today, it is most commonly known to mean ''good'' or ''great''. As in "Wow! Your car is tight" (alphadictionary. m). Chill ''cool, relax'' has had the same figurative meaning since the late 1400s. First recorded meaning (in context) ''hang out'' in 1985 (alphadictionary. com). It still holds that same meaning for the young generation of today. Now still (and before it got its something cold as in: "The weather is chilling the house. " Wasted ''drunk has a variety of meanings and uses across time. The word was originally derived from an old French word waster which means to ''spoil'' or ''ruin'' (etymonline. com). This is where it gets its modern day meaning: to use or expend something carelessly, or with no purpose.

Now it refers to someone who is drunk beyond the point of reason (onlineslangdictionary. com). These are some of the most prominent examples of common slang words used in the younger generations of today. They represent the unique spin this generation has had on the English language, even gaining enough attention to change the way we speak permanently. Some of these words found themselves getting enough use to make it into the official Oxford English dictionary (Datoo). As individuals, everyone leaves a mark on their language, united, we''ve made enough of an impact to change it forever.

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Emission Spectrum

Emission Spectroscopy The purpose of this lab was to see that when elements are heated, they may enter and excited state. We proved this by doing a flame test. During Part A, we used a spectroscope where all of the colors are arranged for you; whereas in Part B, we could see and make the colors ourselves and get a more accurate reading of the flames. We had specific elements we were told to put on the wire loop, and when we did that we saw different color flames come out of the Bunsen burner.

That enabled out group to see the element in an excited state. The unknown element was lithium. This is known because if the color of the flame produced. The group I was in got mainly all the correct colored flames, but the few that were incorrect happened because the wire loop wasn''t completely clean and there was still residue from the other elements. Overall, our group learned what it meant for an element to enter an excited state. Emission Spectroscopy excited state.

Still Hungry In America

Still Hungry in America Marian Edelman Wright wrote the famous literacy narrative "Still Hungry in America". Marian Wright has been a proponent for disadvantaged Americans her entire life. Edelman''s career began after graduating from Spellman College and Yale Law School. After graduation, she became the founding president of the Children''s Defense Fund (CDF). In result of Edelman''s phenomenal leadership, CDF has become the nation''s strongest voice for less-fortunate families and children. The mission of CDF is to "leave no child behind.

This mission was imposed to ensure that every child has a healthy start, a head start, a fair start, a safe start, and a moral start in life and a successful passage to adulthood. In addition, in the many professional positions Edelman held, her primary purpose was to stand up for the ones who lived in poverty and for the ones starving from food shortage. By writing "Still Hungry in America", she intended to communicate this purpose so others would Join the cause and help prevent family and children starvation.

Her objective in this particular writing is to how how important government assistance programs are too many Americans. She made it very clear in her writing, that although America is the richest nation in the world, many Americans still suffer from or is on the verge of starvation. She also made it very clear that it is important to fght for these programs whenever necessary because although these programs have proven to be helpful to the American people, there are some people out there who fill they are a waste of government spending.

It is easy to draw this conclusion because Edelman had to fght back at several groups n the past who tried to defund state and government programs. She also attempted to persuade readers to see her point-of-view by elaborated on the struggles she encountered and overcame in the past. In addition, she had to fght for more programs that would help less-fortunate American on a large-scale level. In result, she help fght for the implementation and expansion of government programs such as food stamps. Moreover, Edelman uses specific quotes to build her argument such as "I''m not hungry, don''t worry about it.

These quotes add to her writing significantly. In result of using this quote, it is very clear that her writing is now a combination of ethos, logos, and pathos. This is true because ethos means convincing by the character of the author, pathos means persuading by appealing to the readers emotion, and logos means by the use of reasoning. All three of these terms are clearly seen in this particular writing. Personally, I believe this writing relies more on logos than any other term. I believe this because she is mainly persuading by reasoning. By diamannichols

Edgar Allan Poe Bio

Edgar Allan Poe is one of the most celebrated of all American authors. Heavily influenced by the German Romantic Ironists, Poe made his mark in Gothic fiction, especially through the tales of the macabre for which he is now so famous. Although he regarded himself primarily as a poet, he is one of the few indisputably great writers of the short story, alongside Guy de Maupassant and O. Henry. Besides redefining that form as a vehicle for literary art, Poe also contributed to the modern detective genre and wrote highly influential literary criticism.

Poe was born in Boston on January 19, 1809 to David Poe, Jr. and Elizabeth Arnold Hopkins - both of whom died before their son was three. Young Edgar went to live in Richmond, Virginia with John Allan, a wealthy tradesman, while his older brother William Henry and his half-sister Rosalie were sent to other families. The Allans regarded Edgar as a son and financed his private school education, but in Edgar''s adolescent years, conflict arose between Edgar and his guardians over his literary ambitions.

Poe enrolled in the University of Virginia but received very little inancial support from John Allan, and was prevented from returning when Allan refused to help him with his hefty gambling debts. In 1827, Poe enlisted in the U. S. Army and rose in two years to the rank of sergeant major, but he chose to leave the Army with the understanding that he would enroll at West Point. Prior to enlisting, Poe had published a volume of poetry, Tamerlane and Other Poems. After his army time and while a student at West Point, he published a second volume: A1 Aaraaf, Tamerlane and Minor Poems, which critics favorably received.

Physically weaker and older than most of his classmates, Poe felt out of place at the school, and he devoted much of his time to studying the Romantic poets such as Byron, Shelley, Coleridge, and Wordsworth. He played pranks involving bloody ganders posing as decapitated heads, and he was eventually dismissed in 1831. Poe followed up his previous publications with a third collection of poems, Poems by Edgar Allan Poe, while he moved to Baltimore to live with his aunt Maria Clemm and his nine-year-old cousin Virginia.

In an attempt to remain afloat financially, he wrote rolifically and in 1832, five of Poe''s short stories were published in the Philadelphia Saturday Courier. They were exclusively comic, satiric tales. Around this time, Poe discovered opium, soon to become a prominent feature of his life. In 1833, his tale of dread, "MS Found in a Bottle," won a $50 prize from the Baltimore Saturday Visitor. His exploration of horror fiction, which was to define Poe among future generations, thus began - and so, perhaps not coincidentally, began his lifelong dependency on drugs and alcohol.

Returning to Richmond in 1835, Poe began writing for the Southern Literary Messenger. He quickly began to garner a reputation with vitriolic reviews, essays on his most famous reviews was a pan of Theodore S. Fay''s novel Norman Leslie, with criticism so devastating it helped earn Poe the nickname "tomahawk man". Later in the year, as he finally gained a grasp on his finances, Poe married Virginia Clemm (not yet fourteen at the time) and became an editor of the Messenger. In 1837 he resigned from the Messenger, which he had helped transform into one of the country''s leading Journals.

The next two and a half years were somewhat aimless, as he moved with his aunt and wife to New York City and Philadelphia while working various freelance Jobs. During this time, he released more poems and short stories, including "Ligeia", a story about death and love, which he considered his finest tale. In July 1838, Harper''s published his only novel The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket, about the strange adventures of a young man on the South Sea. Despite these publications, however, Poe found that he could not successfully support his family.

In 1839, Poe became an associate editor of Burton''s Gentleman''s Magazine in Philadelphia, for which he wrote "The Fall of the House of Usher" that year. In 1840, he published a collection of his short stories, Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque. Discharged from his Job due to quarrels with William Burton, he served as editor of Graham''s Magazine until 1842, where he wrote a number of works, including the groundbreaking story of "ratiocination" (reasoning), "The Murders in the Rue Morgue. " Hard times followed and, barely managing to scrounge together carfare for is family, Poe moved to New York in 1844 to work for the New York Mirror. 845 finally saw Poe crowned as a literary sensation in his country, with the publication of his hugely popular poem "The Raven". Tragedy, however, was Just around the corner. While gossip surrounded his potentially adulterous relations with Frances Sargent Osgood, Virginia''s health was rapidly decreasing due to tuberculosis, leading Poe to seek refuge in increased drinking. Although he briefly held a Job with Godey''s Lady Book, he was incapable of maintaining a steady Job and could not afford nough food for his family.

Virginia died on January 30, 1847, causing the further deterioration of Poe''s mental health. Poe''s violent mood swings became common as drugs and alcohol wore away at his body and mind, although he continued to publish works such as Eureka. He made an attempt at rehabilitation, and he traveled to Richmond in 1849 to court a former friend, Mrs. Shelton. Unfortunately, soon after their engagement, Poe was found in a stupor on a Baltimore street and was taken to a nearby hospital. Four days later, on Sunday, October 7, he died at the age of 40.

Positive Effects Of Video Games On Children

Positive effects of video games on children BY aysha9876 The video games are well known for their anti-social and violent influence in our children''s attitudes. But some research has proven that these negative effects are due to the children''s excessive playing time, and more and more studies are being made to prove that the video games can be an excellent tool for children''s hand-eye coordination, their problem solving and analytical skills, and they can also help children in the social domain. We can see some really good positive effects of video games on our children. The first one would be the improvement of the hand-eye coordination.

A player has to watch on the screen while simultaneously, he is pushing the button of his Joystick to make moves. It also increases the speed, the agility of a person to respond to a stimulus, and moreover, it helps to improve the motor capacity of a person. We can specially illustrate this idea with the console Wii, which has been released and built a couple of years ago by the brand Nintendo. With its new gaming system, the Wii has revolutionned the world of the video games. Before the Wii came out, the gaming system consisted only of pushing on a couple of buttons in order to make the moves in the game.

But the concept of the Wii is different, it consists of producing our own movement with the remote of the Wii in order to make the moves in the game. It has the persons who suffer from some kind of cardiac accidents, cerebral accidents, or Just to re- educate the people who had an operation. Another impressive positive effect of the video games is that they allow somehow, the children to improve their problem-solving, management, analytical and additional skills without children even realizing it. The need for these skills are obvious for a player because sometimes, even the most simple game ( like a shooter game )

Anotated Bibliography Women In Media

Professor Hall 2 December 2013 Title What is beauty? It is hard to define, yet easy to recognize. This could be why many women struggle to see their own beauty. A main contributor to the lowering self- esteem to women is the unattainable body image produced by the media. When a company creates an advertisement they usually cast good looking people to represent them. When this idea is taken to an extreme with digital restoration and photo shop this can lead to the distortion of peoples self-image. This distortion can turn into disorders like anorexia, bulimia, and body shaming.

These unrealistic portrayals of women can have the most effect on young girls because they tend to be very impressionable. Russell stated that 53% of children age 13 are unsatisfied with their bodies and by age 17 it had increased to 78% (Russell). It''s sad to think by the age of thirteen girls are thinking about their fgures and are unhappy with how they look. the focus of this paper will be on how media can crucially effect the body image of women and distort how they see themselves. Annotated Bibliography Every day we see an uncountable amount of commercials.

The media has a huge nfluence on how we act, what we buy and, even more importantly, what we eat. Many of the actors featured in these influential commercials are most often very thin and attractive. When they portray every day women as a size two they are misleading the watcher into thinking they are overweight. This kind of misinformation can lead to body shaming and eating disorders. I will be exploring how media can distort the self-image of its watchers by using underweight and unrealistic actors.

For example, I will compare and contrast the self-image produced by the Victoria Secret ad ampaign as opposed to the self-image produced by Dove in their commercials. In this paper, I am going to show the effects of media on the self-image of the watcher. I will touch on the airbrushing techniques used by the editors, to slenderize the already thin actors, as well as the sexual undertones used in these commercials. I will discuss how these contribute to the watchers distorted body image and insecurities.

I am also going to go into the specific effects of these media tactics on children. Children are more impressionable and this means they are at a higher risk of being ffected by these unrealistic commercials. One counter argument I will be addressing is the thought that low self-esteem and bad body image are preexisting and merely enhanced by the media. HAAS, CHERYL J. , et al. "An Intervention For The Negative Influence Of Media On Body Esteem. " College Student Journal 46. 2 (2012): 405-418. Academic Search Complete. Web. 15 Nov.

The authors briefly discuss the effects of media on women''s self-image. This scholarly journal then shows data from two different experiments exploring the effects of the media on women''s body esteem, sexual attractiveness, and weight concern. This data will be helpful in my paper when I discuss the amount of women affected. I will use this scholarly article for background information about self-esteem, eating disorders, and the media. This connects with the ted talk I found because they both discuss the concept of beauty being in the eye of the beholder.

This article talks about how to rectify women self-esteem while in "Cameron Russell: looks Aren''t everything. Believe Me, I''m a Model. " She shows even beautiful people have their insecurities. Russell, Cameron. "Cameron Russell: Looks Aren''t Everything. Believe Me, I''m a Model. " TED: Ideas worth Spreading. N. p. , Jan. 2013. Web. 15 Nov. 2013. This ted talk starts out with a very beautiful and thin model standing middle stage. She discusses how being a model is not everything young girls imagine it to be.

She exposes the industry from the inside and shows how they had her wearing revealing outfits at the young age of thirteen. She then goes on to explain the insecurities the business brings and how being beautiful does not mean your body image is good. I will use this ted talk to quote her "real" definition of beauty. Mid-way through the talk Russell states statistics about children and body image; this should be useful in my research paper. I will also use this ted talk to talk about the photo shop used by the media to make women look almost unobtainable.

I found a lot of the information in this ted talk relating back to my scholarly article. Concept of airbrushing and the statistics on girls with body insecurities tie this ted talk back to the previous article. Gaillet, Lynee, Abgela Hall-Goodsey, and Jennifer L. Vala. Guide To First Year Writing. Southlake: Fountianhead, 2013. Print. In The Guide To First Year Writing I found many pages to help with the research ortion of this paper. I found pages 81-89 very useful in this respect. Pages I will use for my paper are pages 90 and 91 .

The section regarding argument and thesis gave the most information. These pages helped me narrow my topic down into a reasonable thesis to get started. Page 92 helped me plan my counterarguments and helped me make sure I was not undermining my main point. I plan to use a couple quotes in my paper and this chapter helped me correct my format as well as understand the in text citations. This book relates back to my other sources in that it can help me structure my argument and keep on topic.