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Everyone studying on a college must have at least once been assigned on an essay project. Whether it’s an essay about opinion on particular events or issues, summary of something related to college topic, or answer of a certain question. There may come a time when you face your essay problem. Closing deadline, complicated topic, lack of idea, lack of understanding – whatever the reason is, it doesn’t change the fact that you have to write your best essay project on time.

Professors usually give students topic or research question to answer in the essay. As a college student, I often receive this kind of assignment. It’s not always easy for me to think of a suitable and excellent idea of writing in a short amount of time. But, now, it will be much easier for students as new writing services start appearing everywhere on the Internet. is an innovative Q&A service for students, who are seeking for answers on tought educational questions.

Bright and well-developed design caught my attention at first glance. Navigation is easy, you won't find anything unnecessary.
It has classical, but elegant design with orange color. When you explore the site, you will find that it has easy navigation to find information about the service. You should chat their 24/7 live support if you need assistance. They reply fairly quickly to any question with friendly response.

Just a little below you can examine few tutors bio.

On the same page, you will be provided with several recent questions. You can search for tutors with specific area of study, such as sociology, programming, science, history, statistics, and other subjects. To make you easier to decide your tutor, you can also read questions asked and their answers, ratings, and testimonials by students.

How to use it is fairly simple – post your question for free anonymously, wait for tutors to bid on your project, and pick the finest one. One different thing that this site offers is that you may chat directly with your writers before accepting their bids. This way, you can make sure that the writer is qualified. Then, they will write you a custom essay based on your question.

Asking a question is easy - you just need to enter your email and your question. Password is emailed to you almost instantly, but the system automatically log in you. And after few seconds you will see a how tutors are bidding to answer your question.

After typing out your question, more specific order form will be displayed. You need to provide your time zone, topic, subject, number of page, deadline, question, as well as any attachment, if any. Not long after that, you will be redirected to a bidding page where available tutors will bid on your project with various estimation of price per page.  

 As you can see, I've got 4 tutors just after 2 minutes of placing a questions. For 2 pages (about 500 words) APA style paper about Religion, bids were 24-30$.

Later, the number of bids kept increasing. The price is not an exact number as it may differ depending on the subjects and writers. The bids I received had roughly $15 to $30 price per page. If you do not wish to pick your tutor right away, you can always visit StudyFaq again to choose a tutor.

I chatted with several potential writers, and most of them answered quickly. Then, I decided to accept a particular writer’s bid to help me in my project. Here is my overall evaluation on the essay:


The quality of essay is quite good because it is developed from the first draft that I’ve accepted previously. The writer broke down the essay into three parts: introduction, answer, and conclusion. Before answering the question, she wrote about various researches related to the theme to provide the background of the essay.


Before writing the essay, the writer provided me with an outline and waited for my acceptance. The writer then delivered the essay two days earlier than the deadline I provided.


Communication with the writer was pretty good as she always asked questions when she had any doubt.

Overall, I think this new writing service is promising as the services of customer support and writer are satisfying. Not only that, StudyFaq also has lots of tutors to choose with expertise in different subjects. So, when you are in need of a quick essay to answer your question, feel free to visit any time to find your answer.

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