Wednesday, March 30, 2016 Review

This website seems to be the perfect one for students in schools. The happy picture on the homepage welcome all the teenagers to go on with their decision of getting a paid essay. It has bright colors and is the most easy to order website among all the mentioned above. It does not only offer essays to be written but also lets students of good skills become a freelancer for their services.

Client has the freedom to choose the writer they are comfortable with both in ratings and prices and they do not pay until they receive their work. In addition, the transactions are secure as long as one does not share personal information. All the ratings are done by the customers and payment is only after one accepts the paper. Payment options are with credit/debit cards or PayPal.

The rates of this website are the lowest starting from $7. The rates being lower means that the level of writing would be comparatively less professional than the ones being done at $10 or $13 per page.

But if they are targeting the school audience then these rates and the level of writing is perfect for them. Also, the rates are perfect for a student to pay out of their pocket money. Also, there can be amendments in the rates as they are offered by writers themselves so someone with cheap rates might bid for your essay if you are lucky.

So it is up to you which service to use in your academic need. I'll probably tried to help you choose the right one by making this reviews. If you have any questions or propositions you are free to contact me any time.

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