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Antigone BY Hunter43311234 The Family Dies What would drive three people to self-destruct themselves? It could have been a family tragedy. In Sophocles Antigone Antigone buries her brother, which is against the law, but she still does it and gets sent to a cave to be killed. Creon, the leader, must make a big descion to keep his authority. Through Koryphaios''s conversation with Creon he convinces him not to kill Antigone. Leaders need to enforce laws to keep a country alive. Haimon, Creon''s son, is engaged to Antigone. Haimon talks to Creon and he gives upportive reasons not to kill her.

Creon is very stubborn and won''t listen, because he thinks he is always right. Creon shows signs of Hubris or too much pride or self- confidence. Then Haimon basically tells Creon that he is wrong, but Creon has too much pride to change: "Please be different this once. Believe in what someone else says for once. Whenever a man supposes that he alone has intelligence or expression or feelings, he exposes himself and shows his emptiness but it''s no shame even for a wise man to learn and to relent(49)" Then Koryphaios tries to help Haimon and upports him, but Creon won''t listen: "What he says is to the point, sir.

You may do well to learn from him. And you too, from your father both have spoken well (49). " Koryphaios is trying to get Creon to maybe listen to someone else. He thinks that Haimon and Creon should work more together than against each other. If that wasn''t enough Teiresias, an oracle, tells Creon to let her go. Yet again Creon won''t change. Creon feels if he lets her go his people will lose respect for him. Finally Teiresias has had enough and he cursed Creon. The curse says that is Creon doesn''t et Antigone go then his family shall die by suicide.

Koryphaios Informs Creon that Teiresias has never been known to lie, but Creon won''t change his mind: "Creon, IVe lived a long time, and l, no, none of us has ever known Teiresias to lie (63). " Yet again Koryphaios thinks Creon will listen, But Creon Just won''t listen. Even when Teiresias Cursed Creon he still didn''t listen. After Teiresias left Creon asks Koryphaios for advice: "Creon: What should I do? Tell me. I promise to comply. Koryphaios: Go, release the girl from the cave. And uild a tomb for the body you cast out(63). A messenger comes and informs Koryphaios that Haimon has killed himself. Then haimon says that he killed himself out of hate of his father. Turns out that Antigone killed herself then Haimon killed himself, all because Creon won''t let them be together. Euradice, Creon''s wife, hears Creon enforced a law to an extent that got his family killed. He found out that Teiresias didn''t lie to him, and the prophecy came true. Creon had Hubris. This is important because it''s the reason that he wouldn''t listen to anyone.

Creon made it a law that no one could burry Polynesis. Antigone Just wanted to bury Polynesis because she felt he needed a proper burial. Its important that Antigone buried her brother because then he could go to hades. Creon didn''t want her to get away with it, but he finally had t let it go. He should have listened to everyone who had given him advice, and told him what to do. Creon found out the hard way that leaders need to enforce laws but learn to change them when they are wrong. Leaders need to see their mistakes and change it..

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