Friday, September 29, 2017


My love affair with fashion started years ago, but over these past 2 years it has grown into something so beautiful. Fashion made it''s grand entrance in my life when I was looking over a Chanel catalog along with a few other designers. For example; Vera Wang, Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Marc Jacobs, Phoebe Philo, and many more. The designs caught my eye and I was Just mesmerized by it all. It literally took my breath away! I always told myself and my family that I will grow to be an amazing fashion designer and sell beautiful, elegant clothing known to man.

A worldwide known designer. The day I opened that catalog was the day that my mind went into a world win spiral. So many ideas flooded my brain that I went out and bought my first sketch book to begin on this fashion Journey. I started out drawing a pair of straight leg white dress pants, followed by a beautiful silk pink button up blouse. It was simply stunning. To follow this outfit I would dress it up with a pair of pink pumps and a pair of earrings, it keeps it classy but yet remains stylish. It''s what you call business elegant. The outfit screamed "WEAR ME! I went to school the next day and showed many people my work and they all said that they were in love. They all wanted me to draw to a design for them to. It shocked me how many people actually liked my work, but I was more than happy to do it. It comes Offa tad bit extreme or "unrealistic" but I have many goals and expectations for myself. Some people may even say I dream to big, but in my opinion no dream is ever to big and I will never stop thinking that way. My goals in life are to first complete this last year of high school with at least a 3. 7-4. 0 GPA.

Then I''m making it my goal to get into FIDM and major in Fashion design/Product Development and double my major with Business Management. After Attending FIDM and graduating ith my Associate of Arts degree and my Bachelor of Science Degree, I plan on opening up my own store. I want to be successful and to be a world fashion icon. As you can see I DREAM BIG! But I can''t help myself, fashion is something that I''m very passionate about and I won''t stop until I succeed. There are so many reasons why I selected FIDM. One of many reasons is because they screamed out "I''M DIFFERENT! The Entire concept and education behind FIDM is one of a kind, it''s a smaller setting with a large school feel. They really focus on you and what you want to do with your career, while helping you every step of the way. To me that is really important because you can''t get that real one on one with a teacher at a large university. Another reason why I love FIDM so much is because of the great opportunities that they offer. For example, they help you find a part time Job at the beginning of the year, and then it turns into an internship with some of the largest fashion companies like Chanel, Juicy Couture, Louis Vuitton and many more.

That''s what made the school standout for me. They are so focused on your future; it feels great knowing that I will have such an amazing support team behind me in making level! No other school is like FIDM. This is my dream school! I picked Fashion Design for many reasons, one being that I love being hands on. I love the fact that I can look back and say "Wow, I designed that". It is Just such a great feeling, it''s hard to explain. I know that fashion is my calling in life, so when I found FIDM and see their course description, I Jumped all over this school.

It teaches you everything from drawing, color theory, and fashion history from past to present. What appealed me most about fashion design and product development is the concept, in my eyes fashion is "walking art", it is a mixture of the oldest fashion to todays latest rends. I love the fact that I can be so diverse and creative with my designs. Adding a new piece, changing the color or even making something that hasn''t even be thought of. I love being different, having out of the box, off the all ideas. I love making beautiful clothes and mix matching clothes together.

I''m also going to double my major with Business management. the reason why I''m deciding to do that is because IVe always wanted to own my own business and to be my own boss, it''s a big dream of mine. I read into the course and what it has to offer me and it was so direct and traight to the point, teaching you everything you need to know before getting into the industry. What really stood out to me is the 95% rate of the business management graduates that found a Job right after graduation. To me that''s amazing!

It''s also another big reason why I decided to double my major. If you thought this was handful, then wait till you hear this! As you can see in my 3rd paragraph I mentioned something about opening my own store, which is a goal of mine after graduating from FIDM. Not only do I want to open my own store but spread my unique style around the world. I would love to open stores in places like ans, Milan, spam and many more. Like I said WORLD WIDE FASHION ICON! -ro add onto all of this I would love to have my very own line and or take the time to redesign some one else''s line.

I want to get my hands in any & everything that has to do with fashion. Another goal is to be well-known designer that is affordable for not Just celebrities but for everyday people as well. Who knows who I could inspire with my designs? I only want to be successful and have a career that I will enjoy for the rest of my life. That is all that I want in life, and I know that FIDM can do that for me and that''s why I choose them. Well that''s me in a nutshell! FIDM has simply taken my breath away and made me fall in love with fashion even more.

I know that fashion is my calling in life and I know that attending FIDM can take me to bigger and better things in this industry. Last but not least it is my ultimate dream to be a leader and role model in this fashion industry. I want to inspire young girls and boys how I was once inspired and still am. I want to show them that with hard work and perseverance that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Like I always say "A design isn''t a design until you make it come to life, then it''s considered walking art".

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